csi:the devil and d.b. russell

Delayed 1401 reaction

Wow… I can honestly say, after watching CSI for years, after having seen every season, after all the storylines…

When Ellie shot Morgan, my jaw dropped. I can 100% admit I was not ever in a million years seeing that coming. I thought they were scot-free, they were going to be rescued, and Brass and Ellie were going to have another tearful reunion before she disappeared into the ethers again.

Just… Good job, CSI. GOOD. JOB.

I of course wish there had been more Sara but I suppose it made sense with her just getting back from San Francisco and I’m glad that she just jumped right into the investigation the way she did because that was in character.

Poor Brass. Poor, poor Brass. CSI is not kind with my Brass feels. HE HAS BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH AND I CANNOT HANDLE JIM BRASS CRYING but I’m so happy he wasn’t the one who ended up being killed. I kind of thought it might be his ex-wife but hoLY SHIT I DIDNT THINK IT WOULD BE ELLIE WHO KILLED HER

also Morgan reminds me so much of Sara in the early seasons, especially season one. While the whole undercover storyline was a little ehh with Morgan because she’s a CSI and all, it’s not different than when Sara offered herself up as bait for an FBI sting in The Strip Strangler. Sara would’ve been itching to get the bastard just as badly as Morgan was. Sara’s still that way, she still has that fire in her, but I think she’s matured a bit since then and it’s great to see that on screen. But I still love my badass gung-ho Sara Sidle.

All in all I really enjoyed the premiere and btw that new opening credits sequence is baaaaaaaad ass

Okay, off to bed!