csi season 9


There’s three things I got a real problem with: guys that hit their wives, sexual assault on children, and the scum that deal death to kids.

ndb just sobbing over CSI

I’m watching the special features in Season 9 and there’s a bit about Grissom leaving and they show the scene where he meets her in the jungle and it’s like oh god tears. I can’t not cry it’s the most touching thing on television ever I love CSI and I’m so sorry I’m so behind on it oh my god I’m sorry CSI I didn’t mean to abandon you when I went away to university I’ll never do it again we’ll catch up this week oh my god tears.

why do I not have any appropriate gifs of people sobbing omg GSR is my one and only OTP forever and Ever Grissom and Sara oh god I’m sorry CSI I love you I’ll be caught up I love you I love you I’ll never leave you again