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Rules and Info Page Updated

Took me a while, but I finally managed to get the Rules and Info page changed to show the new information. The FAQ page has a few changes as well. Please take a look!

A few notes:

Multi-chapter requests are open again, but please read all the new rules before sending me a promo request, no matter if you’re a writer or reader. Things are running differently now so I need more from you in your requests than just a link.

I’ve put it on the FAQ page, but please do not send requests for fic rec lists. I know I answered a few, but I was wholly unprepared for the flood of requests in my inbox. (Seriously, dozens.) This blog is a side project that already takes up quite a bit of time and I don’t have the time or organizational skills necessary to go through and create lists for stories that I’m not promoting already on CSFP. This is a place for you to send me recs, so that I might boost exposure for lesser known stories and writers. There are some wonderful bloggers out there who create spectacular lists and I am just not one of them. Sorry, all!

Below are the additions to the R/I page. The general rules from before still apply. :)


If you’d like to submit your own story for promo, there are a few options I’d like you to consider, particularly for multi-chapter fics that require more time and effort to read through and review. When you send me a link to your story, please specify which option you’d like. Just add “Option #” to your submission/ask/message so I can easily figure out which to use.

Option 1. If you wish for each chapter to be read/reviewed, I will take your request and put your fic on a list for potential reviewer volunteers to read. There’s no guarantee on how quickly said reviews would be completed and uploaded, but as the project goes on, I will get a better sense of a rough timeline for you.

Option 2. If you wish for just one review of the overall story, I will queue up reblogs of each chapter and put the same “non-spoiler” review on each one, rather than review chapter by chapter. Depending on how long your fic is, it may take a few weeks for me to read through the whole thing, but once I do, it will be easy to queue up the reblogs twice a week.

Option 3. If you just wish for your fic to be reblogged without reviews, I will queue up every chapter to be reblogged, likely twice a week. This is what I previously called a “Reblog Request.” This means that I, or any volunteer reviewers, may not necessarily read the story, but this is an option for exposure and to gain notes on individual chapters. This option is probably best for fics that have thorough summaries already in the body of the post.

Option 4. If you already have a reader review(s) that you really loved, whether from Tumblr or a comment on FF.net/AO3, just let me know and I can quote them beneath the CSFP reblog. (Very much like the critic quotes on the back of novels.) Like option 2, this will be one review to cover the whole fic, unless otherwise specified. Like option 3, this means that I or volunteers may not actually read the story, but it will offer exposure and hopefully boost notes.



If you have a fic that someone else wrote that you would like to submit for promo, particularly a multi-chapter fic, please take a look through these before you send me your recs:

  • If possible, I’d appreciate you sending me your rec with a review. I figure if you are passionate enough about a story to want to share it here and promote it, you also have read it and probably have things about it you love and would be happy to share. Just add a review along with the link in an ask/submission. You don’t need to send me a review for each chapter, just one for the overall fic, but I definitely would appreciate (or, rather, the writer would appreciate) a review for every chapter.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, you can send through anon ask, or just mention in your submission “Anonymous Reviewer” and I will not post your Tumblr handle when I reblog.
  • If you want to review on your own reblog of the writer’s fic, just tag @csficpromotion in there and I will reblog from you. (Tags are not always reliable, so to double check you are welcome to send me a message with your reblog link.) Otherwise, if it is sent through ask/submission I will reblog directly from the writer’s original post.
  • I will still accept recs if you don’t have a review, but just know that it may be put on the volunteer reviewer request list, and there’s no way for me to know exactly how quickly it would be read/reviewed.



I’m looking for volunteer reviewers!! You can let me know through a message or ask if you’re willing to take on the role. A few things to know:

  • I will never send you more fics than you can handle. You will set the cap. If you can only read one story at a time, I will only send you one. If you are happy to go through five, I will only ever give you that many at once. Hopefully this will be a very pressure-free experience.
  • You will likely be expected to read and review every chapter of a multi-chapter fic. The reviews do not need to be long, minimum 3-4 sentences, and you can flail over things that happened in the chapters and/or comment on the quality of the writing.
  • If you have to stop/take a break for any reason, please let me know. I’d prefer if you could finish off whichever pending stories you have but if you aren’t able, I will give any unread/unreviewed chapters to another volunteer. Life comes first! Don’t push through if you’re very sick or have a family emergency or if you just are too exhausted to continue.
  • I will only expect you to read/review one chapter per week. If you find you can only do it once every other week, that’s no problem. If you can cut through an entire fic in one weekend, great!
  • I have created a private blog for volunteers. On it, I will post promo requests so anyone can decide which ones they’d like to read. This will also allow us to easily converse and anyone can provide me with suggestions on rule changes or anything else. I want this to be an inclusive process.
The rule of three:

