“I danced. Period. And instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think about this. When you’re out there planting evidence to the case that you couldn’t break Stephanie’s real killer got away…and he’s still out there. Because you sold the one thing a cop can’t afford to sell, your integrity. So, you tell me between the two of us…who’s the whore?" 

I admit after the episode of “One to Go”, I’m very excited to see the next episode simply because I thought (or I expected) that (at last, after 9 years) the first name that I will see on the credit is Marg Helgenberger. But sad to say, that’s not what happened. :(

But on a good note, I get to hear her voice after each episodes saying “Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode”…but only for about 3 episodes, I think. lol

"No Mickey....that's life!"

Catherine: I’ll give you a hint..you’re not in heaven. How long you been living with a bullet in your chest?
Mickey: Who told you?
Catherine: My God invented an X-rays.
Mickey: It’s really funny, how one little bullet can make things suddenly seem so clear.
Catherine: You mean this bullet? *showing the bullet to Mickey*
Mob doctors become mob doctors because they sucked in the first place. But we got a licensed surgeon that fixed you up good. Cheer up Mickey, you gonna live another 20..30 years. And you’ll be spending every day in the Federal Penitentiary, but only until you die.
Mickey: Well, I’ll still go out a legend. You haven’t changed that.
Catherine: Oh you’ve been out of the game awhile. The homies they have in the pen these days, never heard of you.
Mickey: That’s impossible.
Catherine: No Mickey..that’s life! *wink*

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 7 Episode 9: Living Legend