Circle Crystals

Here is one of my circle crystals which are growing fantastically, I am thoroughly pleased with how they crystals are coming out, I am also growing up to 8 more along with this one, and am also growing well with this one. I plan to put all of these out on exhibition on a plinth, there will but up to 20 circle paintings if they all come out looking good and if they keep their circle shape out of the cups caging them in. All of them will be different from each other, different chemicals and also different colours, the colours will make them seem that much more interesting to see.


I have decided to grow my own crystals, using a salt saturated solution to grow from. Right now I am extremely pleased with what I have been able to grow and now is what I could do with them. I have been thinking that as an experiment I might (somehow) stick them onto some asatape, and hopefully make some were they are colored as well. I am happy with what I have got so far, the actual crystals are very straight and also right angled and ridiculously right angled. The only problem I have with these really is the fact that they are tiny, and could really do with some more growth, unfortunately they will not grow bigger than this as they are. I am having to create a new solution and let them evaporate and grow slower but putting a cover over them with a little hole so some air can still come through. I also require some artist research right now to look into to see if there is anything else I can do with my work.

My crystal grid I made this morning! Since I made a post about crystral grids yesterday I thought I’d toy around with some designs of my own. I used labradorite as the master stone, a solid jade bangle and hematite for the way stones and moonstone as the desire stones. This crystal grids function is to strengthen and boost my energy. Lately I have been feelinh sluggish can’t sleep at night ect. Ive tried taking melatonin, aromatherapy, everything I can think of before i decide to go to the doctor’s office. I honestly just think I am running myself too thin and hopefully this crystal grid and come green tea and fruit in the mornings I’ll have a little bit of an extra spring in my step. Anywho peace out and bright blessings my loves ) O (