cs canon divergence

A bit of canon divergence in which Naval! Killian replaces August in the Wish Realm.


“It’s just,” he shuffles his feet and scratches at the back of his ear, a furtive glance shot at her from beneath thick eyelashes. “The Princess I knew liked pretty things.”

She tilts her head to the side and considers him – the blush that stains his clean-shaven cheeks, the uniform that stretches tight over his shoulders. He’s the same age here as their own realm, but he feels more innocent. Subdued. He bites his tongue against his remarks and regards her from the corner of his eye, careful to keep appropriate distance from her at all times. But he’s still, well –

She supposes she still likes pretty things.

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Blattella Germanica

Summary:  A quick fix it fic set in a nebulous future after 6.15 where Emma and Killian have been reunited. A way to reconcile the events of those episodes in a way that doesn’t retread old ground and helps better explain behavior. 

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 1600+

Notes:  A belated gift for @gentlesleaze  hopefully this helps make up for some of the salt you received instead. I’m sure I’ll write you something better one day but I hope you like this blurb. 

On AO3


There was something to be said for reunion sex. Explosive tangles of lips and teeth and limbs. Aggressive clawing and slapping flesh, just all consuming need, I miss you, I love you, I’m so happy you’re back. Saying with her body what she couldn’t put into words, I’m sorry spoken in the rough tug of his hair, forgive me painted in teeth along his neck, I’m with you in the rough slide and rasp of skin on skin.

Afterwards was harder. Sweat drying and breath calming and the words wouldn’t come. Goodnight whispered into her hair, slow measured breaths as he gave into exhaustion. Her ring winking mockingly in the light of the moon through the window.

“I love you.”

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Harbor In the Tempest (1/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

This was an idea I had back in September, but let it sit after writing the intro and finally picked it up again recently. Working on it has basically kept me going during an intensely shitty week. The first 3 chapters are already complete. @caprelloidea​ is basically the best person ever for helping me through this one.

Rating: T

Word Count: 5165

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3  Chapter 4

AO3 | ff.net

They’ve just finished filling the canteens when he hears it. A familiar rustle somewhere behind him in the jungle, the same noise that kept him on edge for years in this hellish place, the one that left him looking over his shoulder for centuries. He glances over at Emma to see she’s oblivious, capping the water and adjusting the satchel over her shoulder, her ears not as attuned to this place as his are.

“Swan,” he whispers. She turns to face him and he raises a finger to his lips, tilting his head in the direction of the noise.

They stand there frozen for a long moment listening, the only sounds the occasional call of a bird or the chirping of an insect. He’s just about to relax when he hears it again, and by the tensing of Emma’s shoulders she can as well. She looks toward the noise and back at him, instinctively reaching over her shoulder for her cutlass.

The cutlass she’d given back to Baelfire.

Her eyes widen, and the first tinge of panic starts creeping up his nerves. Emma glances around for something, anything she can use as a weapon as he draws his own sword, stepping between the noise and Emma. It could just be an animal, or one of their group wondering what’s taking them so long, or -

The Lost Boys appear, faces slowly emerging from the jungle. First just in front of him, and then to his right, and his left, swords glinting in the sunlight and arrows dark-tipped with poison.

A dozen weapons against one. 

He spares the quickest of glances back and sees Emma frozen, still empty-handed. He turns back to his attackers, one last sweep of the landscape as he considers their options. There’s only one.


There’s only a split-second before they both turn and sprint, splashing over the shallow stream and barreling headlong into the jungle. They need to put some distance between them and the Lost Boys, take advantage of their longer strides and find some kind of hiding place to wait it out as they go by. But as his legs and lungs first start to burn as they duck and tumble and run, dodging arrows the whole way, he realizes what Pan’s crew is really doing.

They’re being herded.

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“Fine, Killian. Can you explain what is all this? How come they think you are a cop?”

“Because this is what I am, Emma. This is what I’ve been for the past three years. Detective Killian Jones, Homicide and Brutal Crimes Division. NJSP:” He sighed. “This is who I am now.”

Separate Lives by @lenfaz 

His Brightest Star Was You - a missing Wish!Realm scene

AN: This wouldn’t leave my brain so I had to write it. For @acrobat-elle who I love a lot. I’ve been wanting to write you something forever and this is a gift for keeping it real about this episode and just generally being awesome and lovely. I hope you like it darling.

