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Reading @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan steamy Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire and couldn’t help but notice some similarities. She was 2 years ahead of her time, but canon finally caught up!!

“He was slightly disappointed that she didn’t join him in the shower but when he came out the most heavenly scent was wafting in the air, bacon. He quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist to go see what was cooking.

He was unprepared to see her dancing to music in the kitchen and flipping pancakes. She was wearing one of his old flannel shirts and the most scandalous pair of black panties he’d ever seen. He couldn’t hold back the grin if he tried…

She walked around and gently kissed him on the lips.”Good Morning. I was hoping to bring you breakfast in bed but I guess I wasn’t fast enough.” She pouted. He kissed her pouty lip until she smiled. ”I would have missed seeing the sexiest woman in the world making bacon and pancakes for me. Although I will say I’m not sure what I’m more hungry for at this moment, you or the bacon.” She swat him on the ass and laughed before walking back around to flip the pancakes. “Seeing you in that towel kind of makes me re-think this whole thing too.”

He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist as she continued flipping each browning cake. “Perhaps we can still have breakfast in bed.” She leaned back and pressed her lips up to his.”I think I’d like that.” His hands began to roam under the cotton shirt and up over her soft curves paying careful attention to her pert nipples. She nearly dropped the pancake she was placing on the plate.”You aren’t making this easy.”

He whispered in her ear, sucking a bit on her earlobe. “I like to live life on the edge.”

“Screw it.” She dropped the spatula and turned in his arms capturing his lips. His mouth was warm and minty. Their tongues mingled igniting a fire in her belly. Her hands roamed over the muscular plains of his back and over the damp towel covering his amazing ass.

She slid her hands over his taught abs and further down over the increasing bulge through the towel. He groaned against her lips. She looked down smiling. “Somebody’s ready.” She raised her eyebrow in challenge.”Race you to the bedroom.” She didn’t give him a chance to agree before she ran from the kitchen. He laughed, turned off the stove and quickly followed her.”


This is the conclusion of this story but not the AU. Please be on the look out for another mystery.

Killian Jones is ex-special forces Navy and a fire fighter in a company in the city. One night after a particularly bad day he meets a bail bonds person named Emma Swan who awakens something in his heart that he hasn’t felt possibly ever. The unlikely pair just might be the kindling that ignites the flames within each other’s heart that had been dulled for years.

This mystery/romance begins with a chance meeting and that’s where the fun begins. They find an instant attraction that won’t keep them apart. They work as a team to find the arsonist that seems hellbent on burning the town to the ground. Of course catching them won’t be easy.

Also includes: David Nolan, Will Scarlet, Robin Hood, Jefferson, Mary Margaret Nolan, Graham Humbert, Belle French, Anna Arendelle, Elsa Arendelle

Rated M / Smuff, language, and dangerous situations


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December 2015:

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I’ve had tons of weird incidents. There used to be a guy I ran into on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica who was dressed all in gold and carried a spray-painted gold backpack. He kept going on and on to me about how he wanted to get in contact with Jay-Z to talk about building mud huts. He was very into gold and believed everything was better gold. I had a P.O. box and he had the address for it, and he started sending me things like disassembled bicycles that were reassembled, tied with hoses, and spray-painted gold, as well as other weird art pieces, and he’d rewrite Jay-Z raps to me as love letters on stacks of construction paper, and every letter of every word was a different color, so he took a lot of time doing it. He said his dream was to build me a castle of gold, and he wouldn’t let me leave or see the light of day. I would just return everything to sender, and closed out the P.O. box. -Brie Larson


18.März 2015: Brennende Autos und Barrikaden, Schwaden von Rauch und CS-Gas liegen rund um die EZB im Frankfurter Ostend in der Luft. Der Beginn der antikapitalistischen Blockupy-Proteste anlässlich der offiziellen Eröffnung des neuen EZB-Gebäudes

