So my dad watched OUAT with me last night for the first time. This is how it went:
  • Dad:is everyone on here British?
  • *Emma and the rest begin to look for Aladdin*
  • Dad:ok so now they're like CSI, too?
  • Dad:where's the genie? This isn't the one with Robin Williams in it, is it?
  • Me:no.
  • Dad:damn. I liked him.
  • *Archie gets turned back into a cricket*
  • Dad:oh come on. His little cricket ass could get out of that cage.
  • Dad:"if they fall into the wrong hands" she says to the guy with one hand. This is no time for jokes...
  • Dad:why is she shaking? Is it magic? Does she have magic or is she a drug addict?
  • Dad:are the blonde and brunette lesbians? They look like they're lesbians...

My name is Charlie, i’m 17 and from London, I currently work full time. I was studying art last year at college. I am currently looking for more friends to exchange snail mail with (I am also open to email contact).   

  • I’m a huge fan of crime shows like CSI, Criminal minds, Bones and films like Zodiac, panic room, etc. 
    • I also love Drama & comedy series like the inbetweeners, skins, new girl, IT crowd, bobs burgers and lots more.  
    • Rom coms are another genre of film i really enjoy and i still love to watch childhood favourites. 
  • My main passions are art, travel and music.  
    • I love to draw and paint but have been struggling to get back into it lately. 
      • I’ve briefly been trying to practice portraiture.  
    • I love to travel, I haven’t very much but hope to a lot more. At the moment I’ve been visiting cities around the UK but hope to travel around Europe next year or whenever I can! I’d really love to see and try new things as well as meet new people.  
    •  I listen to music all the time and love making playlists and listening to new stuff. I frequent concerts and it’s something that makes me very happy. I love rock, pop, indie and metal mostly.  
  • Recently I have started getting into reading again! I really love fiction books, I just love seeing a story fold out. 
    • A few of my favourites have been ‘my name is mina’, ‘the book of lost things’, 'wonder’, 'white crow’ and i am currently reading ’oranges are not the only fruit’.  

 I hope this helps you get to know me a little better and I am really looking forward to any replies! 

 Please contact me through my tumblr OR email: 120pxl.tumblr.com
charlotterosemccann (@) gmail (.) com 

usbabex  asked:

Quais series vc assiste ?

assisto tantas
how to get away with a murder
havai 5-0
how i met your mother
the glades
greys anatomy
gossip girl( ❤️❤️❤️❤️)
orange is the new black
Stranger Things
marvel agents of s.h.i.e.l.d
pretty little liar
once upon a time
white collar
the blacklist
criminal minds
prision break

tem mais, porém nem lembro agora

Tiptoeing through the “Home is Where the Heart Is” guest cast

Bar Paly as Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck

Paly was in “Ghost Gun” last Sunday.

T.J. Ramini as John Martin/Tobin Shaked

Played Mossad Officer Malachi Ben-Gideon in several season eight episodes of NCIS, was Vikram Deshai in Twisted and Tarin Faroush in season eight of 24.  Ramini appeared in episodes of Castle, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, CSI, Emily Owens MD, Arrow, Private Practice and Desperate Housewives.

Marc Antony Samuel as Navy Lieutenant Commander George Owens

Was Marine PFC James Hall in the “Shell Shock” two-parter of NCIS and a sailor on JAG.  Appears regularly on General Hospital as Felix DuBois,.  Samuel guest starred in episodes of Parenthood, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Moonlight, Criminal Minds, Justice, She Spies and Three Sisters.

Solomon Shiv as Ariel

Shiv was Michael Bulgari in HBO’s True Detective and had guest starring roles in Person of Interest, Boardwalk Empire and Law & Order: SVU.  Appeared in a photo in the “Past, Present and Future” episode of NCIS as the terrorist Parsa (Parsa was played by another actor in other episodes).

Rob Brownstein as Neurologist

Brownstein is an actor and an acting teacher.  He guest starred in several season ten episodes of JAG as Dr. Michael Rosenbaum and was Wayne Gordon in NCIS’s “Sharif Returns” in season four.

He appeared in episodes of How to Get Away With Murder, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Castle, Bosch, Perception, Mad Men, Monday Mornings, Grey’s Anatomy, Major Crimes, Harry’s Laws, Breaking Bad, Law & Order: LA, Detroit 1-8-7, The Office, The Closer, The Young & The Restless, Monk, Lie to Me, Lincoln Heights, Ugly Betty, The Bold & The Beautiful, Without A Trace, Shark, Life, Boston Legal, Bones, House, Standoff, The OC, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, Dragnet (2004), LAX, The Guardian, Chicago Hope, Picket Fences and LA Law.

Brownstein plays a lot of professionals – doctors, lawyers, judges, college professors, government officials.

Emily Tosta as Carla Stone

Guest role on The Last Ship.

Matthew Grant Godbey as LAPD Detective Dan Evans

Has recurred in this role in several episodes, most recently the 100th, “Reznikov, N.” in season five.

Sean Patrick Murphy as LAPD Officer

Was Capt. Arnold Craig in the “Honor Thy Father” season 11 finale of NCIS.  Appeared in the Scorpion pilot as an DHS Agent, was a fire chief on The Young and The Restless and was in episodes of The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Bones, Pepper Dennis and The West Wing.  Usually play law enforcement types.

Jeff Bee as Delivery Guy

Was in an episode of The Office and a number of short/independent films.

Markie Adams as Woman

Appeared in several film and an episode of Lopez.

Written by:  Joseph C. Wilson who wrote or co-wrote “Full Throttle”, “Stand-off”, “Personal”, “Plan B”, “Sacrifice”, “Blye, K.” Part One, “Gold Standard”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Fallout”, “Between the Lines”, “Exposure”, “Reign Fall”, “Kolcheck, A.”, “Cancel Christmas” and “Head of The Snake”.

Directed by:   Eric Pot directed “Resurrection”, “Windfall”, “Traitor” and “Internal Affairs”.  Pot is the First Assistant Director for all the odd numbered episodes according to the Eric Christian Olsen/Daniela Ruah “Traitor” commentary for the season six DVDs.