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Is it possible that Mona killed Bethany? Maybe she hit B thinking it was Ali, she left the body which Melissa buried. Mona then sees Ali and persuades her to leave because she was scared that Ali will deduce that Mona hit her. Mona then discovers she actually hit B and she is trying to cover that up which is why Mona is acting sketchy maybe Charles is blackmailing her. Maybe Charles still blames the liars for Bethany as they made the Mona monster and as Mona was mentally ill he relates to her.

That’s actually a really plausible theory! I think Mona’s trying to get on Charles’ good side as well as (low-key) help the liars, and that’s her way of ensuring her own safety. It’d make sense that Mona had to stay safe because she was involved in what happened that night. Great catch! :) 

Anonymous Leaks Canadian Spy Documents, Says Stephen Harper Tried To Spy On Barack Obama
A secret document leaked by the hacker group Anonymous appears to show the existence of over 20 unofficial surveillance bases.

Hackers affiliated with the Anonymous group leaked confidential Canadian intelligence documents Tuesday, revealing the country’s spying activities abroad. The documents exposed the widespread reach of the surveillance network operated by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Officially, CSIS only operates three foreign stations – in Washington DC, London and Paris – but the leaked document marked as “secret,” purportedly from the country’s Treasury Board, lists a total of 25 foreign stations, “many of which are located in developing countries and/or unstable environments.”

The stations handle about 22,500 messages a year, though that does not include “the high volume of extremely sensitive traffic from the Washington station,” the February 2014 document stated.

The classified document also includes a plan to expand CSIS’ intelligence network at a cost of approximately 3 million Canadian dollars ($2.3 million). The document criticizes the “inefficient and labor intensive data-processing and analysis systems [used] to process and report intelligence information obtained at it foreign stations. … These outdated processes result in delays that impact the Service’s operational effectiveness and jeopardizes the security of its personnel.”

The hacker group also posted a video alleging that the Canadian Communications Security Establishment (CSE) attempted to spy on U.S. President Barack Obama under the orders of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and, when caught, endangered the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta in Canada through Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma. There was no proof posted for this claim.

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Hi! MN, peeking in here and there while on vacation. Love your post and how you broke it all down. I thought the pics were off and Rob floating was interesting. All so interesting how they keep trying to mess us up. I hope they realize now that it won't work with us. Lol thanks for that you do. Bye for now. Take care! Happy

I wish I could take all the credit for that post but so much of the breakdown came from My#and her CSI Crew…

But as usual I have to add my own two cents and unique style. Lol

But it has left the trolls scrambling to find new material. Gotta love that!

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The NWSL was on Ellen ?! What??

Some guy….idk his name…he is on one of the CSI shows…he dates a player on Sky Blue so thats how it was brought up on Ellen one time.

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Once you get this you have to share six random facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers ❤

1. I was run over by Ursula the Evil Sea Witch at Disney World during the light parade when I was 9.

2. I absolutely hate to eat bibimbap. And a lot of people in Korea seemed shocked by this for some reason…

3. I LOVE cooking for my friends. In the past I would do dinner parties at least once a month and cook anything from steak, to fajitas to beef stew or whatever. I’d really like to do a full Thanksgiving dinner someday…

4. I secretly listen to Katy Perry sometimes. Just… sometimes.

5. I’m obsessed with crime dramas and crime documentaries. Seriously, I’ve seen just about every episode of CSI, 48 Hours, Dateline and 20/20 that exists. 

6. When I was in 9th grade, before I decided I would be a journalist (yes, I chose my career at age 15) I seriously thought I would be a forensic pathologist. Until I realized that involved medical school and being around dead people all the time. I then chose an FBI criminal profiler, until I realized that involved actually talking to serial killers.

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  • Mi van, ha miután meghalunk mind csillagok leszünk az égbolton? Ha mennyország nem létezik, hanem az az univerzum? Éjjel, mikor lefekszel a nyirkos fűre és felnézel a csillagokra, amelyik számodra a legfényesebben csillog, az valaki, akinek fontos voltál egykoron, de már eltávozott. Ha valaki ezt mesélné neked, elhinnéd, hogy lehetséges? Én elhinném. Lehetséges, hogy erre a marhaságra még csak én gondoltam először, de én elhinném. És reménykednék benne, hogy majd egyszer valaki lefekszik a fűre egy csillagos éjjelen, és felmutat majd rám, hogy én ragyogok a legszebben.