Season 3: looks

I read the most beautiful comment about the look they share in 3x15 from @hellowherearemypeople​ “ as soon as Neal asks to speak with Emma alone she looks to Hook.  Emma is nowhere near a place where she can let herself think about Hook, or anyone, romantically (she just found out her last boyfriend was a monkey set on murdering her), but she CARES about him - and the concern she has for how he will react in this scene is just beautiful"  (you can read the complete post here)

Looking closely at Season 3 they looked at each other on an special way. This season planted the seeds of their relationship; they get to know and trust each other. 

Their first kiss is an important moment: in the Echo Caves Killian admitted having feelings for Emma, and Emma was really touched by his declaration. 

We have the longing, the desire to take the next step, but Killian wanted to respect Emma’s space and Emma was afraid of Killian’s feelings (no one had looked at her like Killian did) and her own

And the final gif: all the longing, desire and dreams concentrated, but this time they took the next step to their future (and they share the most magical kiss ever)


when killian switches modes from playful banter to serious romancing and his voice drops even lower that he basically whispers ‘will you go out with me again’ with so much uncertainty and hope in his voice like maybe she’ll say no what if she still doesn’t like me what if she steals my new jacket like doesn’t it give your heart a little squeeze because they’re so precious and new at this together and so perfect whispering about next time they’ll spend more time together later into the night in Emma’s own place without interruptions or ogling parents and alone together finally and it’s just so easy and precious and coffee is the new tacos im gonna go cry about it now bye

No but do you know how significant it is that Killian punched Past!Hook when he was making out with Emma? Because in other sows, when that happens, the present version of the character always cheers themselves on like ‘Go past me!’. But Killian didn’t do that, because he looked at Past!Hook and he didn’t identify with him. He saw a stranger, someone he wasn’t proud of and someone who wasn’t worthy of Emma’s attention.

That is how you character development.

…well it’s all in a day’s work for a Hero.

Killian Jones (finally believing himself to be a Hero).

This moment was SO important and I hope it doesn’t get overshadowed by the fact that he said those words after Emma’s failed attempt to say she loved him. Instead she thanked him for risking his life to help Henry and her. And he responded by referring to himself as a hero.

Because even in Rumple and the Author’s AU, even when stripped of his courage, skill, and memories, Hook did the heroic thing.  Because that’s who he is is at his very core.

He risked his life for even the possibility of love.  Because he felt a connection with Emma. Because he wanted to save this woman he’d just met and her son.  He faced certain death to help them.

The author wrote away the pirate.  He got rid of Captain Hook. But he couldn’t get rid of Killian Jones. That man survived the rewrite - and got a good look at his true self.

He’s a Hero. And he finally believes it.

You know one of the best parts of the Captain Swan forest scene was though?

Emma’s face as Hook is calling her out and telling her he’s perceptive and gooooooddddddd Swan give me some credit

Let’s look at that face real quick:

He’s huffing away at her and SHE FUCKING LOVES IT. She loves her huffy pirate.

Because as always, he’s just being completely honest with her about how he feels and what he thinks. And it’s obvious that he isn’t mad, just frustrated. Because he loves her and wants to be with her.

He’s fighting to be with her.

Even when he’s not 100% sure what he’s fighting against. Even when it’s just some nebulous “something else”. 

He’s still there, supporting her and staying by her side, and giving her the space she needs to figure stuff out. 

Even when he’s huffy.

And THAT is something Emma Swan has NEVER had: the constant partner. The one that’s there even when you’re frustrating them. The one that calls you out when needed, but only because they want what’s best for you.

The one that no matter what, you know will still love you.

And Emma’s face shows that she is very aware of this. That she is comfortable with it, and that she appreciates it. That she’s becoming confident in his feelings for her, for them.


Hook has no concern about his own wellbeing right now all he is concerned about is Emma because she is upset and the sheriff’s station just blew up and she feels out of control and he’s CONCERNED and wants to be there for her and help her work through whatever is going on he doesn’t want her to feel alone in this because he’s not scared of what she and her family is scared of because he’s a survivor and whatever lamp post is about to fall on him right now really doesn’t matter to him, Emma matters more

This little smile is so beautiful.

Because for about three episodes now, Killian was worried. He was worried that she didn’t feel the same way he did. He was worried that she was avoiding him and pushing him away because she changed her mind about them.

But he didn’t push her on it. He asked her once, knew he wasn’t getting a straight answer, and let it go. He didn’t mention it again in the second episode and not throughout the third even when she told him not to go with her. He thought it was because she didn’t want him with her.

Then it comes to this amazing moment, when Emma says ‘I can’t lose you too’. And here it is, here is this beautiful little smile. because how can Killian Jones not smile when he finds out that the reason the woman he loves pushing him away isn’t because she doesn’t feel the same way, but because she feels the exact same way about him.

And in this gif, you can literally see the heaviness of his relief, like it’s its own tangible thing.

Killian Jones you kill me every single time.

