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Here’s a throwback to the season 3 finale for my lovely CSSS @captain-k-jones!

It was great getting to know you better! You mentioned this was one of your favorite scenes. :D Hope the holidays are wonderful for you!

09.02.17 // old cs notes! ngl doodles are a nice touch to notes and i don’t know why anyone else is using them. (at least from what i’ve seen) i’m relearning the material now, but it’s ok! my cs teacher is nice and my partner is super chill, so it’s all good. gotta get used to java to prepare for apcs!!! (ง'̀-‘́)ง

fic: Hail to the Chief., 1/1. (AU; Captain Swan.)

presidential campaign AU, with speechwriter-Killian and volunteer-Emma!
9,882 words | adult | AO3

a/n: This came out of almost nowhere at lunchtime yesterday, and I was hellbent on getting it done, because it’s kind of timely. On the other hand, if you’re reading this, and you’re eligible and able to vote, but haven’t done so yet, please go do that instead. :D 

It’s not really altruism that led her here.

Or, well, not entirely altruism.

Because while you can be hungry, tired, and homeless and still want good things for the country, you have to prioritize, and finding yourself a place to sleep for the night beats finding a rich politician a place to sleep for the next four years.

It does turn out, however, that helping that politician often comes with free pizza and that sleeping in the campaign office — whether or not it’s because you don’t have anywhere else to go — is the mark of a dedicated volunteer.

Dedicated enough to accidentally end up on the payroll.

And that is what actually led her here.

To election night in New York City and Killian Jones’ hand on her breast in the moment after they call Nevada for Mills.

(Of course, a lot of stuff happened in between.)

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