“Why don’t parents let their kids have boy/girl sleepovers!!!! That’s so stupid What are they gonna do HAVE SEX” i was molested by a boy at a sleepover so yeah boy/girl sleepovers are a bad idea and my parents were fuckinf retarded

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I just read that transmisogynistic comment thread and the transmisogyny is one thing. The fact that these gross people choose to works this bigoted crap against a CHILD is another. How disgusting and predatory can people be?


and that they were, in general, speaking of children in school. i took another look at the particular story and she is a senior, so still a kid but not the youngest i’ve seen in one of these stories.

even so…

all those comments about the genitals of children? like…

why are u spending so much time thinking about this?

and not about,  you know, their actual safety?

Joke callout posts trivialize abuse and aren't funny

It’s been less than a month since several popular Tumblr users were “called out” for pedophilia in multiple posts, over the course of a few days. Now I’m starting to see satirical callout posts crop up (such as “Callout for myself/my friend who’s done nothing serious wrong/some character: [lists a minor flaw]”) on my dash, and frankly it makes me angry.

This matter is nothing to joke about. Victims’ lives were forever altered, and crimes were committed for which the perpetrators will probably never be formally tried and punished in a court of law. It isn’t a matter of someone simply being “problematic,” or anything else less serious than someone committing a crime that is rightfully punished by prison sentence and inflicting potentially life-ruining abuse. Please have some basic human decency, understand the gravity of the crimes committed, and quit making light of victims’ pain.

just a reminder for all my adults on this site because a lot of y'all seem to think the disgusting shit you do is perfectly alright

if you draw porn of underage characters, youre a pedophile
if you draw porn of characters you CLAIM are of age but still look like children, youre a pedophile
if you write porn of underage characters, youre a pedophile
if you roleplay smut with underage children, youre a pedophile
if you disagree with anything listed above, chances are youre a pedophile

honestly i have so many like young baby followers on here and Like I dont want anything fucked up to happen to ya’ll so please, please don’t get involved with men older than you. I know there are so many posts about this but I think what none of them mention is like how nauseated you feel years later realizing you were involved with a pedophile. I know you feel so grown right now and you don’t think of yourself as a child, and that’s fine! you’re supposed to feel like that, but don’t for a second think that any older man sees you as anything other than a child because I promise you that’s why he’s interested in you

a personal mix of sorts, about my dysfunctional and abusive childhood.

track list:

1. metric / youth without youth

2. smashing satellites / waterfall

3. melanie martinez / dollhouse

4. muse / dead inside

5. mother mother / happy

6. of monsters and men / organs

7. nine inch nails / the day the world went away

8. metric / blindness

9. good charlotte / emotionless

10. three days grace / just like you

11. shinedown / burning bright

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