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This music video is so powerful. Cry-worthy.


ARMIN VAN BUUREN! literally just made my WHOLE weekend, and even just topped off the the whole year with that amazing AMAZING trancey goodness. #amazing #arminvanbuuren #stereosonic #adelaide #twodays #mademylife #wordscannotdescribe #trance #god #cryworthy #encore

Got tagged *.*

Since I got tagged by izy-izy I will answer which five things make me happy and I will past this challenge to the last 5 people who reblogged from me … Dear izy-izy Out-of-wishes,Umbra-san and hortensiae are the same person,so thats easy for me : 1.Sad (happy) endings in manga and anime make me really happy, even if they are cryworthy,I just love to be sad and happy at the same time. 2. I love it when I get anons or just messages and its my biggest joy if someone asks me for advice (which never happened so far). 3.When I try to flirt im really glad when someone calls me cute and continous talking to me (im a f***ing dork when it comes to flirting techiques). 4.When I get a cheap item at the current manga shop,like a Rillakkuma pen chase or a sailor moon keychain. 5.When I hit shuffle on my ipod nano and the music has the right mood or when somebody likes the same music. Well……. I tag: wanderlust-sbm , malueur , mehrcat , do-i-look-like-i-care-babe, satanismypenpal. You guys are great ^^ :3