Committee to Save Cooper Union Legal Fund: Update 1

To the supporters of the Committee to Save Cooper Union: THANK YOU!

We are now 24 hours into our fundraising campaign and have raised over $22,000 toward our $150,000 goal. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all who have contributed. Please continue to share the news with friends, family, and defenders of free education everywhere.

Immediately following the Class of 2014’s commencement ceremony we rallied together to show support for The Cooper Union’s strong and unique identity as a tuition free institution for the study of architecture, art and engineering; and to call attention to the fiscal mismanagement and lack of accountability on the part of The Cooper Union Trustees, leading to the erosion of a 150-year old tradition of free tuition made possible by philanthropist Peter Cooper.

Attorney Richard Emery speaking at the rally

At the press conference held outside the Foundation Building, we heard testimonials from Professor Mike Essl, alumni Adrian Burton Jovanovic & Devin Kenny, and incoming student Claire Kleinman. Attorney Richard Emery of the law firm Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady announced our petition seeking to preserve the longstanding policy of free tuition in light of the Trustees’ decision to impose tuition starting in 2014.

Since the announcement, our campaign has received a great amount of coverage and attention from media far and wide. From the Wall Street Journal article that first broke the story, the New York Post’s colorful commentary, ABC 7 television coverage, NY Daily News video, Hyperallergic, Art in America, and much more.

We later learned that president + executive = prexie

We are so encouraged by the momentum and support to preserve tuition-free education at Cooper Union. Please help us to continue toward our fundraising goals, and please help us Save Cooper Union!

“พี่จะรับขวัญเจ้า เอามาเข้าเป็นขวัญจิต…”

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