I love watching Barry and Iris do their work and have that bring interactions between the two of them. The beautiful intelligent brave investigative reporter and the intelligent awkward but oh so cute CSI. Brought together by their day jobs.


fun information

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a. - age: 21 
b. - biggest fear: never getting hired (Got an internship I just want a solid job)
c. - current time: 12:44 PM
d. - drink you last had: Water and Green Tea
e. - everyday starts with: regret and 5 more minutes of sleep
f. - favorite song: Home by Daughter (I love jazz too)
g. - ghosts, are they real: FUCK man don’t fuck with ghost, yes.
h. - hometown: chicago
i. - in love with: sugar and coffee
j. - jealous of: successful children living their dreams while I’m still trying…
k. - killed someone: who no, is this like a post set up by the cops to see who trips up and confesses
l. - last time you cried: yesterday I think it was about a CSI episode 
m. - middle name: eileen
n. - number of siblings: 1
o. - one wish: to be content and comfortable with life in my own home.
p. - person i last called/texted: my bestie Catherine
q. - question you’re always asked: “Are you okay?” or “Are you hungry?”
r. - reason to smile: good grades and a cup of tea
s. - song last sang: my fucking jam –> Save My Soul by JoJo

t. - time you woke up: fucking 12:00 PM

u. - underwear color: blue lol
v. - vacation destination: back to Dublin Ireland, I can wear anything and feel comfortable
w. - worst habit: procrastinating things and ignoring school work… really bad
x. - x-rays you’ve had: teeth, ummm knee??
y. - your favorite food: Portillos hamburger with chili
z. - zodiac: Pisces 

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  • Me, a year ago: why are people so obsessed with finding spoilers? I prefer not knowing anything
  • Me, now: *stalks every actor, actress, writer and director on Twitter, analyze every pixel of the stills, rewatches the promo 80 times and frequents the spoiler tag*

THIRTEEN’s The Talk – Race in America Tackles the Issue of Young People of Color and Their Uneasy Encounters With Law Enforcement. It premieres Monday, February 20, 9 p.m. on PBS. In anticipation of that premiere Tumblr and THIRTEEN  have convened officers, advocates and policy experts to discuss the state of community policing in the United States. 

Dr. Bryant T. Marks is a National Trainer on Implicit Bias and Community Policing. He has trained over 1,000 police chiefs via a series of White House briefings, and several thousand patrol officers through small group workshops in police departments across the country. He is a professor of psychology at Morehouse College and also serves as a Senior Research Fellow with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

John Matthews is the Executive Director of the Community Safety Institute (CSI) and a former Chief of Police. John developed and implemented community policing for the Dallas Police Department in the 1990’s and has worked nationally on scores of COPS Office initiatives over the past twenty years developing over 100 community policing training programs. John also serves as the Director of Federal Partnerships for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and was a member of the White House 21st Century Policing team.

Bakari Kitwana is the executive director of Rap Sessions, which is currently touring the nation leading town hall discussions on the theme “Run Toward Fear: Millennial Activists and Social Justice in the Trump Era” He is the author of The Hip-Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African-American Culture the forthcoming Hip-Hop Activism in the Obama Era.

Trevena Garel is a retired New York City Police Sergeant. During her 21-year career Trevena served as both an undercover and an investigator in the NYPD’s Chief of Patrol’s Investigation and Evaluation Section, investigating allegations of misconduct involving both uniformed and/or civilian members of the NYPD. Trevena has had “The Talk” with her three children and her two oldest grandchildren.

Chief Michael Koval began his career with the Madison Police Department in 1983. Before becoming the Chief in 2014 he was the Sergeant of Recruitment and Training for 17 years. He has a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law.

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