Word Count: 1198 



Even if the man sprawled, open mouthed and snoring on the bed before her was only barely recognizable, a grim shadow of the man she knew, Emma took comfort in the fact that his home was for the most part unchanged. He always took impeccable care of his ship, even if the same couldn’t always be said of himself.

There were new books lining the mantle, a few things replaced or slightly off from the Jolly she knew, but the feel of the vessel, the warmth and care shown on the spotlessly clean deck, in the tidy and efficient cabin, everything arranged just so, was exactly the same.

Emma laid his sword carefully on the table, and looked around, finally feeling some measure of peace in the day’s recent chaos. The palace she had called home here wasn’t a world she knew, the years of growing up there, of her marriage, and raising her son in the endless echoing corridors, elaborate balls and parties, were familiar in the way dreams are, intangible, fleeting, curling and fading around the edges with every moment after the dawn.

This ship however, she knew this ship.

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Santa Baby (1/1)

Summary: Snapshots of Killian Jones trying to navigate his first Christmas with his wife and unborn daughter. Just wee, little moments! 

1.3k words. Rated G. ao3.

Merry Christmas @whimsicallyenchantedrose from your CSSS!! I was so happy be to assigned you, because your Fluffy Fridays have many a times brightened the ends of my weeks. You’re such a sweet woman and I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas. 

To his credit, Killian assimilated to the holiday better than Emma expected him to. He asked no questions when she insisted that their trip to the store for decorations was more important than the piles of snow accruing in heaps around their house. They slipped and slid all the way to their new car, the walkways leading from their house covered in a thick layer of ice. Emma scooted into the driver’s seat, heaving a sigh of relief from escaping the brisk wind chill.

“What the bloody hell are you doing? You’re nine months pregnant. Let me drive, love.”

“You’ve never driven in the snow, much less snow this bad. It’ll be better for all three of us if I just drive the ten minutes there,” Emma explained, glancing down at her round stomach. Realizing that standing in their driveway while the snow hammered down was pointless, Killian staggered into the passenger seat.

“If you’re worried about the weather, then let’s call your father and have him drive.”

Emma turned to him, as much as she could with the seat belt holding her hostage against the seat.

“I want this to just be a you and me thing, and I’ve spent enough December days in a dreary, undecorated house.” Killian frowned at that. Their house was many wonderful things, and it was certainly not dreary. “Just trust me, babe, okay? As soon as we have this baby, I’ll have my father take you driving in the snow, and this won’t happen again.”

So he agreed. He wasn’t happy about it, but he agreed. Those Christmas decorations better have been important.

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Spellbound (1/?)

A/N: A new multi-chapter, written with the express purpose of helping Amy smile. And/or after a little bit of dramatic tension. I hope you enjoy this first taste, @forestiyari.

Zelena has cursed the lips of everyone’s favorite captain. But when he fails to seal the deal, a magical fail-safe is enacted. Kinda hard to avoid someone when you’re cursed to stay within five feet of each other at all times, right?  Season Three Captain Swan Canon Divergence. PG. 

also on ff.net


“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Emma Swan was cursed. She’d always kinda thought so, what with the whole abandoned-at-birth, framed-for-my-boyfriend’s-crime, my-parents-are-fairytale-royalty thing. What else would her life be, but a huge practical joke at her expense? But no, that wasn’t bad enough. Let’s throw in an actual curse.

Emma was in absolutely no mood to be stuck in a room with a swaggering pirate captain she’d once read about as a kid. She didn’t need his witty retorts, or earnest compliments. She didn’t need to feel his eyes on her, lingering long after she’d finished speaking. She didn’t need Captain Freaking Hook complicating her already complicated life. Especially not after he’d been keeping secrets from her that had nearly put her son in mortal danger.

It figured, really. That it would be him.

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Cast by the Light 1/? -A Shadow!Killian fic

Notes: Thank you to Liz (  @caprelloidea​ )  for the amazing beta, you keep me right. I’m very excited about this little story. A gift I started a long time ago for a lovely lady @acrobat-elle​ whom I adore. I’m happy I’m actually able to finally give it to you. 

Summary: After Killian sacrifices himself to obtain the Black Fairy’s wand and stop Pan’s oncoming curse it is up to Emma to reunite the pirate with his shadow.  A Shadow!Killian fic.

Rating: Mature in later chapters.

Word Count: 7k



“I’ll draw it.”

The words had left his mouth without a thought, and he ignored the looks of surprise all around, focused instead on the specter above. Hook hoped they wouldn’t argue the point. Though, he didn’t harbor any delusions the gathered group cared enough about his well being to even attempt such a thing. They knew they needed that blasted wand, and fast. They also knew they were running out of time.

