csi:csi down

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my unpopular opinion two minutes after the show is done:

while it really makes me sad, i like that ecklie and morgan didn’t have a reunion when she got out. i mean sure, they both came to realizations that all the words said in the past would mean nothing if something happened to her.

ecklie realized that things between them got out of hand. she drifted, he didn’t make the effort; their communication was completely broken.

morgan was pushed around and things were decided for her, and she realized that all she wanted was for him to fight for her; to fight for the things that really mattered. but she didn’t get that. and that’s what makes her bitter about the relationship; she doesn’t feel like she mattered enough to him.

but she didn’t die. she’s alive, and what comes after the epiphany? hard work. they need to actually do something about it. words mean nothing unless you’re going to act on them. the fact that she brushed him off was realistic. morgan’s a headstrong, opinionated woman. she’s not going to forget the last, what, ten or so years that he’s been absent from her life in one gesture. while it hurts to watch, i know it was painful to see after all the confessions we heard from each of them, it’s reasonable.

one hug won’t put the pieces back together.

So I FINALLY got to watch the new CSI...and...


Morgan- perfection.


Ecklie showing emotion and being a ‘dad’- I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY FEELINGS ARE DOING.

Season 12 is easily becoming my favorite non-Grissom season. And starting to rank up there with all the other seasons, even.


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