cs motley

A Motley Assortment - CS AU Ficlet

The early mornings were quiet. Always time she could use to start on the day’s orders or prep for any upcoming weekend events. She really didn’t need to bother opening; no one ever stopped in to buy flowers at 8AM, but she figured as long as she was there, why not? Occasionally there would be someone who needed to pick up a plant or bouquet on their way to work, and she’d put her arrangement on pause in order to ring up the sale or help them make a selection.

This morning when the bells on the door chimed at 8:15, she looked up, smile in place, ready to greet the customer. Most of the time early morning shoppers were in a hurry, needing to get business taken care of quickly before speeding off to work. This man seemed in no great rush.

“Can I help you with anything?”

“Saw through the window how beautiful it was inside the shop. Decided to stop in and get a better look.”

She had the distinct feeling he might not just be talking about the flowers.

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