The demon shadow gave a shriek, a threat, a promise, a laughing challenge all rolled up into a terrible cry that skittered down his spine. There was a curse hanging over their heads and only one weapon that could stop it and it was that thought that emboldened him. It wasn’t even a choice really, there was no one else. The Prince had his family, Bae was reconnecting with his boy, perhaps more if Emma wished it, and Tink the promise of regaining her wings, of finally making a life for herself. What did he have, really? A pirate ship in a small town of a realm he didn’t know, and several barrels of rum. No purpose, no course set. He had always been quite adept at diversions at least.

Hook sucked in a fortifying breath, and stepped forward.

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Wilderness of Your Heart

Art by @eastwesthomeisbest

Author: aquietcalmoflove

Summary: 6x14 Canon Divergence: What if Emma had some help in deciphering between Captain Hook being revealed as Robert’s murderer and the Killian Jones she loves?

Rating and reason for the rating: T for strong language

Trigger warnings: Passing reference to murder, drinking references

Authors Note: I hated how no one batted an eye at Killian’s absence between 6x14 to 6x17. No one thought to fight for him and gave him the benefit of the doubt. This story attempts to fix that a year and a half later. David and Henry know Killian pretty well by now. I think they’d have some insight into the man he has become. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this as much I did in the writing process.

@girl-in-the-band-tshirt: I COULD NOT have asked for a better beta while writing this story. It would not be half of what it is without you. I am so happy to have worked with you. I tend to focus more on ideas and thoughts. You took care of the technical side. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Don’t be a stranger after this is over.

@eastwesthomeisbest Thank you so much for the gorgeous edit. I’d not seen your work before this; it is stunning :) I wish I could thank you in your inbox but you’ll know my identity soon enough.

 Word Count: 3,187



I’m concerned about Killian. He was out by the docks this evening with a bag over his shoulder. I don’t know what his plans are. When we were talking, his mind seemed millions of miles away. He avoided eye contact and went stiff when I hugged him. Something isn’t right. You should check in with him; you’re closer to him than I am.

 Love, Snow

David growled. Dammit, Hook. You promised you would never leave my daughter. You’re no better than all the other bastards who abandoned her. Wait. If Hook left, that means Emma is alone. And probably not taking this well. I should check on her. Well, it’s my turn at the station for night shift at the station anyway. I’ll stop by on my way over. Technically Emma and Hook’s house was out of the way from the loft, but he had to see if his daughter was okay.

He glanced at his phone. 11 o’clock. His shift technically started at midnight, but he wanted to allow time to visit Emma. He glanced over at baby Neal’s crib. Ruby agreed to babysit during night shift since Snow would be unable to attend to the baby should he wake up. He sent her a quick text letting her know he was about to leave. She quickly replied she would be over shortly.

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Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 95: The Magic Mirror

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 95: The Magic Mirror

Pairing:  Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring  Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all  swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to  Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown  out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

Missed the beginning? ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5) (6) ( 7) ( 8) ( 9) ( 10) ( 11) ( 12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) (51) (52) (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94)

Tagging a few people who may be interested: @sailormew4 @annaamell@flslp87@emmateo26@fleurreads @doracianstormrose @mermaidswans@bethacaciakay@ultraluckycatnd@allfangirlallthetime @effulgentcolors, @ilovemesomekillianjones@kat2609@brooke-to-broch@missgymgirl @hellomommanerd @galadriel26 @the-lady-of-misthaven@charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615 @laschatzi @kimmy46@snowbellewells@iamanneenigma @daxx04 @lapi-lazuli@nickillian @a-rose-for-a-savior @in-spirational @gillie@manic-pixiefangirl @britishguyslover@ginnyjinxedandhanshotritafirst @nofeels@holmes-a-holic@kmomof4 @linda8084  @spartanguard


The Magic Mirror

CS genre: Deleted Scene/Canon Divergence (2x6)

Emma took a deep breath and looked around the huge, cavernous room, trying desperately to ignore the cocky pirate at her side.  Her hand still tingled where he’d held it and bandaged it with his scarf.  Not that she had any intention of telling him that. The stupid pirate was way too full of himself as it was.

Still, from the looks of things around this place, she was going to have to suffer through his company for quite a while more.  There was treasure and junk piled everywhere.  How the hell were they ever going to find the magic compass?