Three Charmings:


Charming Junior

Charming Junior Junior

Three children:




{While the one with Emma and Charming is different from the other two, it was still Emma going to her parents thinking they don’t know who she is because of a curse. - Also funny how these three scenes happen in:

1x01 - beginning of the 6 season arc

3x12 - halfway through its Season, and halfway through the whole arc

6x22 end of said arc. }

Three relationships:

Charming + Snow

Regina + Emma

Henry + ?

Pass It On: CS Smut Edition

The rules are easy, just write 100-500 words of the story, and then tag someone to continue it. Try to keep it spoiler free so anyone can play.

Words: ?? | Rating: Explicit | Canon Divergence: 6.01, no dirigible.


“I like the red leather jacket.”

Emma giggled as he dove in for another demanding kiss. She anchored her hands on his lower back, urging him to press her deeper into the couch, longing to feel his full weight on her. His hips thrusted against hers, using the unfortunate amount of denim still between them for friction, causing Emma to moan her approval. She was already so sensitized to his touch, weeks and weeks of stress, darkness, and death leaving her body and being replaced with intense pleasure.

They were actually going to get some time to themselves. No town-wide crisis, no evil villains, no interruptions, just them, together, enjoying as many horizontal (and maybe some vertical) surfaces as possible.  Emma started undoing Killian’s belt.

“You’re incredibly overdressed for what we’re trying to do here,” she undid the button on his fly and slipped her hand inside, teasing the hair around his cock, careful to avoid the places where she knew he most wanted to feel her talented fingers. “It has been entirely too long since I’ve had you inside me.”

“Love, we’re not even going to make it that far if you keep teasing me like that,” Killian grasped her wrists with his hand and pulled them up above her head. “Now…what should I remove first?”

(@abbadons-little-witch​ you’re up next!)

Rule change!

By request, we are extending the deadline for the daily prompts by 12 hours, so you will now have a day and a half (36 hours) to submit those. The schedule for daily prompts will now be as follows:


Wednesday, 6pm EST: prompt (CS + soulless) posted
Thursday, 6am EST: prompt reblogged
Friday, 6am EST: prompt deadline

The deadlines for the weekend and week-long prompts will remain the same (~ midnight on Sundays).

As always, deadlines are somewhat flexible, and if you need an extra hour or so, that’s fine, though please try your best to make the deadline. Thank you!

CS ff: “Relationship Rules” (ficlet)

Summary: When the phone rings and you have a pirate for a boyfriend, it might not be the best idea to interrupt him at work. (Worst summary ever, I’m sorry.) Set in the mythical land where everything is dandy and there’s no evil to get in the way of these two doing whatever the hell they want to.

Rating: Smut. Just pure smut. Have at.

A/N: Sometimes there’s just gotta be smut. I have no better explanation, other than I was blocked up on my current project(s) and this idea popped into my head and I had to write it. (Edit: Now comes with a Part 2!)

There was one rule: If the phone rang and it was an important call, Killian was to stop doing whatever he was doing between Emma’s legs until the conclusion of the phone call.

Except sometimes, he didn’t. 

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couches and kitchens

summary: 27. “I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us” au. requested by lenfaz.

word count: ~ 2,300

rating: t. 

a/n: i feel like i just got cliché or boring or something. i hope this is okay. i also took it farther. >.<

It isn’t often Killian and David throw parties, but when they do, it’s always a blast.

Which makes no exception for this Christmas one. Emma enjoys the parties, she always does because it’s with people she knows and doesn’t mind spending time with. Everyone is usually friends from high school or college, so it makes things a lot easier. And if she doesn’t know them, someone else trustworthy does, so as long as it’s not a bad impression, she’ll consider themselves acquainted by the end of the night.

