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IMPORTANT!! Updates on HNKNA Merch sales!! Please Read!

  Firstly! I want to thank each and every one of you that took the time to fill out my sale questionnaire. That info is very helpful to me in getting new goodies to everyone. 

Secondly, when I started being the fairy, I had no idea the response it would get. I’ve gotten so many wonderful comments and lovely pictures from happy people. This was honestly an accident that spawned from a conversation with Harroe and evolved into a whole lot more. So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who’s been supportive and made me love doing this for you all!!

That being said, I have good news, not so good news, and great news! So I’m gonna go at them in that order!!

Good News! 

The next box is on its way a little earlier than normal. I needed some gifts from the order for my own family so it should be here within the next week or so! This one isn’t quite as big but there are a lot of cool things, larger items, and we’re starting to get into some of the goodies from the most recent fair. Look forward to it!

Not so good news….

Looking at this, and the last 2 boxes, it seems that I’m actually losing money at a rate larger than I had initially thought. Between some seller fees and shipping I’m out almost $300 over the last couple months. While I love you all to death, I can’t afford to constantly lose that much. I’m not trying to turn a profit, but I’m not trying to go into debt either. Because of this, I do need to up the prices a little bit. Thanks to the responses from the questionnaire, I feel comfortable making charms and straps $8 and keeping bromides as they are at $1.

Because this is kinda sudden news, I’m offering a quasi compromise. Until the next box comes in and I get all the new stuff up, ALL straps and charms still on the selling page will remain $6. If you request some that are up there, I’ll also give you 2 weeks to pay for them! Meaning that you can pick out some stuff at the lower price and I’ll hold it until after the next box is in if you want to get stuff from that box as well. So if there were a couple you weren’t so sure about, now’s the time to get them!

The GREAT news!!!!!

I’ve managed to come across a distributor that will sell in bulk to me for fairly cheap AND sells stuff direct from Quinrose! That means for future fairs and merch opportunities I should be able to get a lot more goodies! INCLUDING things like the larger bags, plushies, etc. I’m attempting to see if they can get a hold of any of the backdated stuff, but this is awesome news for the future! 

Thank you again for everything, if you have any question, comments, concerns, clocks, carrot cake or cans of catfood please don’t hesitate to send me an ask. 

~Kuibata, your HNKNA fairy

anonymous asked:

Hello! I absolutely LOVE those MTT keychains and was wondering if you will be making a post about when they're up for sale again. I'd hate to miss out on getting one ;u;

Hey! I’d deff make a post when I sell them online again : > Theyre probably going back on sale in June / July but Im planning on making a mailing list people can sign up for to get a update on the keychains! 

Thanks for the message (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Merch Update 10/7/15!!!

A box a box! Finally customs released and sent me the box!

Now the crazy task of organizing and getting stuff ready to sell…..

Why does unpacking often take so long? 

This, stuff like this. Individually wrapped buttons. Why? Why do you hate me sellers!?

I have little to no time on the weekdays. So look forward to the site going up probably late Sunday (10/11) or Monday (10/12) Hurray!!!

anonymous asked:

I ordered your Kisumu bottle charm and I was wondering when will those be available for shipment? Also when will we get to see the actual product? Thanks!

I’ll be shipping those out once a new (replacement) batch arrives. The printer misprinted them without the water. 

This is what they should look like but with the water filled (translucent blue layer)

Merch Update 6/25/16!!

*frolics around* Box is in and there’s a massive pile of slowly being sorted goodies in my room. If you weren’t aware, I’ve been having some medical slowdowns and no fun pain so things will be slow to get put up, but I will do like I did last time and give a date/time that the site will go live! Like always, it’s not like the goodies are going anywhere no matter how long it takes me, so get your monies ready!

If you preordered stuff! And you want your things now without looking through the new goodies when the page goes live, send me an ask or email and I’ll get your stuff out. 

HNKNA Goodies update 10-3~

So the page is ready to go for tomorrow (Tuesday 10/4). There are so many charms/straps this time I had to make 3 pages!

The pages will go live at 7pm EST Tuesday 10/4

and will include @candies-and-sweets Charms!!

I just learned that Tumblr no longer sends me an email with the copy of the asks you guys send in. Which is crap cause that was how I kept track of a lot of stuff. 

This means between my minor surgery today and that fact that I will be super slow processing orders. You guys have aaaalways been awesome in being patient and understanding with me so please continue to do that. I know it’s frustrating if stuff sells out. But I will still take things on a first come first serve basis. 

<3 Kui

Merch Update 9/21

So a box is on its way, and the new page is coming along quite nicely! I’ve had some customs shenanigans lately with some other none-related orders so I don’t have high hopes for this one getting here in a timely manner, but fingers crossed! All the stuff currently in my home is all nice and sorted now too. So as soon as this box gets in we should be back in business!

Sorry to keep you all waiting, not much longer now!!

HNKNA Merch Update 7/6

Alright, not dead, but finally got in the next box. I’m having some serious issues with Google though and it not wanting to load the pages. I’m pretty sure the doc itself is screwy so I’m having to make a WHOLE new one. Which took me a whole day last time. So it may be a bit before I can get it up…. ORZ I’m also having to rescan a bunch of stuff because I think the large pics were  half the problem so I’m making everything smaller. Thanks for being patient! 

Also not taking orders right now. If you have one in already I’m still processing like 1 or 2 and I’ll finish up with those but no new orders  until I get the new page up. If you send me orders I’m going to delete them. Again if you already put one in I’ll finish with it, but nothing new right now.

~Kui the HNKNA Fairy

Update Update! 3/24

Greetings from sicky town. Since you’ve obviously noticed I haven’t updated anything yet, it’s cause I’ve been incredibly ill the last couple weeks. I haven’t been able to do much of anything, partially because I have been sleeping most of the time and partially because I don’t want to cough and get my gross germs all over your pretty goodies. So now that I’m starting to feel better this weekend I should be able to start inputting stuff. Don’t worry, no matter how long my butt takes, goodies aren’t going anywhere! Thank you for your understanding!

<3 Kui