“They horded all of their greatest stolen treasures in here,”  Hook said, picking up a golden coin, putting it to his nose and breathing it in.  “Piles of jewels, and every room filled with coins.”

Great.  Not only did they have a warehouse full of crap to sift through, it looked like her sticky-fingered companion was going to get distracted by everything that sparkled.

“Let’s get to it; the compass,” she said.

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A Surprise Visit & Another Crisis

Hey, @rebelcxptain I’m your Secret Santa! It’s been so nice getting to know you Zoe and I’m glad to have made a new friend! ♥

So we talked a lot about how much we both love Season 3, so I’ve whipped up a season 3A Canon Divergence for you. It was really fun to write, and I really hope you like it! 😊

Happy Holidays! Enjoy! xx 

Season 3A Canon Divergence where they make it back to Storybrooke from Neverland, Pan is not in Henry’s body, and they stop Pan’s curse, so no Missing Year either. 

ff.net link here

AO3 link here

They’ve just made it back on land, leaving the nightmare of Neverland behind. Immediately, they’re swept up in hugs and Emma can’t help but feel relieved to be back in Storybrooke with Henry safe by her side.

The group moves toward Granny’s to celebrate their return when she hears Henry ask, “What is that?” Looking toward what her son pointed to, she sees a swirling vortex that she recognizes to be a portal.

Really? They haven’t even been back five minutes and there’s already another crisis. Emma lets out an exasperated sigh and makes her way toward where she’d seen the portal open. She notices Hook step behind her and the treacherous voice that’s taken over more and more lately whispers that she knows he always has her back.

Ignoring the voice she continues forward; her parents, Hook, Henry, Regina, Gold, Neal, and Belle following.

As they get closer, she hears a panicked voice yell out “LIAM!” and quickens her pace. It sounds like whoever is in trouble needs help. They finally get to Main Street, where they saw the portal open, and find a man and woman lying on the ground, their heads turned away.

Emma rushes to help them up but before she can reach them, the woman lifts her head, and when she does, it makes Emma freeze in place. An identical pair of emerald eyes stare back at her and all Emma can see is her face.

Her face on the other woman.

How is this possible?

Suddenly, the man lets out a groan and sits up. Momentarily distracted she flicks her eyes over to him. Emma didn’t think she could be more shocked, but then she finds herself looking into Hook’s face.

Emma knows Hook is behind her, but she’s looking at him (or another version of him apparently) right in front of her. Turning back, sure enough, Hook is standing there, mouth hanging open and brows furrowed in confusion.

“What the hell?” is all Emma manages to say. She looks around to see confused looks on everyone’s faces as well.

At Emma’s exclamation, the Other Emma snaps her head toward her and mutters an “oh shit.”

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Two Natures (preview)

Summary: The Evil Queen uses Hyde’s serum to separate Hook and Killian. After kidnapping Captain Hero, she asks Captain Hook to poison Emma, but his other half just refuses to let him. Season 6 Canon Divergence. Rated M for some lusty thoughts and swears. 1.2k preview. 

Happy Valentine’s Day @cocohook38 from your (pitiful) CSSV! My name is Tessa and I’ve loved getting to know you these past couple weeks. Thank you so much for putting up with me. Between exams, performances of the musical I’m in, and coming down with a sickness, the universe has really been against me getting this to you at a decent time. I decided to post a preview. There is more to come, but I hope you like what I’ve written for you so far. 

Art is by my lovely CSSV ~ go like and reblog it here!

Hook really does try his best not to stare down the food on his plate suspiciously. The Swan woman, Emma, sits across the table, prattling on about whatever happened at her job earlier in the day. From the window, Hook can see the Jolly Roger  with dropped anchor in its proper port, so close that he could simply walk up to it and steal it if he tried.

He can feel his other half - he refuses to call it his better half, and has taken to calling the other Killian the “weaker one” - struggling in whatever brigg the Evil Queen has kept him in since their serum division. It’s a stark reminder of his task, the one the Evil Queen is paying him handsomely to do. If Hook can pretend to be Killian Jones long enough to slip the poison into Emma’s morning coffee, then her Royal Majesty Regina will put a brand new, shiny magic bean in his hand and he will never have to spend another gods forsaken minute in this land.

“Killian, you’re quiet this morning. Everything alright?” Hook’s attention snaps up to Emma, her worried eyes a sure sign that whatever she suspects, it isn’t about his true identity. For a moment, he forms his answer. It’s been awhile since any words that left his mouth weren’t cynical in nature, but if he’s going to do this right, he needs to really play his part well.

