csi season 2

okay so Im an intern at a real life police department and for the most part I’m the work dog for the department’s 2 CSIs and let me just say that those two poor women already have SO MUCH work to handle and push through and the crime rate in this town (outside the college campus at least, which has it’s own department) is pretty low. Like, they already rely on I think at least a dozen Technical Investigators (cops with some CSI training) to handle most scenes and one of them has told me she’s repeatedly suggested hiring someone to another CSI position (which they have an empty office for that’s being used as a store room) just to mostly handle the management stuff like writing up their monthly reports.

So now, watching the Flash, I can’t help but wonder what kind of hell Barry was going through, being the only(? I think we see one other who’s never spoken of beyond being pointed out in season 2) CSI in CCPD and how infuriating the Captain’s impatience would be because seriously he’s trying his best; and how much of a relief his powers must have been in that first year (paperworkpaperworkpaperworkfilesfilesfiles). And then the grudge against Julian probably started the second he showed up because Barry couldn’t get away with using his powers to work anymore. 

And then Julian seems to be a hella efficient CSI, too. I just saw a gif of that shot of an evidence bag being placed in his file in-box thing which is empty and I keeping thinking of my intern-boss’s to-do folder full of stuff like dang does this man sleep? So with all that effort that Julian puts in and Barry’s apparent idgaf attitude about his CSI job no wonder Julian couldn’t stand Barry either

I’m just saying, lack of personal skills on both of their parts or no, it actually makes a LOT of sense that they couldn’t stand each other