(gif belongs to oncepromised)

Guys, I’m tearing up because they writers are being clever as hell and are completely setting up for Emma to finally give up the power and choose the good, because, think about it, if Killian gave in to Dark Swan and was like, “Fuck it!” and got with Dark Swan on the JR, Dark Swan would never, ever even think about getting rid of the DO power because she’ll have it all. Her powers. And her man (I’m sure in her mind she thinks she can get Henry too) But the fact that Killian rejected her, shows her that she can’t have it all, not while she holds on to this dark power inside her. 

You can also see a small snark of the real Emma inside her. It’s breaking her heart to see the man she loves not feel the same way about her. 

Her eyes are literally full of tears

(gifs belong to: thekillianjones)

And THAT, ladies and gents, is going to be the key that makes Emma realize she doesn’t want this power and it will allow the true loves kiss to work. THIS is what the writers are setting up with that scene. They are setting up for something greater and something powerful. This is GOOD for us and our ship! 

It’s going to make Emma realize that she needs to give up this power if she truly wants to be with Killian, which she does. I can’t help but smile and be so giddy because they are setting up for what we’ve been wanting for so long and it’s just going to be sooo worth it! :’) 

Remember what last episode said, Killian is the love that refuses to give up on her! And he’s not going to, he’s trying to show Emma that this isn’t her, and once Emma realizes it, and see’s that he’s right, that everyone is, that this isn’t her, or this isn’t who she wants to be, she will finally push away the darkness and open herself to the light. I bet she will kiss Killian and true loves kiss will work and CS WILL BE OFFICIAL TRUE LOVE, which we already knew, but it’s going to be so amazing! :’D

Don’t think about how Hook’s heart broke for Emma when Snow confessed that her darkest secret was that she wanted another baby, a new baby  - so that she could experience all the things she never did with Emma -  because they gave her up.

Don’t think about how just weeks earlier he learned his own father had replaced him and his brother with a  new son - and given him Liam’s name.

So depending on who wields Excalibur as a whole it can either eradicate darkness or light.

Emma’s name is on the dagger which represents the darkness; in her hands it could snuff out the light. The name of one who was a hero.

Killian’s name is Excalibur, in his hands it can snuff out the dark. The name of one who was a villain.

They are two sides of the same coin forged on an epic blade here to enact a destiny foresaw for centuries.

That is some true love shit right there.

Alright I’ve really gotta talk about this gif.

I’m an emotional mess because there’s Killian with his arm around the woman he loves and he looks down at her and.. It’s written all over his face.
In aything I’ve ever shipped, I’ve never seen anyone in love with someone else as much as Killian Jones is with Emma Swan. He looks at her, his face instantly softens and there’s this just this perfect tenderness in his expression, such clear adoration. Every time he looks at her, I feel like Killian realsies over and over again how amazing of a woman Emma Swan really is and how truly lucky he is to be in her presence, and more importantly her life. I love the way his fingers curl slightly around her, as if in that instant, he  relives almost losing her and he just cannot comprehend it.

ALSO CAN I JUST MENTION EMMA’S HAND ON KILLIAN’S ARM? It’s so subtle but it’s so beautiful! She brushes her thumb over his forearm, and even if he can’t feel it, it’s the fact that Emma shows these little signs of affection that kill me.

Just in this entire gif these two look like a couple that have been together for several years and are still in love with each other as ever. I love their ease, I love how natural they look together as a pair, and I love their love.

This ship will be the end of me and this gif ain’t mine.

The Engagement House.

Remember back in the S3 finale -  when Hook asked Emma what she was looking for and she said “HOME”.

She’s never had a permanent residence. As a child she bounced around between foster homes, as a teen she spent time on the streets, then in the yellow bug. Even in her adult life she moved around - changing apartments, changing cities.

So when Emma Swan starts talking about their future, about a picket fence life, as something unattainable what does Killian Jones do?

He doesn’t make her a promise with a ring. He searches for a HOUSE. His promise for their future isn’t a piece of jewelry  - it’s the one thing she’s always wanted but never had…

His promise is a HOME.


“Good Form” was amazing in all respects, but someting I always appreciated in this episode was this little CS moment. They barely talk to each other, but their eyes say so much. First we have these really intense I want you looks being exchanged between the both of them. Hook is not concerned with subtlety at all. He just stares lustly at her, not even bothering her mother and Regina are there, too. The lust is in Emma’s eyes as well, but she’s trying to be more discreet. She definitely doesn’t want Snow or Regina to know she’s feeling extremely attracted to Hook. And the next moment proves just that. You can see her staring at him:

But then David arrives and as soon as Emma sees him, she stops staring at Hook and focuses on her task again:

She definitely doesn’t want her parents to get suspicious something’s going on with her. She doesn’t want them to know that, at this point, Hook triggers something in her. She doesn’t even know herself what exactly that is, but she must keep it to herself.