In this case, she knows everyone. It’s more of a family-friendly party though since children are attending. Mary Margaret’s had her fingers wrapped around baby Neal for months now, and Killian’s brother, Liam, has two little rascals who can’t help but run around and play since they’re always so energetic until the end of the day.  Besides, Emma has seen Killian babysit his nephews, they’re literally all pirates. The lot of them are already sailors, but no, they’re much more ruthless and wild than a simple sailor.

But she, on the other hand, hasn’t got any family at all. Unless she considers her closet group of friends family - not by the blood of kin. They sort of are her family, the people who care about her, the people who hang out all the time but also gets fed up with. It’s always a little awkward (just a little) at gatherings where there’s so much family involved and she’s sitting there without a person to mention. She’s just happy that everyone understands and accepts her for who she is.

“Emma, come play with us!”

She glances at Liam and Elsa who just shrug, collectively taking a sip from their drinks while they completely disregard their sons. “I’ll play if your Uncle Killian and Dad play too. Does that sound fair?”

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CS ff: “Relationship Rules” Part 2

Summary: A continuation of yesterday’s little fun ficlet, in which it’s further proven that Emma can suck Killian into anything she wants.

Rating: Pfffffft! M. Just. SO much M.

A/N: A second part was requested. And the muses decided this needed to be continued. Part 1 can be found over here. Part 2 is the turnabout.

“Emma said you needed to talk to me about something?” is the first thing the other man says, and Killian glances down just in time to watch Emma crawl up the bed, smirk on her lips and a payback glint in her eyes. He raises an eyebrow, making sure to maintain eye contact with her the whole time.


“Just wanted to chat, mate. How’s the family?”


Challenge accepted.

At least she doesn’t jump right in. The thought is of little comfort as Killian keeps the phone pressed to his ear as David starts talking about Mary Margaret and the little prince, and how relieved he is that his sweet daughter is back. It’s with great effort that he doesn’t snort at the phrase “sweet daughter” since said daughter is slithering between his legs and running her short nails along his inner thighs.

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anonymous asked:

I know this would never happen, but what if a celeb wanted to join cs to chat with their fans? they couldn't use their real name because of the cs rules, but...other people use celebs' names all the time on cs...how would that even work I'm so confused


A/N: This is making-breakfast-the-morning-after-the-date-fluff because the promo gave me feels and also fluff.


He’s being ridiculous. Distracting and ridiculous – perched on the counter with his legs dangling over as she tries to make pancakes (and quietly too –her parents and brother asleep close by), squirting bits of whipped cream onto his fingers and licking it off – staring at her from under his lashes with a stupid grin tugging at his lips. (Idiot).

“Stop that,” she half laughs, half hisses, snatching the can away from him.  

She rolls her eyes when he has the audacity to pout – trying and failing to concentrate as she pours flour into the bowl.

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A/N: *A wild epilogue appears* I don’t really know what to say anymore. I’m too overwhelmed by every single thing that came with this story.  But this is the end – the epilogue. Although, after talking it through with others, I am way too attached to this damn thing, so this little verse and their ragamuffins will be open to prompts and enquiries cause I know there are a lot of things left unanswered (so sue me, I like it that way). I have read every little tag and like and reblog and message and each and every one destroyed me.

I love you all.

(Eat your greens.)

Whatever Floats Your Boat

CS Bookshop AU

Part 1: Clichés // FF
Part 2: Romantics
Part 3: Biographies
Part 4: Children’s Literature
Part 5: Imagery
Part 6: Travel Guides
Part 7: Epilogues
Appendix 1: Cook Books


Part 7: Epilogues


Three months. Three months, twelve weeks, an innumerable mass of sunrises awoken by the garbage trucks, midnight conversations and terse fights.

Yet, there was not a moment in any of those junctures where she considered leaving. It wasn’t that she felt settled, or that the insecurities vanished – far from it – but she wanted to be there, she wanted to try and smother those fears with his smiles, with the touch of his fingers between hers as moral support.

Killian was happy to comply, never pushing her into things, never asking for more than she gave, gleefully accepting every little part of her that she wanted to share, helping to suppress her worries (and the cold) with his feet tucked against hers. 

And as it turns out, he had plenty more suggestions for where else Emma could go – and absolutely all of them included him.

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