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Pretzel Week: My Best Friend’s Little Sister trope + Aliens among us

“What’s up with you today, man? You’re acting weird. Even for you.”

“Dave…” Killian sighed, reaching to scratch awkwardly behind his ear.  “We’ve been meaning to tell you for a while, but - well, you see - Emma and I are together.” 

“You’re WHAT?” David spluttered. He shook his head, blinking rapidly trying to process the news. Killian and Emma? Oh… Oh no. What if he knows?What if he doesn’t? 

“Killian, no. You can’t- You guys have always been friends, and that’s fine - great even - but dating my sister is just-” 

“Easy now, mate. Whatever Emma and I become is up to her as much as me. I know this is perhaps coming as a bit of a shock. I get that. But you haven’t any right to dictate-” 

“Wait, wait.” David raised a placating hand. “It isn’t like that. I mean, yes, it is a shock, but that’s not…” David settled his hands on his hips and looked away. He nodded to himself once, seeming to reach some kind of decision, and turned back to look Killian square in the eye. 

“You know Emma is my foster sister, right?” 

Killian furrowed his brow. “Aye. What of it?”

David took a deep breath, clearly working himself up to something. “She’s, um, not exactly from around here.” 

Killian smiled sadly, letting his gaze fall to the ground. He chewed his lip a moment seeming to come to a decision of his own, then widened his arms into a low V, his spread fingers emitting a soft white glow. 

“I know, Dave,” he answered, slowly rising until he levitated a few feet above the ground. “You see, I’m not exactly from around here either.”

Yeah, I went a bit rogue, but it still fits with the spirit of the week right? 

Out of the Labyrinth

Just a little ficlet written for @seastarved‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week: Day Two. Bed-sharing in a Magical University AU. Cheers @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for persuading me it’s ok to post ;)

“Fuck, Killian, look at the time!”

Killian checked his watch and groaned, they only had two minutes to get out of the labyrinthine library before the doors were locked for the night.

“Bloody hell, we’ll never make it!”

Emma was pointing her wand at their things, making it fly into their bags.

“Yes we will.”

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“I bet Killian and Emma have a rich fantasy life in the bedroom. Headcanon that they draw roles and scenarios out of hat to keep it varied: The Bailbondsperson and the Skip. The Dark One and the Deckhand. The Lieutenant and the Bar Wench. The Pirate Queen and the Slave. And of course their favorite: The Pirate and the Princess.”            

Para Bellum [1/1]

Grown up Lieutenant Duckling for @seastarved ‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week! Rated M for violence, descriptions of injuries, and character death. Because that’s where my mind goes, I guess. Thank you very much to @katie-dub and @zengoalie for their beta help at different stages, and to all my Hub fam for being the best.

Day Three: Prompt: Co-workers AU in the Enchanted Forest.

The birth of Crown Prince Leo of the Enchanted Forest had been met with rapturous joy, both by his shocked parents and by the kingdom he would one day rule. A dozen banquets were held in honour of the babe before he could do much more than mewl at his mother’s breast, a hundred ships launched in his name before he could speak it.

And his sister was probably the most delighted of all.

As Crown Princess, Emma had taken little pleasure in the intrigues of court - or of courting, for that matter - always far more at home with a weapon in her hand than when writing letters of diplomacy. For twenty eight years she had managed with a sort of grudging acceptance of the role life had bestowed on her, and then, at what felt like the eleventh hour -

Snow White had borne a son.

And Emma was free.

She casts a shrewd eye over the Royal Dockyard, watching as men swing from the rigging of the larger ships and cast lines to others waiting below. It’s alive, this place, alive with thousands of men rushing about to see to their duties, alive with the creak and groan of the wooden hulls as they sink and rise with the tide.

It makes her feel alive, too. All her dreams of adventure are set out before her on the crystal waters. This is her chance to be seen, not as some coddled princess, but as a woman with fire and determination in her very soul. A chance to prove herself. A chance that matters.

“Are you quite certain about this, Emma?” her father asks, two steps behind her in a uniform much like her own except for the row of glittering medals pinned to his breast. “These men are hard men who live hard lives, they may not take easily to a woman giving them orders.”

“They don’t have a choice,” Emma says mildly, though her eyes narrow slightly. “If Leo had not been born, I’d have been their Queen. Seems to me accepting a woman as Admiral shouldn’t come as too much of a strain.”

“As you wish.” says her father, reaching forward to lay a hand on her shoulder. “But I should be more comfortable if I knew you had a solid board of officers behind you.”

“I have a cutlass,” Emma says, turning to her father with a raised brow. “And I know how to use it. If that should not prove to be enough of an encouragement I’ll be sure to let you know.”

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JRR Tolkien, master of modern fantasy, held a deep, undying dislike for the Bard of England. Let’s talk about why and how it impacted his writing.


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I do, I always do

A/N: So, this bts photo that has us all mesmerized inspired this little bit that I absolutely had to write.

