[Image: Banned Books Week banner showing censored text, remaining words reading “discover what you’re missing” with banned books week dates at bottom.  Image via]

September 22-28 is Banned Books Week!  All month, staff at the CS Library will be highlighting issues in intellectual freedom.  Check out our “Staff Picks–Banned Books” and “Banned Books in the Library” Pinboards, Banned Books LibGuide, and (coming soon) displays of banned books.  Intellectual freedom is everyone’s concern!

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One of many iconic actors from Japan’s mid-century film output, Toshiro Mifune (born this day in 1920) was beloved not only for his stunning good looks, but his physicality and understated, sincerely emotive technique.  Most famous for his films with director Akira Kurosawa, students and staff can find two outstanding samples of their work together on our shelves: Rashomon and Seven Samurai.

College Rant Scroll On By

I was very confused on what to do for college. Honestly I already have a job position with the family business and what not. I told my self when I was younger I would never ever work for my family business, but now I’ve decided to go back on my word. Not because I want to. I know this economy is rough to deal with, and because I know its the right thing to do. The business has grown and we don’t have the people reliable to help us out. That is where I come in. And I’m actually very happy with that. Like right now the router in the shop is running a lot of error protocols and can’t connect to the internet. It doesn’t even show up on the networking protocol analyzer. If I had the knowledge to fix it, I would have already. Instead we have to rely on people that are not reliable what so ever. Also the website is way below our potential. Blah, Sorry for the rant.

I was first going to college for graphic art and design. No real degree or anything, just certificates from adobe and what not. But now I’m going to get my CCNA, this is something I’ve wanted to do since I was very young (weird I know).  What is CCNA? It is Cisco Verified Network Associate. But it doesn’t just stop there with Cisco, that is the most basic certificate you can get The reason why I never tried getting it before is because I was scared of what others would think, its a pretty nerdy thing to do. And not a lot of women are in it (or at least use to be). My uncle use to work for Cisco,  and actually invented a radio type thing for them. But he pissed off one of the head honchos in corporate, because my uncle disagreed on his political views or whatever. He has everything I need to work on for hands on experience, so I think this will give me a slight of hand. I’ve already worked on the router here so I at least have a basic know how.

I also would like to get my Ham-radio license. Really just so I can join the emergency response team and weather watchers. So I’ll have something to do with my dad. Plus its good thing to have just in case of a disaster or whatever. I have all the equipment and knowledge on how it works, so I find it kinda stupid I haven’t gotten it out of the way.

For now this is what I’m going with. It’ll probably change, but whatever. :P

Library to hold “Potter” Renaissance exhibition and “Potter” films to be shown at New Orleans cinema

Over the years, more and more public places have begun to hold events – both big and small – that celebrate all things Harry Potter related, especially knowing the response dedicated fans will give, even after all this time…yes, pun intended! It has come to our attention that there are two more of events to look out for, if you’re in the area.


Sometimes (very occasionally) I am proud of my hometown and the officers of the college I dropped out of.

[Image: A burning candle superimposed on a transgender pride flag with white, pink, and blue stripes; text reads “Transgender Day of Remembrance November 20, 2014” and “In memoriam of all who have lost their lives as a result of transphobic violence.”]

Today is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Although November 20th has been set aside annually as a day to remember victims of transphobia-related violence, discrimination, abuse, and physical danger are risks transgender individuals have to face every day.  Despite a recent increase in visibility due to grassroots activists and celebrity spokespersons, the systemic violence perpetrated against trans people–and disproportionately against low-income trans women of color–remains largely overlooked by the mainstream media, and transphobic behaviors such as employment discrimination, street harassment, “trans panic” defenses, and treating trans people like walking punchlines are still considered broadly socially acceptable.

For many years, the gay, lesbian, and bisexual rights movement in the United States similarly overlooked the overlapping/intersecting issues faced by the transgender community, despite the major role trans activists had in historically significant events such as the Stonewall Uprising, not to mention the grassroots efforts on the part of these activists to address LGBT youth homelessness–a problem only recently being given serious attention by the mainstream movement.  The work of transgender activists on behalf of the entire LGBT movement is now being given more recognition, and the mainstream LGBT movement is gradually becoming more trans-inclusive.

Although laws protecting individuals on the basis of gender expression are few and far between, Columbus State recognizes that a workplace and educational environment free from harassment, discrimination, violence, and hostility is a basic human right.  Accordingly, the college recently added “gender identity and expression” to protected classes in their Nondiscrimination Policy.  Readers wishing to learn more about LGBT issues can check out the library’s LGBT Research Guide, and the National Center for Transgender Equality is a good source for up-to-date news and statistics about the struggle for transgender rights.