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There’s no storm we can’t outrun
We will always find the sun
Leave the past and all its scars
A happy beginning now is ours


The big day is upon us! That’s right, on May 7th, Captain Swan will finally be heading down the aisle, and what better way to celebrate this fantastic ship than with fellow friends and shippers together? We were invited after all…

Get dressed up, bake fancy cupcakes, crack open that bottle of good rum (if you’re old enough), decorate your room, invite your friends over and have a little party together - whatever you feel like doing in recognition of the big day! Want to send the happy couple well wishes in the form of a video? Why not!!


Take to TWITTER or INSTAGRAM (why not go all out and do both?) and post a picture or video message of how you’re choosing to celebrate. IT’S THAT EASY!!


Simply copy and paste this message into the box with your attached image or video:

Congratulations to Emma & Killian! @OnceABC @AdamHorowitzLA @colinodonoghue1 @jenmorrisonlive #CaptainSwanWedding #OnceUponAMusical #OUAT


Simply copy and paste this message into the box when posting your image or video:

Congratulations to Emma & Killian! @onceabcofficial @colinodonoghue1 @jenmorrisonlive #CaptainSwanWedding #OnceUponAMusical #OUAT

Let’s show the cast, ABC, and the world just how much we love these two on their special day, but more importantly, let’s have fun together as a fandom!!


The Captain Swan Wedding Registry is a fantastic opportunity to donate whatever you can to charity in light of this wondrous occasion. More information can be found on this fantastic project HERE. - https://cs-charity-registry.tumblr.com/post/159124500980/in-lieu-of-gifts

We want to spread the word about this fandom effort as much as possible, so please feel free to copy and paste the available images above with the information on them to Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook!


Today I’ve seen a number of posts in other fandoms holding up Captain Swan as an example. An example of hope. An example of good things coming to shippers who wait. An example of what epic storytelling looks like.  And the common theme in all the posts…shippers desperately drawing comparisons and hoping their own OTP will follow in the fairy tale footsteps of Captain Swan.

Damn. We picked a good one. 


thus ends the tale of the lost princess and her pirate captain.

a story that has and will continue to inspire me beyond words.

a story that defied villains, curses, time and death itself.

a story that transcended worlds.

a story so powerful, it truly is….

t i m e l e s s.

a story i will never forget.

thank you.

anonymous asked:

I don't want to say goodbye. I don't want to lose Captain Swan!

I know. It’s really, really hard.  

My advice is to let yourself grieve. For those of us in fandom, something that has been a huge part of our lives is coming to an end. Its more than just a show, it’s a community and a hobby, and a big part of many of our lives. It’s good to recognize that and it’s okay to feel that in your gut. It hurts to know something that is such an integral part of our every day is going to be very different from here on out. 

However, the beautiful thing is that most of it is not going way for some time. The fandom will continue, the community will continue, and the characters will live on (whether on screen occasionally) or in fanwork. There is so much fic out there I haven’t read, and so much more that will still be created. Art and gif sets and meta and discussions, fans will still be creating long after the show is over.

So after you grieve then celebrate, because over five seasons we have witnessed one of the greatest fictional love stories ever told. We got to be a part of the epic journey of how the lost princess Emma Swan was found and fell in love with the fearsome pirate king Killian “Captain Hook” Jones and I don’t know about you, but it has brought me so much joy, and so many happy and entertaining hours that I can’t be anything but blissful and content when I think of how it all came together in a perfect episode that showcased their perfect love and their perfect wedding. 

It’s okay to be sad, but also don’t forget to be happy. Captain Swan is a gift and it’s not done giving.  

“She doesn’t know why he’s disappeared. In her mind, he’s left because of this fight, which feels like a big betrayal because she’s thinking, ‘We’ve had arguments, we’ve had fights, we’ve had disagreements before, why would you just leave and not come back?’ The flip side of that though is that she does have her ‘superpower,’ which is telling her something’s not quite right.”

The flip side of that though is that she does have her ‘superpower,’ which is telling her something’s not quite right. 

Thats the look I was talking about. Look at the change in her expression at the end - she’s seeing something, and she’ll know.

(gif belongs to @someone-like-robsten)