These Luteces deserve their own post because the situation that led to this large group shot was pretty funny. c:

I was wandering the Artist Alley at AX when I saw the pair to the left, and asked to take their picture. They agreed and turned to set down their bags, when they suddenly were face to face with another pair of Luteces who were going the opposite direction. They seemed startled and I just went “OH! The more the merrier! Could you two join the photo, please?” And then I noticed the lone Robert Lutece with the board was standing quietly next to me, and I just asked him to join the photo too. It was all a very lovely coincidence! And sort of funny because of timeline shenanigans yaaa???

[ Please if you know these cosplayers link to their blogs/art sites/etc. Thank you! ]

Recommending Zombies Run to friends
  • After finishing S1:It's SOOOO good, but you might cry a lil! But it's fine! So fun!
  • After finishing S2:Haha it's super amazing, but bring pocket tissues ...ahah...-starts tearing up-
  • After finishing S3:... I can't explain the sorrow I have seen but just ...just and enjoy it while you still can...
  • During S4:...-hysterical laughter with tears-

I wonder if homeworld gems would be horrified that human beings basically take gems and just wear their dismembered broken bits as decoration for our bodies? Casually wearing a carat from a broken matriarch diamond’s body because you want to join in gross human matrimony?? Is that why they want us dead so much? Gotta wipe the Earth off the map for a gem colony because he went to Jared’s?