Once again, Hook and Emma provided one of the few lighter moments of the hour. I loved how she now referred to him as Killian and his hint of jealousy over August’s return was sweet, as he said in this quote: “Why would I be jealous, though I do know you’re partial to men in leather jackets.
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Honestly, I’ve never seen Killian pull a more emotional expression since he was introduced than this. Like he’s truly found everything he’s ever wanted with Emma and in this moment you can see just how terrified he really is of her losing herself. He knows what a burden the darkness is, he knows that ‘it creeps up on you’ and he doesn’t wish it on Emma. He doesn’t want her to suffer the same turmoil he did. 
So it’s just both sad and beautiful to see the way his eyebrows furrow in worry as he buries his face in her shoulder, the way he closes his eyes to hold onto and appreciate this moment with the woman he loves AND THIS MOMENT JUST REALLY SPEAKS TO ME OKAY?

(gif credit to emmabadasswan)

I love how Killian immediately broached the issue of August - a far cry from the man who at the start of the season still felt that he has to handle everything by himself rather than confide in Emma. And Emma didn’t lose her patience, or get angry; she made light of it, but also made sure he knows that she and August are friends. This is still a new relationship, so little insecurities are bound to crop up occasionally, and both Emma and Killian understand that.

And I love how, by the end of the episode, Killian refers to August as “your friend” and thus shows that he trusts Emma in this, as in everything else. I love that it didn’t become a stupid drama thing, there were no silly misunderstandings, it was a minor issue and they handled it like mature adults.

I just love, love, love how much these two understand and accept and trust each other.

I also love the symbolic of Emma being on a bench, a page of the book with her - shout out at 3X21 where Emma was once again on a bench, not knowing if she belonged to the story.

Here we are again, with a page of a story Emma is now doubting and who goes to her to support her?


This is exactly the same, he tells her she’s not alone, and last time they both had that kind of talk, he was telling her that her happy ending could be here in Storybrooke.
Interesting how he confessed to her last week she was his and here we are.

Thinky thoughts 4x16

What a beautiful episode regarding Captain Swan and more particularly Emma we had tonight. To see her in that situation broke my heart- Jennifer Morrison- Just Jennifer can kill you with such raw emotions and her tears reduce me to a puddle of emotions. She literally breaks my heart in tiny shards.

I love how complementary Emma and Killian are, how they are here for each other. I do feel like this episode was the rightful following of what happened last week: she’s his happy ending and he proves to us all and to her that he’s hers.

Emma comforts Killian knowing he’s scared : she knows him, knows his past, knows his biggest fear is to lose her. I love how Emma did not hold back ONE SECOND. In front of her son, in front of her parents, she went to him and hugged him because she’s here and not going anywhere.They still both have huge issues but they have now learned to live with them together and to be there whenever one of them doubts : their dynamic is beautiful to watch for those moments. Killian is worried and Emma reassures him- the way he would reassure her when she’s doubting herself.

The display of affection in front of others is such a huge step for Emma too, for she was not one to express much in the past seasons she keeps showing support and love to her pirate. It’s also touching to see how much Emma trusts Killian with her past, not so long ago it would have been terribly hard for her to open up about it; it’s now so casual, because in a lot of ways, he’s her confident, much like Charming with Snow

But what moved me is how Emma took everything about her parents’s lie, very bad of course - which is no surprise since she realises she was lied at all along. Back to that time of her life where she was lied at- foster families with pretty dreams of families ending by being all lies. Emma was so deeply hurt - Jennifer was stunning for how she portrayed betrayal and managed to give us the impression Emma was like a child- foster kid, orphan, lied at- it was heartbreaking. 

Of course her first reaction is to pull away from Killian, of course she would run away but while her parents are now not people she wants to be around, she for sure has her pirate lover. And it’s beautiful she seeks the comfort of  his arms and how he just tells her what she needs to hear, her friend is okay, her parents are sorry, and more importantly he’s here. She is not alone anymore and she doesn’t have to go through it alone

They are both here for each other and that’s so very important- FORESHADOWING about how they will be there for each other no matter what the last shot with Emma being standing in front of the clocktower felt like Emma Swan the first time she arrived there, first curse.

