Shlohmo- Bad Vibes (Album Review)
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Hey I’m back with a new album review for you this time it's the debut LP from expermental/chillwave artist Shlohmo . I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with this album. There are a few kind trip hop sounds here almost reminiscent of bibio or baths. I’d say more ambient like though then those artist music usually are though. If you looking something that will just instantly dance too, this isn’t where you wanna be. A lot of these songs are delicate with exceptions being “Trapped in a burning house” or “Seriously” near the end of the album.

           My favorite thing about the album is that these tracks are layered well and are very atmospheric. An example being how the song “I can see you” progresses as the song goes along. In fact the this album can get kind of intricate as far sound goes. The song “Just Us” starts with a sound that seems like it could’ve been created with an xylophone or some other simple instrument. Little clicks here and taps there that sound natural and not overly loud help add subtle layers to these songs. There are some vocals but they are very prominent they do help to add to the sweet or warm feel to some of these tracks. I also like that although it can be delicate it’s not overly sugary as the closing tracks “Trapped in a burning house” and “Your Stupid Face” adds some heaviness and distortion into the mix.

      Overall this is a solid release! Definitely worth checking out!

Rating: 8.5/10

By Patrick Griffin.