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Chat Sith AU: Strange Tastes

Louis: I really like you.

Chat Sith: 

Chat Sith: You got strange tastes Kid.

Louis: I know. According to Maman I got that from Papa. Like, she told me a story once where she and Papa got stuck in a hotel together, trapped there by my great-great uncle who was an akuma, he poured caramel over the building! And to check and see if it was caramel, Papa ate it off the floor! 

Chat Sith:

Louis: I had a really silly Papa.

Chat Sith: Sounds like it’s your Maman who has strange tastes to me.

Louis: Really?

Chat Sith: She’s the one who fell in love with an idiot who eats caramel off the floor. 

Advice: How to Perfect Your Writing

Anonymous asked: How do I perfect my writing? I have this huge fear that my writing will not be good enough and boring and I’m afraid that people won’t love it as much as I do. I look at all these authors like Tolkien, Jk Rowling, CS Louis, etc and I feel like my writing is amateur and not on the same level. What are some tips on making my writing go from alright to outstanding?

There are several things you can do:

1) WRITE. Writing, like all crafts, requires practice and lots of it. Write as often as you can, and whatever it is that you write–whether it’s poetry, short stories, fan-fiction, or original fiction–write one, finish it, and then start a new one.

2) READ. You wouldn’t try to build a boat from scratch if you hadn’t spent a lot of time in one, and you shouldn’t try to write a novel (or a poem, short story, etc.) unless you’ve read a whole bunch of them. Reading is the best way to familiarize yourself with the thing that you’re trying to create, to learn about tropes and clichés, and to learn the many details of the craft from a wide variety of teachers.

3) READ ABOUT WRITING. Follow writing blogs, read articles about writing, read the books authors write about writing, go to the library or book store and read books about plot and story structure, and about description, and about how to improve your writing.
4) BE REALISTIC. Most new writers think that writing a novel is about coming up with an idea, perfecting the idea, and writing the story. Sure, there are the lucky few who, having never written so much as a fictional sentence before, sit down at a keyboard and bang out a best-seller, but that is not the way it works for 99.9% of writers. Your first novels aren’t going to be outstanding no matter how hard you work on them. For most people, outstanding takes years. JK Rowling didn’t publish any of her early attempts at writing, but if she had, you’d see they weren’t on the same level as Harry Potter. And, if she is still publishing novels in ten years, chances are they will be superior to what she’s writing now. If you expect outstanding on your first novel, second novel, or maybe even third novel, you may well be disappointed.

5) FINISH. Learn as much as you can now and apply it to your writing, certainly, but more than anything else you should focus on finishing what you start. The biggest mistake I see from aspiring authors is that they start a novel, get halfway through it, get frustrated or lose interest and start another one. Before they know it, they have six or seven unfinished novels (or poems, short stories, fan-fictions, etc.) scattered around their desktop, but not a single finished novel. That’s like trying to train for a marathon by running halfway up the street and giving up because your time wasn’t good enough. You can’t become a faster runner without completing your circuit, and you can’t become a better writer without completing your stories. If your first novel doesn’t feel outstanding to you, put a lot of effort into rewriting it until it becomes something you feel better about. Or, just set it aside and start on the next one. You can always come back and take another stab at early ideas later when you’ve become a better writer.

6) LET GO OF YOUR FEAR. Maybe the most important thing you can do is let go of your fear that your writing won’t be good enough, or that people won’t love your stories as much as you do. Your job is to tell the story you want to tell, the way you want to tell it, the best way that you possibly can. Then, when it is completed, if you decide to publish it, you polish it up as nice as you can, and then you send it off into the world and don’t worry about people who don’t like it, because no matter how outstanding your writing is, I guarantee there will be people who don’t like it. The most talented, successful writers in the world still have critics who think their writing is amateurish, boring, unpolished, or even lacking in talent. You can’t please everyone, so don’t worry about trying.

Good luck! I KNOW you can do this if you want to!
Chat Sith AU: Feeding a Stray

Louis: My Maman said I shouldn’t feed you because you may be like an actual stray and come back for more. 

Chat Sith: That is ridiculous. I’ll have you know that cats have a lot more class than you realize and they won’t come back for just food. It’s more likely that’s their territory, and they find you tolerable. 

Louis: Oh cool! That means you like me?

Chat Sith: You are tolerable and do amuse me time to time. Now where are my cookies, Kid?


[19/20] Favorite TV Shows of 2015 - Louie Season 5

Doesn’t it follow that if you’re a good parent and your kids evolve and are smarter than you, they’re gonna make you feel kind of dumb?
Ranked 15th by me, 19th by followers.


CS AU WeekOnce upon Suits

Surely I’m not the only one who watches legal drama Suits? So I combined my two favourite shows! =D

Eccentric, devilishly handsome and very wealthy NY bachelor Killian Jones, CEO of Jones corp. finds himself charged with fraud just when he was about to decline a merger with Pan Investment group, and gets arrested. Naturally he calls “Pearson Specter” for help where his go-to lawyer Emma Swan works.He’s been trying rather relentlessly to get her attention,but Miss Swan is the only woman who’s ever rejected him…

Emma Swan has been working as a 4th year Associate under the guidance of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. She’s had a troubled youth, something she’s got in common with Mike, having grown up as an orphan.Emma’s quite a tough nut to crack when it comes to relationships,but her walls are about to crumble as she finally gets to know to real Killian Jones during the case…and might even fall in love.