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csi appreciation week - day 6:
favorite quote(s) 1/? 

I love so many quotes from all these amazing seasons of our show that it’s really hard to choose only one or the few. But this Warrick’s quote is so true that it’s always somewhere in the back of my mind… Because we all know and hear all the time that life is short, that we don’t have much time etc…we always hear about deaths of young people or even kids… but we don’t really believe that life can really be that short as long as something terrible happens close to us. That’s why he really realised that only after he almost lost Nicky even if he’s job was connected with death for so many years…

It’s my birthday so I’m allowed to gush about Grissom and Sara.

I’m also allowed to post a colour photo bc i’m edgy.

My favourite couple of all time. First ship, first fandom. My ship sailed and I will never stop loving them. I like to think they love me too…

‘Since when are you interested in beauty?’

‘Since i met you.’