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New York City Serenade 2.0

… in which Walsh was just the slightly creepy guy from the furniture shop, and Emma is really glad to see Hook, especially when she realises that he meant what he said about thinking of her. She might not have remembered him for the past year, but she’s remembering now, and she’s not about to let him go again.

Words Just Can’t Do Them Justice....

Here, my favourite multi-chaptered Captain Swan Fanfics…. They’re classics, so you’ve probably all read them, but I think re-living these two special characters is something we’re going to need soon…. 

Alternate Universe - Modern

Read All About It by Kymbersmith90 - Using Twitter to ask an actual princess on a date may not have been Killian’s best idea… until it was.Part 1 of Royal Realities  


Warm Nights & Firelight  by Oubliette14 - When in the wake of a messy breakup Emma makes the impulsive decision to return home to her parent’s ranch in the Rockies, she certainly doesn’t expect to find a strange Irish guy living in what was once her apartment over the garage, and she definitely doesn’t imagine that the home she couldn’t wait to be rid of five long years ago would be the very place her heart begins to heal. 


To Make Your Heart Race by fergus80 - Killian “Hook” Jones is NASCAR’s bad boy, who is forced to do some community service to clean up his act. Emma Swan is the counselor at the local Children’s shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares.  http://archiveofourown.org/works/5619112/chapters/12944908

Poem Without Words by totheendoftheworldortime79 - Looking to make some extra money, college senior Emma Swan takes a post as a model for Professor Killian Jones’ art class. Sparks fly on both sides. Will they give into temptation?


Heart By Heart by totheendoftheworldortime79 - Emma Nolan, rich, famous, heiress to Nolan Tech, frustrated by her life, unable to get anyone to take her seriously as a businesswoman, flees to her New York life for Hawaii. A chance meeting with grad student-turned-mechanic Killian Jones might change her life forever. If she lets it https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10924345/1/Heart-by-Heart

The Lost Boys by niniadepapa - He’s the charming, out of control frontman of one of the most successful bands in the world. She’s a hard-working rising actress. Sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s real and what’s make-believe when fame’s in the game. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8975354/1/The-Lost-Boys

Walking In A Straight Line by msgenevieve447 - It’s one of the oldest stories in the book. Two old friends have a few too many drinks, two old friends share a kiss. Happens all the time, right? But what happens when only one of them actually remembers it? (Captain Swan AU, with a side order of Snowing, mention of Emma/Walsh) https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10957085/1/Walking-in-a-Straight-Line 

The Trouble With Faking It by nowforruin - Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11228500/1/The-Trouble-with-Faking-It

Wedded Bliss and Asterisks by EmilyBea - Emma Swan is an enemy of love who just happens to be an up and coming wedding dress designer. She’s convinced that true love is nowhere in her future but then she meets Killian Jones, whose magazine is covering the opening of her new boutique. Suddenly Emma finds herself drawing up new plans for her life, ones that seem to all be leading towards her own form of wedded bliss. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12295382/1/Wedded-Bliss-and-Asterisks

Search and Rescue by onceuponajollyroger - When Killian Jones, a rescue swimmer for the US Coast Guard, pulled Emma Swan from the unforgiving sea he had no idea she would end up rescuing him right back. [Captain Swan Modern AU] https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11255395/1/Search-and-Rescue

World Unknown by colormyheartred - Emma signs up to be a test subject for a “guaranteed true love match”. The kicker is that she can’t see her match until their wedding day. The moment she sees him for the first time, she knows she’s doomed. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11824108/1/World-Unknown - Read the Sequels too! 

With This Ring by kissmelikeapirate - This was just about the dumbest idea she had ever heard. Marry a guy she barely knew? But sometimes desperate people do crazy things. And crazy things can sometimes be the best things you ever do…  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11286660/1/With-This-Ring

Headlights Fading by EvilIsntBorn337 - When Emma Swan’s car breaks down outside of a small town in Maine, she finds herself stuck at the local garage, but as the repairs take longer and longer to complete, she has to decide if, in the end, she wants to leave the town at all. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11251326/1/Headlights-Fading 

With Affection by PhiraLovesLoki - Emma Swan isn’t a middle schooler. So why is she receiving notes from a secret admirer? She’s also definitely not a romantic person. So why is she writing back? Modern!AU Captain Swan, with side orders of Snowing and Frankenwolf https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11045549/1/With-Affection

