anonymous asked:

Guns you want to get?

We will be here all day, if I listed them all.

To name a few, though…

Above all else, I’ve been wanting a Mk23 for ~20 years now. My collection will never be complete without one. Thankfully, I’ll (hopefully) be getting one within a few months.

SIG X-5/X-6. Particularly a Blue Moon, Black & White, or SuperMatch. To me, these are some of the best looking firearms ever created, and are one of the best shooting handguns in existence. 

So far, the CZ TS Orange is the nicest shooting handgun that I’ve encountered. Along with being one of the most accurate (right behind the CZ TS Czechmate & SIG X-5 SuperMatch) and it looks hot as hell. Thus, I need one.

And the CZ Shadow II, because it’s an evolution of one of my favorite handguns ever made.