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You keep pushing it away
And you fall in headfirst…
Love is Strange // Galavant

Happy Valentine’s Day, Shipmates!! 


Captain Swan’s house finished! I feel quite satisfied for a third house! it’s both modern and ancient, I think lol, with some reminder of water and boats and pirate stuff for Killian héhé and because I can & they would deserve it, they have a spa in the basement (better than a cage or magic stuff ok) hope you like it! 

name of the house on the community : The Swan House
my username : Cristalline93

have fun!


#ignores the fact that the writers used dreamcatchers for something cs related #lives in my little swanfire bubble #bc to me dreamcatchers will always be swanfire #so screw you writers 

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CS + Killian getting stuck in handcuffs! :DD

Gonna make this one a part 2 of the killian driving prompt!

“Are these really necessary, love?” 

Killian tried to reason with his lady love… who was having none of it.

“If it’s inconveniencing you, then yeah it is.” she huffed, sitting him down on a steel chair in the station.

His hands were behind his back and cuffed. He’d been trying to gradually work his way out of them, but apparently, living with the sheriff meant she knew all his tricks and had somehow managed to get the cuffs worked around him and unable to slip off. 

“Darling, you don’t mean that.”

“You and your stupid antics pulled me from my lunch date with Henry. I should have a stomach full of coffee and lasagna right now, but instead i’ve had to haul your reckless ass in, along with my idiot dad, too.” Emma raged, turning her unimpressed glare to David… who was standing on the other side of the station looking shameful.

“Hey- he had me hostage. It’s not my fault your boyfriend went all ‘possessed boy racer’.” he tried to reason.

“No, you were the one who thought it would be a good idea to teach him how to drive in the first place.” she bit back. 

“Erm… Swan?”


“Not to anger you further, love… but I think there’s a bit of a problem with these cuffs.”

Emma walked around him to find he’d made a complete tangle of his brace, hook, wrist and the handcuffs.

She sighed before walking to stand in front of him.

“It’s your own fault for trying to get loose. You got yourself in that mess, you can get yourself out of it. I’m now going to go have my lunch.”

Both men watched her pause at the doorway.

“Oh, maybe you can ask my dad to help you, seeing as how he’s accompanying you in your little crime spree’s lately.”

Silence fell over the station as both men looked at each other.

“How long do you think before she forgives us?”

“Half a day for you i’m sure, mate. Best part of a week for me if i’m lucky.”


OUAT Sense8 AU:

Eight people spread across different realms suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked. They are Sensates: otherwise normal human beings who are mentally and emotionally connected, they are able to communicate, sense, and use each other’s knowledge, language and skills.

While trying to figure out what these connections mean, how they function and what that means for all of them, they are completely unaware of the danger that comes from a strongest Sensate in all the realms - Rumplestiltskin. 


cs + lyrics  [24/∞] 

& If you fall, hold my hand.
Oh baby, it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river.

Bottom of the River // Delta Rae

Warning: This is a weird post, but I just want to say in my defense, I have been thinking about this for way too damn long and I just wanna get it out.

So we all know that Emma gets up on her cute-ass tiptoes to kiss Killian ALL THE TIME because of that lil height difference and bc she’s a fucking cutie pie ok.

But then there’s that kiss from 4x09 when Killian is all worried that she’s been sucked into the hat so when he sees she’s okay he just goes running to her and hugs her, then smooches the living daylights outta her. It doesn’t show their full bodies, but Killian does this little shuffle/wiggle motion that, to me, looks like he’s adjusting how he’s standing and also makes him gain a couple inches in height. PARDON MY SHITTY GIF:

So I have legit been thinking, in my mind, that this time and probably several other times, Killian adjusts his height to kiss Emma by just making his stance stupidly wide (instead of leaning down like a normal person) and looking like a dork. And I’m not sure why, but I find that idea really endearing?


Smol emma on tiptoes? Or less smol killian being ridiculous?

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Come on, love, draw your swords


A/N: Just a little post episode thing to tell my writer’s block it’s not the boss of me. And also cause it’s been three days since the episode and I can’t stop thinking of these two muppets.

Inside you’ll find visions and snuggles and swords.



It stings through her arms.

Every clash of the blade is heavy, erring on the side of too heavy, and her muscles shiver under the brunt. But it doesn’t stop. It can’t. If it does…

Emma simply has to up the ante.

One clang is followed by another, then a prang, a headlong slice as swift as she can make it; each blow pursued by yet another – from her, from the hooded figure. Every clattering shwing a burden on her strength.

(Both her physical and her emotional.

She’s seen this too many times, this exact sequence of events – she’s afraid of where she knows it leads.)

It doesn’t help that she can see her family racing towards her out of the corner of her eye, four darkly shadowed people through a bluey mist. But she has to duck, grit her teeth together and carry on, to let the sharp clatter of the fight ring in her ears.

The sharp clattering of her impending end, the Saviour’s end.

In Korea they say ‘fighting’ instead of ‘good luck’, or so she’d been led to believe by the girl from Seoul who slept in the bunk below hers when she was fourteen. Emma had always liked the message in that motivation. It gave someone the strength to believe in themselves, to power through on their own merits and know that no magical entity was going to do it for them. Both successes and failures were of your own making.

There are no magic pills in this world.

Strangely enough, she wishes it was the opposite way around this time.

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Because once again I should be editing a chapter of The Darling Affair, but this won’t get out of my head.  SPOILERS for the latest episode, so don’t read until you’ve watched.

~2000 words, spoilers for 6x07 and speculation towards future episodes, Captain Swan, posted on AO3 and FFN

Summary: Killian had told her that she would overcome her visions, but when it turns out that he’s right, the relief is almost too surreal.  Canon-compliant speculation for whenever they tackle the vision head-on, SPOILERS for 6x07

tagging: @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, @bleebug, @woofiefangirl, @xhookswenchx, @killian-whump (emotional whump again, but it’s more than we’ve gotten in canon lately), @kiwistreetswan, @midnightswans


She’s safe.
In his arms.
Clutching him, trying to pull herself closer.

One hand is pressed between his shoulders, the other scratching through his hair as she buries her face in his neck.  It feels like she’s trying to climb inside him.  Make them one entity.  Emma’s shaking, but these aren’t the tremors Killian has gotten used to seeing, feeling, trying his best to alleviate for her, over the last few weeks.  Those were caused by her stress.  By worry and fear and a number of other emotions he knows Emma Swan never felt like she had the right to feel.

The way her whole body shakes in his arms now is from shivers of pure relief.  Of knowing what he’s been trying to convince her of all along, what he’s always known.  That she can do anything she sets her mind to.

I’ve yet to see you fail.

His Swan is stronger than anyone he’s ever known.  And in the last few weeks when she’s floundered a bit under this prophecy and the weight of being the Savior for everyone else over her own safety, he’s been there to buoy her.  To remind her of her tenacity.  Of her resilience and fortitude.

His own fears and layers upon layers of abandonment be damned.

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“The way I see it, every life is a pile of g o o d t h i n g s and b a d t h i n g s. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”