Emma is standing at a crossroads, lost, not knowing the way to go, doubting her family and on the way to take the road to Evil!land.

Foreshadowing, scenery speaking for itself, I do believe there’s some good bueno CS scenes coming with Killian proving how much of a support he is to her and how he’s her ultimate fan.

wait Emma can create things with magic now

now all I can think of is Killian like “SWAN where’s my hook, I know you took it Swan, that’s bad form!”

and she’s like “okay okay sorry” and poofs the hook into her hand and gives it to him

and he takes it and goes to plug it in and pauses and turns around with a totally betrayed look like “THIS IS NOT MY HOOK THIS IS BLUNT SWAN I CAN’T GO OUT WITH A BLUNT HOOK WHERE IS THE REAL ONE GIVE IT BACK”

Anyone who thinks Killian hasn’t changed, or is a rotten bastard or whatever the new cool hater drivel is, should probably go watch this episode

The very IDEA of Emma going dark terrifies him.  Someone who didn’t give a shit would only be thinking of ways that would benefit him.  But he’s thinking only of her, of his little light going out, and it scares him to death.  He’ll stand by her and love her and support her no matter what, but he doesn’t want to see her go down the path of darkness, the one that almost consumed him to the point that he was “an enemy of love”.

Dollars to donuts that Killian will play a part in helping her reconcile with Snowing. He may not agree with what they’ve done, but he does understand doing bad things for what you perceive as the right reason (hello, that’s Killian’s entire fucking arc), and he knows that Emma cannot let her anger consume her.  He knows that better than anyone.

So if you’re still wondering WHY KILLIAN for Emma?  Consider your question answered.

This is what is going to be rolling around in my head for the next two weeks.

Emma curled up in Killian’s single bed, underneath a soft blanket, with the fabric pressed against her nose because it smells like him and that comforts her.

Killian being shy and not wanting to pressure Emma and trying to sleep in the hold or something.

Emma having a nightmare and screaming and Killian coming into the room with his sword drawn.

Emma asking Killian to stay with her because he makes her feel safe.

Killian still giving her as much space as possible even in the single bed, and he’s half falling off of it, but then Emma just wraps her arms around him and pulls him against her.

Emma feeling safe and at home, even though her world is yet again falling apart around her.

Emma taking comfort in the fact that she is someone’s happy ending.

Ooops, now I’m crying.

Unicorns | The Charming Family & Captain Swan

As per the beautiful i-know-how-you-kiss‘ request — we’re going to dive into the representation of unicorns and the beauty that was shown to us through both Snow and Charming and Killian and Emma. 

Universally acknowledged: unicorns are beautiful, mysterious, and hard to capture. And while the mythological creature has been studied enough, researches reveal that it has varies representations as opposed to one (like most animals). Its uniqueness and the fact that it’s been recognized as the most noble creature says a great amount about what it means for Emma Swan. And therefore, Captain Swan + Snowing. 

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Do you ever laugh about how Snowing sees Captain Swan?

I mean think about it. One day when they were stuck in the Enchanted Forest Snow and Emma met a pirate who tried to trick them. That’s all Snow thought she would always see him as: manipulative, thieving pirate. 

The same with Charming. When Killian rocked up to Storybrooke he was just a despicable, dishonourable pirate to Charming, nothing more. 

Then when they’re all in Neverland. Charming noticed that something changed, and wasn’t hesitant to make it clear where he stood on the matter, because he was still looking at Captain Hook the infamous pirate. And once Snow found out about the kiss, she dismissed it, and instantly spoke about Neal because that’s where she assumed Emma’s heart would lead to. 

The point is, these two still didn’t see this man as a potential love interest at all.