csi: hard evidence

Hard Evidence Fic Outline

(15 mins long)

This is another verbal fic outline, this time for my Hard Evidence fic, which is a show within the Amenta universe. (Yes, I’m writing fan fiction for a fictional show. I’m going meta, baby!)

Any advice on names, or corrections is highly appreciated!

(Also, I’ve just realised I’ve accidentally implied I’ve done an autopsy? I have not done an autopsy.)

Voices of Dragon Age: Inquistion #9 - Female Inquisitor #2

Sumalee Montano (Female Inquisitor #2) is an American actress and voice actress of Filipina, Thai and Chinese ancestry. Before she became an actress, she was an analyst at investment bank in New York and Hong Kong. However, she decided to leave Wall Street and travel through the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It was during this travel she decided to take up acting. She guest starred in tv-shows like ER, The West Wing, Bones, Close to Home and in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. Sumalee lent her voice to Arcee in Transformers Prime cartoon and to Katana in Beware the Batman. She also voiced numerous video game characters in games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Hard Evidence, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Dead Island, Diablo III, Guild Wars 2, Skylanders: Giants, Elder Scrolls Online. Her two the most memorable roles are surely the Nyareen Kandros in Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC and the President of the United States (female voice #3) in Saints Row IV. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, she lent her voice to Female Inquisitor (American accent).

Trivia: Sumalee graduated from Harvard.

Trivia II: Sumalee has two pets - “a big dog and a tiny cat”.

I have come to the conclusion that reptile is the best word for puns


Why are constrictors such good listeners?

They’re a raptile audience

How do  crocodiles decorate their floors?

With repTiles.

Why are turtles always trying to steal your wi-fi passwords?

They’re WEPtiles

Where do salamanders go on vacation?

To the Rept Isles

Why are snakes the best models?

They have repStyle

Why are alligators so storng?

They do a lot a REPtiles at the gym

What do snakes use to keep their nails looking nice?

Snakes don’t have nails

Fine, how do LIZARDS keep their nails looking nice?

They use a repfile