Whenever A&E talk about Captain Swan
  • A&E before CS got together: They're an interesting pair and we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E after CS got together: They're together now and we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E after CS said "I love you": They've expressed their feelings, and now we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E when CS became the Dark Ones: They both have the darkness in them now, and we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E when Killian died: Emma is going to risk everything to save him and we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E when Killian was resurrected: Well, he's alive now and Emma is thrilled, so we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E when CS moved in together: They're living together now, so we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E when CS gets engaged: They're engaged now, so we're going to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E when CS gets married: They've sworn their eternal love to one another, so now we get to see how their relationship progresses.
  • A&E when CS has a baby: They're going to be parents now, so we're going to see how their relationship progresses.

I don’t understand why anyone can decide that they dislike Killian Jones???

He has the best redemption arc of all time of television???

His hair??? 


He owns every single mistake he’s ever made and tries his very best with actions and words to make up for aforementioned mistakes?!?!

His hobbies include drinking rum, and making sure Emma Swan is Okay™???

He put whipped cream on his nose???

Like u…don’t like him? u ok??????????

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The tongue thing...

Note : just a small CS Domestic-Fluff after a dream I’ve made… big thanks to @captainswanismyendgame for taking a look at it! Enjoy!

There was only the sounds of their pens on their papers.

The lines progressed slowly, words appearing on the white surface. Her handwriting was like little bubble, fancy but legible. All the letters were round, easy to read but still a little young compared to her age in her opinion.

All the opposite of his, actually. Emma was almost hypnotised by his handwriting: clear; meticulous. Refined.

She stopped writing on the envelope, only to look at his hand moving up and down, the dark blue inking the paper as she was dictating the content of the letter. His hook blocked the shit on the corner as he tried his best not to damage the paper. However she was focused on how easily the feather was sliding along the smooth parchment. For a few second, she thought she would falls asleep if she continued to stare at him but his voice brought her back to the task at hand.

After a moment, her gaze went up following the curves of his right arm, pausing at each muscle moving from his writing. Her hand going directly to the back of his neck, her fingers started to play with his hair, which made him hum. Before she realized what she was doing, he had slowed down his writing, focusing on her ministration more than what they needed to finish by the end of the hour.

Against her desire, she stopped her movements, going back to the task…

As she was spelling out  a word, her eyes traced the line of his perfect jaw to the end of his chin.

He was so concentrated on writing the word correctly that she has barely noticed his tic. His mouth was half-open, his tongue traveling from a side to another. The tip snuck out, passing along his lower lip from time to time.

She didn’t know if he was teasing her intentionally but it  without any doubt had a certain effect on her.

And then as her mind railed off, his tongue stopped moving, the tip on the right corner of his mouth while Killian turned his face slightly to look at her. Emma was motionless, her mouth half open, a look of embarrassment on her face as she was staring at his expression. She had been caught ogling him again, but she couldn’t stop the laugh that began to form in the back of her throat.

As soon as she realized he had noticed her, Emma gaze fell down to  the envelope, trying her best not to giggle at the concentrated face he’d been wearing.

He stood straight, his tongue sliding back to his mouth.. A small, “What?” escaped his mouth as one of his eyebrows went up in confusion.

Why the hell is Swan was laughing at?” he thought. But after she finally cracked up, she explained him why before he started to make that face he always did when he was  vexed.


After that, every time he had to write something, he felt her eyes on him, waiting for that moment when his control would broke down and he would let his habit take over, letting the tip of his tongue sneak out on the corner of his mouth knowing very well  a soft laugh wasn’t too far behind.

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So to move away from the annoyance caused by the finale, how about we talk about the ring. CSers are obviously hoping its Killian holding that ring. I honestly can't think of any other character who could be holding it. Like I know people have mentioned August, but that ring was in a modern ring box and if August did randomly propose to emma in the wish!AU why wouldn't he have been at Henry's ceremony. Also from the shot it looked like someone was looking at it, not proposing with it. Thoughts?

Thank you for this lovely ask, sweetie. Really.



No but seriously, no one else makes sense at this point. Literally no one. 

