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Grissom: I’ve enjoyed working with you.
Catherine: Which part? The part where I got in your face or the part where I, uh, lost evidence, or, uh, maybe you just missed me?
Grissom: I did miss you. I missed your passion and your tenacity. I even missed your tush.
Catherine: Really? Thank you.

CSI 05x15 - King Baby
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Nick: “Sabbatical” is usually a euphemism for “sayonara”. I don’t think Grissom’s comin’ back.
Catherine: Why wouldn’t he?
Nick: I don’t know, he shaved his beard, lost a little weight, he’s been leaving when shift is over- I think he even took a day off last week.
Catherine: Maybe he’s got himself a girlfriend.
Nick: That’s what I’m saying! You know, I thought you were gonna leave a few months back.
Catherine: Why, ‘cause I shaved my beard?

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