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Based on the promo for next episode / One of Emma’s greatest fears is that she isn’t enough.

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It’s not that she’s not grateful that Killian gets to be reunited with his brother.

Emma is happy to see Killian happy and Killian, well, is absolutely delighted when he sees Liam again. Killian’s face lights up as he embraces him and the two are set on learning everything that happened in the other’s absence. He finally gets to see the brother he lost, someone he loves. It’s the least he deserves after being robbed of the chance to see Milah, again.

(Emma really, really wishes the other woman could have stuck with them for longer. And she doesn’t exactly buy Gold’s excuse, but it wasn’t as if they had much of an alternative with things as they stood.)

So, she vows to befriend the man that shaped Killian so much.

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like ships in the night (you keep passing me by) (3/?)

Enchanted Forest AU-Princess Emma does a reverse Cinderella and meets a Captain in a tavern instead of a Prince at a ball. It should have been a one time thing but fate had other plans. Originally a one-shot birthday fic for @spartanguard now who knows…

4.2k | T | FF.net | AO3 | Part 1 | Part 2

The Arendelle castle was quiet and dark, the hallways lit only by moonlight and the occasional guttering lantern. As a clock gently chimed midnight a man dressed in black slipped from the dungeon and into the corridor. The scant light bounced off the silver of his hook as he moved purposefully toward the treasury. He kept to the shadows pausing frequently to listen for the sound of boots or murmured conversations. All castles, no matter how incompetent their guards, had roving night patrols and it wouldn’t do to stumble into one after he had gone to all the trouble of escaping the dungeon.

Although for Killian Jones escaping the Arendelle cells had been no trouble at all not because he had lifetimes of experience escaping such brigs but because the guards were extremely negligent in their duties. They had not chained him, set a watch on him or taken his hook. They just shut him in a small cell and told him that Queen Elsa would judge him in the morning. He hadn’t bothered to tell them he planned to be on his ship long before then. With free hand and hook the lock had been easy enough and the soldier guarding the dungeon entrance had been in such a deep sleep that Killian had walked right past him with a shake of his head. Had the man been one of his sailors Captain Hook would have given him a verbal and physical lashing for failure to perform his duties.

Normally Killian preferred to infiltrate during a ball, on judgement days or anytime there was a lot of strangers and busy overworked servants. But Queen Elsa was renowned for keeping to herself and so a more complicated plan had been devised. If he had known how incompetent the Arendelle guards were he might have dispensed with letting himself get arrested and attempted to break into the castle with a group of his sailors instead. It would have been messier but the lives of a few guards would have been worth getting his revenge on the Crocodile.

The smaller hallway turned and led to a much grander, wider corridor where portraits hung along the walls interspersed with alcoves containing ceremonial armor. Killian paused, consulting the mental map he had constructed of the castle. This was the main corridor which would take him to the treasury. He leaned against the wall listening for boots on the plush carpet or the jangling of a sword. As his ears strained to catch any sound his eyes fell on the large portrait hanging opposite the corridor he was in.

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