You have such elementary concerns
a pinhole view of the world
of which you are central
so that life is simply that which you orbit
existential things are only what you touch
and the universe isn’t a complicated, convoluted phenomenon
just a lexicon that has come to replace God.

Change of Location

On tuesday me, and Vicki and Emma from my production group went to my location on the Norfolk coast to take some test shots for lighting, sound and camera angles. Whilst looking around the beach location, my production group suggested that the pillbox on the beach would be more cinematographic than the gun battery for the scenes when they first meet. I originally in the first stages of the production thought about using the pillbox however because of costal erosion I did not want to risk losing the location, or it changing and not fitting in with the storyline. However even though it has moved closer to the sea it fits in more with the esthetics of my film, making the location a better choice. By asking other member of my year in a group crit about the locations it confirmed the fact that this location of the pillbox would be much better than the original.

The pillbox fits in better with the World War 2 theme of the film as with the background sea defenses that have fallen down the location looks more like a beach landing scene from films such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “Atonement,” as the defenses take on the look and feel of the barbed wire and metal used on the beaches to stop enemy troops getting through to the land. This change in location has not resulted in much change to the script of camera shots as the information that Michael has about the gun battery can fit in with the pillbox because they have the same history. Because of the shape of the pillbox there is also more camera angles that I can use that makes use of the surrounding location to really give a lonely feeling to the film.