csi:skin in the game


Vile Intent - Skin in the Game [2013]

Montréal based powerviolence


Some people are born with it. 

Others stick up their nose and act like it’s their birth right.

They behave like everyone is beneath them.

I don’t understand it.

What made you so much better, so right in the world.

Earn your place.

Show a little respect.

Aim for a little growth.

Try truth for a change.

Quit relying on reputation and flattery.

Those things will only get you so far.

Bank a little more in merit.

You’re worth nothing but what you can prove.

Get your skin in the game.

No one is going to invest in your bullshit.


I think what frustrates me about modern politics, is so many obviously illogical and contradictory statements go unchallenged.  Sometimes it’s Democrats talking nonsense, these days it’s mostly republicans.  For instance, that day a few weeks ago when all the republican talking heads got the memo to tell everyone that the “47% paying no taxes need to have some skin in the game,” a statement which, shockingly, seemed to go largely unchallenged.  Since I have no doubt they will trot this out again, here are the OBVIOUS responses.

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