csi events

Coldflashwave soulmate au of the recognition-through-touch-(through-fabric-works-just-fine) variety, where it’s not unheard of for some people to have more than one soulmate and your second soulmate won’t necessarily be bonded with your first. They might be, they might not be.

Len and Mick met and discovered they’re soulmates in juvie. They have their ups and downs, but they always get back together.

Then the Flash foils Len’s newest heist, touching him in the process - leaving Len obsessed with this superhero that’s apparently meant for him. He’s so very tempted to step closer when he manages to freeze him to the ground, to pull the mask off and see the face behind it - but no. Good things come to those who wait.

Meanwhile, he reaches out to his first soulmate, who agrees to help him play with the Flash - which admittedly ends with the pair of them arrested - a minor, temporary inconvenience - but oh, it also ends with Mick Rory briefly wrestling free from the cops dragging him away and accidentally barging into a baby-faced CSI watching events unfold.

Lisa nearly dies laughing when she finds out that not only is her brother’s new soulmate an honest-to-god superhero, but her brother-in-law’s is a badge!

Meanwhile, Barry is busy freaking out, because it was terrifying enough to find himself soulbonded with one supervillain who had demonstrated his ability to kick Barry’s ass, and now he’s suddenly bonded with one more?!