Music of The Heart by InMyEyes2014 - Granny Lucas loves to be both chef and matchmaker for the town of Storybrooke. When she sets her skills on Liam and Killian Jones, she is sure she has found the perfect matches with Elsa and Emma. While some participants are willing and others reluctant, Granny and her cohorts are determined to make each a match made in heaven or at least in lasagna. http://archiveofourown.org/works/6215764/chapters/14240920

Alternate Universe - With a Touch of Canon 

Remember When by Emilee Amethyst - "I will find you. I will always find you.“ Says the Charming Family motto. But does it still apply when two centuries separate you from the one you love? Captain Swan story slight universe alterations. Picks up at season 2’s "The Doctor” where Emma already knows Hook from their past, but he has “no bloody clue” whom she is.  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12079881/1/Remember-When

Across Time And Space by Annaelle - Seventeen year old Emma Swan unwittingly and accidentally falls through a mysterious portal that lands her in the middle of the ocean, only to be saved by a young, dashing lieutenant, and to be brought aboard the Jewel of The Realm. Will she be able to find her home? And if she does… Will she still want to go? Lieutenant Duckling/Captain Swan. AU. Canon elements. - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9864377/1/Across-Time-And-Space

Until The Fog Lifts by ArtjuiceRP - Cursed!Killian AU: Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with.  http://archiveofourown.org/works/3448121/chapters/7561955

Canon Universe (At One Point or Another) 

Unbreakable by xHookedonKillianx - What if Hook was able to go with Emma and Henry when they left to escape Pan’s curse? With no memory of each other or Storybrooke, Emma and Killian meet in New York as complete strangers, both with broken pasts, and both with clean slates for their future. 


Smooth Sailing (With A Chance Of Definite Passion) by sandra70 - picks up right at the end of season 3… and tries to answer the question “Where is the relationship going?” (without obstacles like Elsa and Marian; but others might appear) The rating has officially changed to an “M” now… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10640638/1/Smooth-Sailing-With-A-Chance-Of-Definite-Passion

Chinese Food and A Movie by Ltb16 - In an interview after S3, Adam said something about Hook and Emma getting Chinese and watching a movie and this was born.  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10347266/1/Chinese-Food-and-a-Movie 

Everyday I Write The Book by msgenevieve447 - "I’m in the book now.“ To say that a lot has happened tonight is something of an understatement, but Emma is determined to make it all fit together on the same page. (Post-322.) https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10385057/1/Every-Day-I-Write-The-Book 

Separate Lives by lenfaz - Set after 3x20 "Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11010202/1/Separate-Lives

Finding The Savior (1/?)

This story came to my mind a while ago, but I decided to focus on my other projects instead. This week, however, my muse had other ideas. I intend to return to this fic at some point but I can’t promise anything. Still, maybe it could work like a one-shot?

@saraswans , you’re the best, thank you for everything.

A/N They made us believe that during the time of the dark curse, Cora and Hook remained frozen in the Enchanted Forest. After the Nemo episode, it turned out that it was just time that remained frozen, so I’m going to stuck with this idea.

SummaryTwenty-two years after the cast of the dark curse, Hook is tired of waiting. The moment he finds a way to escape from the Enchanted Forest, he sets a goal, to find The Savior and accelerate the process that will allow him to finally get his long-awaited revenge. Canon Divergence.

Ao3 / Ffnet 

Part 2

(This is unbeta’d so apologize in advance for all the mistakes) 

The Enchanted Forest, twenty-two years after the cast of the dark curse

The sea breeze whipped Killian’s face as The Jolly Roger sailed through the water at full speed, the sails of his precious ship dancing to the rhythm marked by the wind. Sailing had always brought him a sense of freedom. Before him, the open sea, endless destinations at his disposal. He would only have to turn the wheel and they would go in search of new and unexplored territories, new adventures, new dangers that, far from intimidating him, would make the adrenaline rush through his veins with expectation.

That feeling of power given by the sea had faded away little by little. The hundreds of years trapped in Neverland had taken its toll, but the last twenty-two years trapped under an imaginary dome at the mercy of a demon disguised as a woman had managed to drain almost every last drop of his patience. Where before he saw an infinite sea now there was only an invisible and impenetrable wall that prevented him from advancing in his desire for revenge.

He was tired of waiting. The idea that his fate depended on the success of an unknown person, The Savior, was not exactly appealing. His stomach clenched in knots in frustration, an uneasiness crept over his body, preventing him from functioning properly.

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