But she’s not very successful. When Hook leaves with David, she can’t help but take one last longing look at him:

And focus on Snow. She’s like “wait. Don’t tell me you…”


All that sexual tension could only be discharged in that glorious first kiss.


But they both pull apart together, checking if what is happening is actually real. And then they both see that it IS real and they smile.  Because they both know. They both know they have wanted this for so long, and they are finally on the same page at the same time now.  She knows how much she means to him and he knows how much he means to her. And that’s what I love so much about this scene. Because not only are they kissing, they are appreciating each other to the fullest, letting each other know that… you have me now, you have me forever, and you’ve always had me.


I love that their first concern is getting ahold of each other.

If you look at this frame by frame, neither of them are scrambling to get a grasp on the ground or something that would keep them from falling into the portal until after they are able to connect hands. This is one of those moments where it goes by so fast that there is little time for thought. You would think if a person was being sucked into a swirling vortex of potential doom, that naturally they would be desperately clawing at anything they could in order to avoid it. It’s a survival instinct.

However, when someone you care about is also in trouble the priorities change. They are desperately reaching out to each other as they inch closer and closer to the danger, because it isn’t about getting out of the situation. It’s about getting out of the situation together.

And it says so much that they mutually think of the other first. Neither one wants the other to fall through even if they themselves could be saved, because that would mean losing someone that they don’t want to let go of. It’s natural to them because of how they feel for one another. They are a team and no matter the outcome they will fight it together.

Only when they finally are holding each other, making sure they will share the same fate, does Killian use his hook to keep them both from falling in. And then moments later we see just how true it is that love dictates their actions as he chooses to risk his life to follow her into the unknown.

Why would I be upset over that CS scene? Hook isn’t.

He’s not upset over their little encounter - he’s pissed.

He knew Emma was there to manipulate him.  Knew she was playing games.  He asked her straight away about that locked door just to see her reaction.

And after she left he immediately went to Robin with a plan to find out what’s hiding behind that door.

Not wasting any. fucking. time. 

100% still completely focused on defeating the Dark One.
100% still dedicated to getting the REAL EMMA back.

The hero the Dark One needs is clean slate Rumple.
The hero Emma Swan needs is Killian Jones.


Captain Swan Story 2.05 “The Doctor” - 4.08 “Smash the mirror" 

Emma Swan 2.05: You better hurry up. They’re getting closer. So, unless you want to be dinner, you better start talking.

Killian Jones 2.05: Wait. Wait! You need me alive.

Emma Swan 4.03: I can’t lose you too.

Killian Jones 4.03: My love, you don’t have to worry about me. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s surviving.

Emma Swan 4.08: Are you alright?

Killian Jones 4.08: Swan, are you alright?





But no, can we talk about how heartbreaking this scene ACTUALLY is? Ok.

Killian witnesses Emma perform magic, something he just early told her to embrace, he is watching her perform it right in front of him. She’s so amazing to him. He loves everything about her.  If this was any other situation he would be over joyed and happy to see her do it, but right now it just hurts.

Look at Emma.  Look at her spin and look at him, with such surprise. He brought two people, who love each other so much, back together. He did that.  He, once again, did something he did not have to do. To her at least…

Now look at Killian. He knows what is happening. It’s all false. It’s not true. He has tried so hard to get Emma to see him for the man he is, a man of code, a man of honor, and man who would do anything for her.  And now he is witnessing her finally opening up, finally starting to see it, and she is thinking he did something and it’s not true. His heart is breaking.  Why now? Why must all this be happening now?  Everything he ever wanted to was to be that man, the one who was different, who never lied, who won her for who he is not who she thought he was.  And here she is thinking he helped Ariel, when really he hates himself beyond belief for what he did to them.  It’s killing him.

That face is a face of a man who think’s he no longer deserves this amazing woman.  When she asks him if he did it, all he can do is try to tell the truth and say “No.” but of course Emma pulls the modesty card, and it just hurts him.  Because he’s not being modest, he’s telling her the truth.  He didn’t do this, Ariel did it on her own.

“When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it… It will not be because of any trickery.”

After everything, he is still trying to be as honest and honorable as he can for her. Because he is so in love with her. And on top of ALL of this, he is now in a situation where either Zelena starts going after her family… or HE is the one to take her powers. Even if she agrees to it, for the safety of her family, HE is the one who has the curse, he is the one who has to kiss her and take everything that makes her the savior away.  And he knows he could never forgive himself for that.

My heart breaks for Killian so much right now, but this is such a major step in the right direction for his character.  He tried so hard to go back to the old him, so hard that he did things he regrets more than anything, but the fact of the matter is in the end, it wasn’t him.  He changed. And he tried so hard to take it back, to make it up to Ariel, when in return all he got was a curse and a broken heart…

He is shedding his old skin, and it hurts, but it’s worth it. And soon he will get everything he’s been trying so hard to get, be who he has been trying so hard to be, and it will be such a beautiful moment for him.  Because not only will he win Emma’s heart, but he will believe in himself again.