cs kiss apocalypse

anonymous asked:

it seems soo out of character for adam/eddy to rrelease the kiss. thats the biggest moment in the episode. dont get me wrong im sobing with feels from it and im happy we got it early and all. i just feel like there is more to the episode they arent showing us bc in the other sneak peaks they usually use scenes of importance to draw you in but not reveal the biggest moment EVER. do you think there will be a second kiss or something w neal too? i just dont understand why they released it so early!

They didn’t release it, Entertainment Weekly did. When media sites release it; its a good thing. They’re doing it to get more hits on their site. That means that they see a CS kiss as being a way for them to get more people to view their site/the article. THAT’S REALLY GOOD FOR US! And as Maggie has pointed out, there have been tons of other endgame couples who’s first kiss pictures (idk about videos) were released before the episode. I know Caskett was mentioned, not sure who else. But you get the idea.

I’m sure we’ll get another kiss down the line but for now, honestly, just enjoy the ride and don’t even be worried! If the media sees our kiss as a big ticket thing, it’s good for us. And it’s good for the show in the end.