- it’s far too soon on Rumbelle’s road to reconciliation (and let me just gag at that) for him to be re-proposing to her or giving her ring back or some hooplah like that. 

And lbr, while people have been supplementing their pessimism about CS by saying they don’t WANT that ring for their engagement because it’s not unique enough (fucking spare me) because Killian’s a fancy jewelry guy, Rumple would be way more inclined to give Belle some heirloom (or from one of his deals, again, lbr) piece of EF jewelry then Killian would be to Emma. But I doubt we’ll even actually see Rumple re propose to her or something like that, because we never saw Belle throw her ring away or anything. Plus I just don’t think they’d bother. 

Also, Killian has already given Emma one of his ornate, old timey rings that belonged to a family member. Emma’s a woman with simple tastes, and her fairytale is meant to be a modern one - that ring fits. I have no time for people fixating on it and moaning that a timeless diamond solitaire is too plain. Have that opinion if you must, but bye. 

- You hit the nail on the head; if August was in a position to propose to AU!Princess Emma, I feel very, very sure he would have been included in the last episode. I will be very, very shocked if that’s what happens. It just does not fit with what we’ve already seen. 

There’s also the fact that Adam outright said August and Emma would not be a couple, and he didn’t say it in the tricksie way he worded his “old Hook question.” People will say “but he could have been trolling because he said August, not Pinocchio,” but no. I trust him on this one.

Tbh, if we didn’t see Emma romantically involved with Douchefire in the AU, when they said fuck logic in order to still include Henry, they’re not going to allude to her romantically with August or anyone else (besides Killian). They just aren’t. If they were going to stick Emma with someone romantically in the AU, they actually would have brought MRJ back instead of just having Neal bite it in the AU.

I think it’s going to shake down like this; Emma stumbles upon AU August, and they go seek AU!Killian out either because Emma wants to know where he is, or she thinks he can get her and Regina back home (in any event, it’s clear Emma and Regina go their separate ways at some point in the wish realm). I’m here for whatever Captain Swan’s 5th first meeting looks like, really.

- It’s not Aladdin and Jasmine. It’s just not. 

- Robin doesn’t even know Regina right now. It makes less then 0 sense for it to be them. And since Robin is not sticking around (and isn’t even our -  and Regina’s - Robin), I would like to think Adam and Eddy would not be that cruel to OQers… again

And yes, that box is modern, as is the ring. The chances of it being in the AU are very, very slim. I give the prop department more credit then that. 

As a note, I do not think that shot of the ring is from the premier. I think it’s from the next episode. It’s not uncommon for mid season finales and season finales to feature a promo that includes scenes from more then just the first episode back.

The reason I think it’s from episode 12 is because it’s a Charming centric with a heavy does of Captain Charming, which we known from set spoilers. 

Since I am ridiculously sure that is a CS engagement ring, I can see this shot of the ring going 3 ways

- Killian asks for Charmings blessing (blessing, not permission) to propose to Emma, and he pulls out the ring to show Charming. So the shot from the promo is Charming examining the ring, or Killian holding it when he firsts pulls the ring out to show Charming

- Charming finds the ring in Killians things, so it’s again him holding the ring in the shot


I’d die if it were #3, but I think the first two are more likely. 

Now I COULD be wrong, of course. While 6x12 is Captain Charming focused, 6x11 appears to be an Emma centric, given we know McKenna grace filmed as young Emma, apparently in modern attire (so probably not a flashback within the AU). 

So maybe we see Emma’s scenes in the AU juxtapositioned to Killians in Storybrooke? Seeing an older Killian makes Emma realize what she wants, either because seeing that he grew old without her (sort of) saddens her, or because she realizes how excited she is by the idea of getting to grow old with him. And in Storybrooke, we see Killian realizes he wants to seize the moment - since they’re always getting separated by realms and she’s got a death sentence on her head - and propose to his true love. 

Either that, or once Emma’s vision is (seemingly - though I pray to frick frack it’s really because I am tired of my baby girl having this hanging over her head) averted at the end of 6x11, Killian decides they’re not wasting anymore time and he goes and gets the ring. 

