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some of us curvy girls just will never lose the weight. and that's okay. after 2+ years of 6 days a week at an hour at the gym(30 mins cardio, 30+ of weights and things), horseback riding a few times a month, kickboxing 1-2 times a week and volleyball once a week. not eating fast food or soda, eating under 2000 a day and never losing a pound? harsh reality.

I wouldn’t call these girls the unlucky ones. I’d call them the fortunate ones. The powerful ones. The strong ones. Being curvy and very healthy simply means that you have a lot more muscle than less curvy girls, and that’s something to be immensely proud of!!! I envy people like that, personally. I think it’s incredible to have that much strength. 


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To that girl that did all that exercise and didn’t lose. She probably was working to hard for her body and not enough recovery time and not eating enough calories for all that exercising. As soon as I told my cousin to exercise 1 a day, and not twice. She lots so much weight. She was over-doing it the whole time.

i take one or two days off a week to either do nothing or take a long walk with the dog. how is more calories going to help me lose?

Your recovery time is good, then. –So it may be because of the calories (either that, or you really are just incredible muscular, as I would assume is the case). When you’re working out, and the workout is as vigorous as yours appear to be, you need a little more than 2000 calories. Believe it or not, if you consume too few calories, then your body will recognize that it is not getting enough energy and so it will try to hold onto the energy it already has (stored in fat deposits); so you won’t lose as much as you should be losing. On days of vigorous exercise, consume closer to 2200 calories (even up to 2500, depending on how vigorous the workout is). And on rest days, consume between 1200 and 1500 calories.

Quality matters just as much as quantity does. Eating 1200 calories of carbs and unhealthy food is not at all equivalent to eating 1200 calories of strawberries and bananas. Make sure you’re getting a ton of fruits and veggies, not many carbs, not many fats, hardly any trans fats, and not much sugar. Always read the nutrition label.