Warning: It does not contain smut, but it does contain a love scene. ;) Also, based on spoilers, therefore may be spoilery.

Rated: M

“Marry me, love.”

Emma’s eyes widen in shock before she grins up at him. “Killian, you can’t be serious. We’re in an alternate universe.” She gestures about the forest surrounding them.

“I don’t care. I thought I lost you, Emma.” The words choke him and he looks down at where his fingers toy with hers, the pain still fresh. Clearing his throat, he continues. “I already told you, YOU are my happy ending. There is nothing else I need in this world as long as I have you.”

Emma stares at him momentarily before she closes the distance between them and kisses him, pouring a multitude of feeling into the press of her lips. He presses back, kissing her passionately and holding her close, never wanting to let her go.

When they finally pull back, she strokes his cheek softly and they sway together, a gentle breeze caressing them, whipping strands of her hair about her lovely face. “I love you,” she whispers, and his heart clenches in his chest.

“I love you, too,” he says, kissing her again, feeling complete for the first time in his long, broken life. They stay that way for awhile with their arms wrapped around one another, not deepening the kiss, not moving, just two people bound together by their love. A war could be breaking out around them and he would not care because Emma Swan loves him, and he loves her.

When they finally break apart, he rests his forehead against hers, brushing her hair behind her ear. “Let’s make it official then, shall we?”

She smiles up at him. “Well, I am wearing a white dress.”

“Aye.” He breaks away, looking about the garden. “You just need one thing.” Finding a rose bush, he selects the most perfect, innocent rose he can find, tinted a deep blush. Bringing it to his nose, he sniffs deeply to make sure it smells as sweet as it looks.

“Here, a flower for milady,” he says, bowing slightly as he hands it to her.

Emma giggles softly. “Why, thank you, kind sir.”

Dropping to one knee, he keeps his eyes trained on hers as he grasps her hand tightly in his, his heart pounding. Her face looks shocked and scared and hopeful all at once.

“Emma Swan, my heart belongs to you and no other. I am already the luckiest man in the world because you love me. Will you spend the rest of your life making me the happiest man in existence by bestowing me with your hand in marriage?”

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How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons - (3/5)-A CS Modern Fantasy AU

Rating: T for Teen

Word Count: Approx 6K

Summary:  Emma Swan leads a quiet, solitary life, that is until a tragedy temporarily saddles her with three recently displaced orphans. Three recently displaced orphans who make quick work of discovering one of the reasons for her solitude and threaten to confirm the rumors swirling around town about her, unless she can do something to help them, something that will require the assistance of a mysterious Professor who isn’t quite what he seems either.

Notes:  The continuation of a birthday gift for the wonderful @phiralovesloki​​. 

As always my undying love and affection for @caprelloidea​ who made this and my life better just by being her. 

ANd thanks to @scapeartist​ and @kat2609​ for the support and safe space.

Read Part One Here!

Read Part Two Here!

On AO3 Here


She hadn’t noticed that her eyes were squeezed shut until the sound of Killian’s voice asking her if she was alright had them snapping open.

They were back in water again, bobbing lazily along, no longer free falling through space, the rushing roaring wind gone, the air now filled with the cawing sound of gulls, and the gentle lap of water against the hull.

They had done it , had arrived safely in another world, again. This time on a pirate ship. Emma swallowed, and let out the shaky breath she’d been holding for what felt like an eternity, taking in their new surroundings.

The stretch of land in the distance, laid out before them wasn’t nearly as barren as the book described, not even close really. She’d been expecting nothing but sand and rocks, a desert at the edge of the ocean.

This island, however, was just as lush and green as any other, with dense tropical plants and brilliantly colored flowers so bright and vibrant she could make them out even meters away across the expanse of the jewel toned lagoon. Further out in the distance rose a great round tower and the crumbling stone remains of the keep it was once attached to. Still, the island paradise looked off somehow, something out of place and odd. It was another moment before she figured it out: it was the utter lack of trees that made it seem bizarre in scale, no palms or live oaks rose up around the ruins, the stone structure the tallest landmark on the vast island by far, huge and ominous with the lack of perspective.

“Is that it?” she called back to him.

“Aye must be,” Killian stepped up next to her. “The Broken Kingdom. I imagine you want to skip introductions with the locals?”

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The secret to being a legendary fantasy writer

Not only do you have to have quality content, but I recently figured out the secret to be a legendary fantasy writer.

What are some legendary fantasy books?

Chronicles of Narnia

The Hobbit/LOTR

Game of Thrones

The Harry Potter series

Time Machine

The Once and Future Kings

Now what do all these books have in common? Not only is it the genre, but also the writers.

C.S Lewis

J.R.R Tolkien

George R.R. Martin

J.K Rowling

H.G Wells

T.H White

Do you guys see it? O_O These writers have at least 2 initials in their names. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

So not only do you need quality content in the first place, but just to guarantee yourself on the pedestal of greatness, have 2 or 3 initial letters in your author name.