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jenmorrisonlive: Day 75: little Hook and Emma were pretty epic at #creationentertainment in vancouver yesterday! What an amazing day! Thank you to all the #oncers who came to visit us!! #101smiles #onceuponatime #uglyducklings  #emmaswan [x x]

jenmorrisonlive: Day 76: meet and greet!! #onceuponatime #uglyducklings #emmaswan #101smiles @colinodonoghue1 #creationentertainment [x x]

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Colin and Jen are absolutely ADORABLE ❤ we are so lucky to have them both!!!

I know!  It is so rare to have both an incredible story onscreen and actors who are incredible off screen. Ones who support the relationship loudly and proudly.  When all of the cons were announced I was excited for one thing, Jen and Colin panels. Finally, the opportunity for the actors to sit together and talk about the relationship. And boy did they! That second panel is EVERYTHING I could have asked for and more.  

We are so lucky!

I need to know...

What was Jen’s favorite CS scene that at her and Colin’s panel at the con in Vancouver she said was yet to come, and when she said that he got all bashful and shook his head??

My bet is either the wedding itself or the pancakes one, but I think the pancakes one is more likely to explain his reaction. Thoughts??

After seeing all the drunk photos/videos...
I’m worried. I’ve watched this before. Not like in a news article, no, I’ve watched my friends figure out what their drug of choice is or their personal favorite self-harm technique to get through PR....

After seeing all the drunk photos/videos…

I’m worried.

It’s none of you business. But at least you don’t think it’s awesome like some other friends of yours do.

I’ve watched this before. Not like in a news article, no, I’ve watched my friends figure out what their drug of choice is or their personal favorite self-harm technique to get through PR. You find that ONE part of you that you can control and hang on for dear life. It is ALWAYS dangerous.

By your friends, I take it you mean the other canvassers on your crew who were wake and bakers?? And “to get through PR”??? That’s funny, I thought it was now all about “privacy” and thus a good thing. Plus, it’s been “PR” for over 6 months now and, up until, now—-poor wittle GheyJ seemed to be managing fine…plus, I thought PR contacts were only for THREE months (with shorter ones sometimes existing, as well, as your “industry insider” self has previously informed us)—I mean shouldn’t they be done now?

Also, honestly, even if it were true (it is not true), he wouldn’t be the first 20 year old to have a relationship not work out.

Maybe KJA decided he didn’t want to be sober for two days just because…but I HIGHLY doubt it. From what I’ve gathered, he didn’t even drink before last year, and this is the first time he’s looked THAT wasted.

Actually he looked completely wasted while road tripping with his friends (where you pretended he was with Cole, but he wasn’t), all the time with Boston (like utterly shit faced, honestly)—and while at Comicon.

While he was certainly plastered Friday night (as was Meltie and Crotch Pizza, where is your concern for them—–and why are THEY getting blotto), he was able to go zip lining the next day and played at the concert (you know, addressing another concern of yours, from yesterday), so maybe he wasn’t that drunk. And, if he was, that’s frankly his business and, again, where is your concern for the other people getting loaded?

I created this blog so this WOULDN’T happen. So it wouldn’t have to come to this point. So he’d have a place to look that would keep this from spiraling. I guess I failed. And that breaks my fucking heart. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t yet know him personally, cause it’s so hard to be the one to bring them back from the edge.

OMG!!! Mark your calendars, my dudes, this DOES, officially mark her as fully losing it. YaoiHag, you created this blog for your fapping fantasies and to try and persuade SHs into believing your fapping fantasies. He has friends, he has family…no shortage, actually. If his drinking legit got out of control, the show/studio/network would step in and look to fix that.

He does not know you exist, you will not be fixing dick, you will never know him and this is the most delusional conceit I have ever seen. PR as you describe it does not exist and Cornholio does not exist.

You need to stop. The person you should be worried about is yourself

I hope this is a one-time thing. I hope being back with CS in Van keeps this from happening a lot, but the reality is SH is out there, CS and KJA can’t spend much time together in public, it’s not going to be easy.

He won’t because Cole is with Lili and straight. Additionally, since you were convinced this was “all about privacy” and so detrimental to GheyJ’s delicate 20 year old boy psyche, why wouldn’t Cole now say, “hang it all, I’ll be with my Beloved Power Bottom for all the world to see”?? I mean, otherwise, what kind of person would Coal even be and how much would he actually care about GheyJ if what you’re insisting is true?

See, the problem with your arguments, twisting lies and fabrications is that they always have holes. Which is why we laugh at you…

I hope I’m wrong. I hope it was just a fun weekend for the sake of a fun weekend.

I hope you STFU, but that won’t be happening…but it was fun, for GheyJ and his new BF

Hope you’re okay, kid. And please know that we all support you.

And by “we all” you mean