i can’t decide if i prefer the image of tyrell quietly crysturbating over elliot nightly for eight months (evidence: everything about him) or tyrell going nofap and saving himself for their dramatic reunion (evidence: lumberjack chastity beard, his aggressive wood-chopping hobby), but either way the fact that he literally spent the better part of a year pining over him to the extent that his single condition upon returning to civilization was that he needed to have his favorite suit so he could look hot for his crush is just…so good. i love this show.

@shadowy-andata​ replied to your post “1, 2, and 3?”

I’m more on the michael/tilly train (as u probably know lmao) but michael/philippa is also SO GOOD

and omg yes, the tyrelliot definitely is so #real this season, I wanna know what’s coming next!! also re: your tags: they might as well give angela actual heart eyes every time she talks about whiterose, it’s incredible

and dom/darlene!!!! why does mr robot contain so many good ships lmao

okay I think I’m done, sorry for the comment spam

michael/tilly is wonderful but the older woman/younger woman mentor/mentee angle is just too perfectly #me to not be my main ride or die for michael  (it is definitely some degree of wish-fulfillment) (when will michelle yeoh take me on as her second-in-command on the bridge and also in her heart ;___;)

SERIOUSLY tyrell is just getting gayer and more dramatic and thus more relatable every episode. it’s very, very good. also: i saw someone’s analysis that mr robot kept tyrell from confessing bc elliot falls in love with anyone who gives him positive attention and EYES EMOJI, SAM ESMAIL WE’RE WAITING

i am 100% aboard the angela/whiterose train and so is angela. i hope they get together and run the world with ruthless efficiency and great hair. conversely, i hope dom and darlene fucked in that bar bathroom and broke one of the stall doors. (dom spends five minutes trying unsuccessfully to make her hair look less like she just got fucked in a public bathroom and she’s convinced that EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT THEM AND KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID OH GOD when they leave but darlene is like fucking chill, babe, it’s like 3pm on a tuesday, anybody here has bigger problems than the screaming orgasm u just gave me anyway thanks i’m going to budapest i’ll send nudes byeee xoxo) 

Dr Ben Harmon
What Secrets do you Hide?, One
Can Only Wonder

How Does One Release
The Demons Trapped Inside My
Hurt, Fragile Psyche

These Nightmares Haunt My
Every Night, Leave me Tossing
and Turning in Angst

Like Moira’s Hair it
Burns inside of me, Twisting
My Fantasies So…

Such supple Body
Combats my Anguish with Lust
Makes my Cold Heart Melt

I Deny her Touch
And Thus my Very Soul Crawls
Back into the Dark

Who could be so Cruel
As to Deprive Oneself from
the Throws of Passion?

And Suddenly I
Break Down - Tears fall from My Eyes
Like some Awful Storm

And the Passion I
Yearn from a lover I find
Compliments my Pain

Yes, Tears Fall Heavy
And Hands Press Ever Hard, as
To Suppress the Loss

I Leave my Mark Here
On the Nightstand to be Found
A Mess - Not Myself

Seductive Vixen!
Whipe my Sorrows from this Place!
Lest my troubles Stain.

Evidence wont be
Left - There will be nothing to
Convict this Foul Play

Dr Ben Harmon
Is Crysturbating a Sin?
Do you Know my Pain?

Surely such a man
As yourself, knows its comfort
and Dabbles in Sin!

I see it in your Eyes
The Glimmer of Sessions Past
And her Expression

It said - “I’ve seen this
Before, Although I dare Say
His Mess Was Bigger”

—  A series of Haikus inspired by American Horror Story, and the Infamous Crysturbating