March 18, 2015: Burning cars and barricades, swaths of smoke and CS gas are in the air around the ECB in Frankfurt’s Ostend. The beginning of the anti-capitalist protests Blockupy at the official opening of the new ECB building


cs au where emma and killian meet in a group home and he’s all rock and roll and grunge and pain at being abandoned in boston by his dad who had claimed it was just an american holiday, and she is into van gogh paintings and good books and watching sad movies on rainy days and thinking about how she was just a baby found in the woods and how unwanted she was. and then they meet and he’s charming but she’s been hurt by too many guys in her sixteen years, and shuts him out right off the bat; she knows they’ll end up going their own ways eventually. and he knows he shouldn’t get involved, he’s got a bad habit of running away, after all, that’s what his dad did to him, but he just can’t get over her sad green eyes and that mischievous smirk; and she’s fallen for his messy black hair and crystal eyes, and suddenly they don’t want to go to different homes or forget about each other, and the next thing they know, they’re planning to run away together. together is such a weird concept for both of them, but they suit each other. suddenly killian is reading brontë novels, and emma is wearing a leather jacket; the pair of them chain smoke to the tunes coming out of the staticky radio of the yellow bug they’ve nicked, and they’ve decided to travel the states until they outgrow the system. they are free, they are happy, and they are loved.


Flirting 101:

Pickup lines from Togane Sakuya, and why they don’t work

MRJ said at ComiCon this summer that he and Colin were supposed to have had scenes in the second season -- probably having to do with the triangle! -- but "homie went skiing".

Meaning a lot of the development in the triangle that we got THIS season, we would’ve actually gotten EARLIER.  This shit has been PLANNED since BOTH guys got hired.  They didn’t bench CS because Neal was around, they had to push stuff back because our little Irish idiot broke his damn leg.

anonymous asked:

Could I request a captain swan smut prompt, where killian comes home to emma in nothing but one of his modern-day shirts, and smut ensues?

Added something and tweaked a few others, hope you still like the results!

Also available on AO3

Killian rolled his head on his neck as he ascended the stairs; the little prince was becoming quite rambunctious—though being the son of the bandit Snow White and the uncle of Henry (who, much to his mother’s displeasure, was already angling for a motorcycle for his 18th birthday in a few years) it was to be expected—and Killian wasn’t quite used to being used as a jungle gym yet. It was also rather a hot day, and like all children, Neal wasn’t nearly as susceptible to such trivial things as heat as his elders were.

There was faint singing coming from the other side of the door to the apartment he and Emma shared, and he paused before opening it to listen.

Even after several years together, living together or not, Emma was secretive about some of her habits. And that was fine. He had his life outside of theirs together, she should have hers. But some little moments, like her secret love of song or his occasional dalliance with a pipe, slipped through the cracks of their separate lives to the one they shared. And like any siren, her songs could bring him to the brink.

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This is all @darkkillianjones fault.

Some Dark CS smut cause why not?

The old wooden table dug harshly into Emma’s back as one arm desperately clutched the pirate’s waist, and the other hand was ripping apart the buttons of his shirt.

Her own clothes were pooled behind Killian as he had magiced them off from her, an infernal smirk marring his face as he ran his gaze over her naked body while he himself stood fully-clothed. She could’ve magiced his clothes off, but well, she wanted to torture him a bit.

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Once Upon Another Time ☸ 11/11 ☸

↑ Made by the delightful @emmaswana who deserves all the praise in the world.

MC ☸ AU ☸ M ☸ Ao3

In her top five of things she doesn’t believe in, Emma Swan finds herself, true love, and magicbattling for first place. When she stumbles into another world where magic is the rule and meets Captain Hook, a man driven by revenge, she will have to reconsider her classement. Slightly inspired by Outlander.

Note: A quick thank you to @the-reason-to-sail-home my beta reader, @iknowhowyoukisslass for giving me her impressions and anyone who has suffered through my babblings about this.

Previously: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9.

Epilogue ☸ 2.7k words

It’s a funny thing about coming home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You’ll realize what’s changed is you.F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

August the 7th, 2011. 12am.

Her headache is the first thing she notices in the blurriness of her mind. Frowning, she brings her hand to her forehead, eyelids still shut.

What the fuck did I drink last night?

“Miss Swan,” calls her a voice, and it seems awfully far away. “Miss Swan,” repeats the voice, “come back to us.”

This weight on her chest, this iron fist strangling her…

Hastily, she opens her eyes and swallows down with difficulty. Her throat is awfully dry.

“Where am I?” Her voice is hoarse, rasp.

She doesn’t understand this desire comin from within, from her depths, this desire to stop a foreign pain.

“You’re at the hospital, ma’am,” informs a nurse, the voice from before, “A bad fall.” Emma hesitates, and finally the nurse releases unvarnished words, “You’ve been unconscious for a whole month, ma’am.”

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