I also think we’ll find out Killian plans to propose to Emma, but it won’t actually happen until the end of the season. And I actually think Emma will end up beating him to the punch :)

Seriously, wouldn’t that be the best? Here we are, the audience, all aware that Killian wants to marry his Swan, but he’s putting it off, maybe having doubts, and then come the end of the season BAM! Emma proposes, either right as he’s about to, or just out of the blue. Sounds like them, right? I would DIE.

I dunno. I just really see Emma being the one to take that last leap. It would fit with everything else we’ve seen from them before - always her being the one to move them forward.

Plus, you know Jmo’s “I think Emma might be the one getting down on one knee” has been stuck in my head since she said it HOW long ago?

Yeah, I don’t think that was an uninformed random guess ;P

… you asked about my thoughts and I apparently had a lot of them!

Can We Please Make A Point Because:
  • People: Killian is no good for Emma! He's so selfish and doesn't have her best interests at hea-
  • Killian: Your hand, it's cut, let me help you.
  • Killian: You are bloody brilliant. Amazing.
  • Killian: Well I offer my ship and my services to help follow them.
  • Killian: Doesn't mean I'd leave your father to perish on this island.
  • Killian: I came back to save you.
  • Killian: Magic is a part of you, Swan. It's time you embraced it.
  • Killian: I'd go to the end of the world for her. Or time.
  • Killian: You're the Saviour, Swan. You can do it.
  • Killian: You can do this!
  • Killian: Are you okay?
  • Killian: I'd rather save yours than hers.
  • Killian: I apologize for overreacting.
  • Killian: You okay?
  • Killian: I'd love to know more about your beginnings.
  • Killian: I just wanted to be a better man for you, Swan.
  • Killian: Swan! Are you alright??
  • Killian: Grilled cheese.
  • Killian: I don't intend to let you down.
  • Killian: And I with you.
  • Killian: Emma, are you alright?
  • Killian: Be careful, Swan.
  • Killian: It's my job, or at least I hope it's my job, to protect your heart.
  • Killian: Save Henry.
  • Killian: I awoke moments before your parents, and came up here looking for your boy.
  • Killian: What is it?
  • Killian: Emma please! NO. Don't do this.
  • Killian: We'll find another way, together!
  • Killian: You can tell me anything.
  • Killian: No, Swan! You can't use dark magic!
  • Killian: It's too much for her!
  • Killian: Emma. Are you alright?
  • Killian: I liked your walls. I liked being the one to break them down.
  • Killian: There's no one here. It's just us. You and me.
  • Killian: I'll never stop fighting for us.
  • Killian: Be careful, Emma.
  • Killian: The Dark One is immortal. Emma isn't. Bring her home to me.
  • Killian: I love you, Emma Swan. No matter what you've done.
  • Killian: Easy, Swan. You got tagged pretty good there.
  • Killian: It's alright! Emma, it's alright!
  • Killian: I'll just be happy knowing you'll have one.
  • Killian: It's okay.
  • Killian: You shouldn't be here. Nobody should.
  • Killian: You alright?
  • Killian: What's wrong? I know when something's bothering you.
  • Killian: I'm sorry, Emma. You were right.
  • Killian: I'm glad you did. Do you realize that's the first time you've slept since you rescued me?
  • Killian: Well as for maybes and hopefullys, I've learned never to question yours. I'm coming with you.
  • Killian: I didn't want Emma to do this.
  • Killian: Emma, please.
  • Killian: Get your heart!
  • Killian: If I helped you take off that armour don't put it back on just because you're gunna lose me.
  • Killian: I bloody well need to find a way to save her!
  • Killian: I can't do that! Not while she's still in danger.
  • Killian: I'm so happy you're alright.
  • People:
  • Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (◡‿◡✿)

Tiny Hook’s Adventures: Part 1

New series! What if Killian drank the ‘drink me ‘ bottle from Alice in wonderland? This is the adventure of Mini Killian Jones and his life changing experience as the rest of the crew search for the antidote.

It’s film shooting season for me, so i’m a tad bit busy over the next 2 months, But this will be updated weekly, every Sunday till Once returns, so stay tuned! 

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