You’re something of an open book.
                                                    You and I. We understand each other.


OKAY, but isn’t David’s mother back this season with some !!SHOCKING!! revelation or secret or something?

Imagine THAT being the big dramatic plot twist of Season 6: Charming is a fairy.

Killian would NEVER let him live that down. He would forever be making fairy puns and David would want to strangle him within a week.

“Mate, wait.”
“You forgot your sparkly wings.”

“Mate, I have a serious question.”
“Go on.”
“Are you related to the tooth fairy?”
“I wish you’d never come back from the dead.”

“Here, mate. I brought you and the lady Snow cookies that Swan and Henry made, and a movie you might enjoy.”
“Oh, thanks. What is it?”
“The Tinkerbell Collection.”
“Remember that time I stabbed you in the back? Would you like to relive that?”

“So, Swan was telling me about all the Halloween traditions of dressing up in costumes. And since you previously said you didn’t own sparkly wings…”
“This stopped being funny weeks ago.”
“Here you go. Now you’re a real fairy, mate.”

This is the bottom line, Kitsowitz:

If you can’t keep a couple together without destroying both characters’ personalities, you’re not a good storyteller.

And if you can’t keep a couple apart without destroying both characters’ personalities, you’re not a good storyteller.

And you’ve chosen the wrong couple to force together, and the wrong one to force apart.

“…Before Jord entered, he saw inside. There were two heads bent together over the map, one dark-haired, the other blond. The Prince was alone with the Akielon who served him. The Akielon was murmuring something, his manner easy, in command of the strategy. The Prince nodded, absorbed. His eyes followed the Akielon’s finger as it traced a line over the map. 

Jord had never seen him like this, in comfortable, intimate conversation. The Prince did not cultivate companions; had not done so as a boy, did not do so as a young man. Jord felt as if he was intruding on something private; he was startled by their quiet focus, how close they stood together, their shoulders almost touching.” 

I went into ‘Green but for a Season’ expecting the Jord/Aimeric feels, okay. No one thought to warn me about the Laurent/Damen feels. Or really, the Laurent feels in general. Holy shit, my heart. 

Anyway, I just had to draw these two. Tried out a slightly different coloring style this time, which I’m not entirely sure how I feel about, but oh well. 

Prairie Lullaby Chapter 20

Prairie Lullaby Chapter 20

CS 19th Century Historical Western AU Fic 20/?

Rating: M

So the show is back and now this story is too - slightly delayed by real life and writer’s block.  Thanks for sticking with it, and hope you all enjoy!

In a bid to secure a more settled life for herself and her son, Emma Swan travels to Kansas as the mail-order bride of Liam Jones. Her dreams of a peaceful life are shattered when she finds herself married to his brother Killian, a man who appears to offer her anything but the quiet life she’d dreamed of. Where will this not-so-happy-ending take them?

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After spending much of the night mulling over the various decisions she could make, Emma had still surprised herself with the words she’d spoken to Killian.

No.  That was wrong.

Emma abhorred lying and was determined that she shouldn’t lie to herself about the matter.  If she was to truly examine her thoughts then it was obvious as to why she had agreed to share a bed with Killian; she simply wanted to.

And she certainly hadn’t been lying, to Killian or herself, when she’d told him that sometimes she got to do what she wanted.  Although her life to date had been lacking in such instances, the needs and desires of others more often than not trumping Emma’s own.

But this time it would be different.  This time she would make the choice to take what she desired simply because she could. All the years of denying herself, of remaining constrained by the bonds the world wished to wrap her in simply because she was born poor and female, and really, what had that got her?  Nothing but more uncertainty, more heartache, and the knowledge that there were very few places where she could ever truly be free.

It was true that Killian could offer her no security, but he had, at least, offered her more freedom than she had enjoyed previously.  And that, surely, counted for something.

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