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The Breaking of Peter Pan [Chapter 1] // BTS’ Suga

Prologue → Chapter 1

“Your first day back in Seoul and you’ve already got a homicide case on your plate. I think it’s a sign, don’t you? You were definitely meant to be here with us.”

You raised a brow as you pulled up to a red light. “I don’t know about it being a sign. All it proves is that the world is as shitty as ever, and the people in it, shittier. My return has nothing to do with the fact that there are still murderers out there targeting their unsuspecting victims. Sir,” you added as an afterthought. Your companion was around the same age as you were, but as a crime scene investigator working her not-so-first day on the job, you figured it’d be wiser to speak respectfully to the person who was supposed to be, in technical terms, your boss.

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1. I don’t even have time to breathe but I’m so happy. Everyone here has an amazing story; you can never EVER underestimate anyone. The funny Brazilian dude is a published economist; the nice girl from Chennai went to school at Georgetown before working at CSIS, then with the UNDP in Cairo. That quiet Korean girl? Staffed the Korean permanent mission to the UN before doing development work in Uganda. I haven’t yet met anyone who hasn’t worked and lived in 3+ countries. All kinds of overwhelming, can’t believe I’m here. Talking to people is like a constant exam; the topic can go from civil society building in Myanmar to the Kurdish crisis in southwest Turkey to Brazilian political economy to the yuan/RMB’s inclusion in the IMF SDR basket. INTELLECTUAL ROLLERCOASTER. These are my people!!

2. Deleted apps, feel so liberated. Seriously, why give faceless things the time of day when school awaits.

3. Day 2, still no one dateable in sight yet. :[ Also I think I’m still pining over a boy in SF, so I really need a new limerent object, stat.

4. Deciding to take the harder economics track, may be a terrible mistake but OH WELL ugh sigh 

5. My feet fucking hurt because I wore new dress shoes [of the SAME MODEL I WORE BEFORE every day to class in Japan] and they totally killed my right foot so I am now a cripple please someone carry me

Just watched the first and last season of the show ‘Forever’. I can’t believe they canceled the show after only one season! It’s such a thrilling, exciting, funny crime show with a great storyline, interesting cases and talented actors! They cancel a new original show, but manage to produce 10 seasons of a fucking shit show like CSI Miami. I’m so pissed! I want to know what happens next!!


TBT. But every day is a good day to be indigenous! 

(Just some photos taken throughout my year as the Stampede Indian Princess) 1st Photo taken by Karyn Lee, photos 2-7 taken by Noah Fallis from Calgary’s Avenue Magazine

The Signs as Procedural Crime Shows
  • Aries:CSI: Miami
  • Taurus:Dexter
  • Gemini:Sherlock
  • Cancer:Elementary
  • Leo:The Wire
  • Virgo:Numb3rs
  • Libra:Law and Order: SVU
  • Scorpio:Hannibal
  • Sagittarius:Psych
  • Capricorn:Monk
  • Aquarius:NCIS
  • Pisces:Criminal Minds