While bullying is well defined, it remains incredibly subjective; what one person feels is offensive and inflammatory anther considers reasonable and well said. Through leveraging the diversity of perspectives accessible in the Android market we hope to build an understanding of what bullying is, but we need to hear what it is to you. Simply click on the flame button to vote bully, click on the cool smiley to vote not bully or click on the arrow to skip.

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JPNSGRLS- Bully For You

  • Older Family Member:so you're turning 22 right?
  • Me:that's right
  • OFM:I was married when I turned 22.
  • Me:ah
  • OFM:my children all got married at 24
  • Me (literally watching the dreaded question form in OFM's mind):Oh no! A wild change of topic appeared!
  • OFM:what?
  • Me:what? Anyway, the election was this weekend.

Goodness, I wake up to some really negative people this morning. You know, most fans GET that Chris and Hayley are good friends. Doesn’t mean that the said fans can’t enjoy their two favorites make out and have their dance. Not all fans are delusional.

Don’t rain on someone’s parade because you think it’s weird.

Oh wow guys this is so cool. My keyboard is busted and I havent been able to figure out what happened but on a whim I decided to see if I could connect my phone to my computer and type from there. It turns out its totally possible! Im typing this from my phone right now! And its free! though it doesnt seem perfect, I can type at ease again! hooray!! look forward to having a bunch more text posts from me now!