Wait, I'm what?!

It had been several weeks since Loki’s magical ‘marriage’ to Tony. For Loki, it had been a complete and utter disaster. He had to force himself to smile through it while his heart died. No matter how many times he’d told Tony he loved him, he never got the same in return and it killed him each time. He knew he was being ridiculous  he could feel Tony’s love, but it wasn’t the same. He needed to hear it. He needed Tony to say it. Then he could believe him. Until then…

On top of his emotional mess, Loki was feeling physically worn down. It matched his rotten mood. Though he did need to make sure that he wasn’t getting sick, he made sure to run a magical scan of his body. What he found made him sick to his stomach.


doing all that I can to combat this madness. #Orgonite transmutes negative and chaotic etheric energy that #chemtrails create. #WilhelmReich proved this with his #cloudbuster techniques that have evolved into the #chembuster. Skeptical? Let me know if you have any other bright ideas, I’m all ears. I use orgone generators because I trust our divine, natural prana energy and the power of Quartz crystals. These are powerful, transmutational forces that can be proven effective. Make orgonite! If you can’t, then buy some. Wilhelm Reich’s patients’ cancer didn’t just heal itself. The #orgoneEnergy did. Fact. We can conquer this insanity, and we will. 💯 #CrystalTech #orgonite #stopGeoengineering


So here’s the next part of my Digital Illustration project, a story board.
 Please excuse the fact that they are very loose gesture sketches. I just couldn’t bring myself to make them so detailed.

I wanted something very short with Adri narrating. It just seemed appropriate. I got a bit inspired by the IM3 trailers with this. Just really short, quick flashes of a few different scenes. But it’s not finished yet. I have at least 2 more panels that I need to put in. Problem is, I don’t know what to put in there. Between 2 and 14 more panels. XD That’s a lot!

Basically I want to do in the last few panels is show a few really quick flashes of different fight scenes. I just can’t draw fight scenes, so I don’t know how they would really look, especially with me drawing them so loosely. Then of course the very last two panels would be the title (Avengers Generations) and then an ominous ‘Coming Soon’. Dun dun dun.

I’ll give you the break down of each panel because I know my handwriting is really bad.

1. *No sounds* -Marvel Logo-

2. *No sounds* -Paramount logo-

3. A: “They say that blood…” -Zoom in on Stark Tower-

4. A: “…runs thicker than water.” -Panoramic of Asgard. Zoom in-

5. A: “I’m inclined to believe that.” -Blood splattering on a floor-

6. A: “They say that bonds…” -Two hands gripping each other-

7. A: “…bonds between brothers…” T: *background* Say cheese, boys!“ -Left to right, Ed, Robbie, and Chris, Robbie with his arms around both of them. Big smiles. Zoom in-

8. A: ”…sisters…“ -Left to right, Adrianna and Maria, arms crossed and turning away from each other, scowling-

9: ”…and parents, are the strongest of all.“ -Left to right, Loki and Iron Man fighting back to back-

10: A: "They never said what kind of bonds those had to be.” -cut to black-

What do you guys think? Feedback is REALLY important to me. I need all of the critiques I can get!!!

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Two Exciting New TFT Ranges from Crystal-Tech Electronics


Two Exciting New TFT Ranges from Crystal-Tech Electronics

Two Exciting New TFT LCD Ranges Designed for Consumer and Industrial Applications from Crystal-Tech Electronics
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These high luminance displays, designed for use in all lighting conditions, cater for a wide range of applications and are proving to be a success with customers across Europe. Crystal-Tech are able to offer these modules with a variety of additional features. Resistive Touch Panel (RTP) or Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology is available, and hardened bonded glass, similar to the latest touch-screen phones, can be specified.

Crystal-Tech customers can enjoy access to sample units to assist their design process and fully featured prototypes are available in low quantities. This level of business support has seen the new displays used in applications globally, including medical devices, smart meters and security applications.

In addition to these standard modules, Crystal-Tech can offer customers excellent custom LCD services. We are able to offer customers bespoke displays suitable for every application. Customers can enjoy technical capabilities including glass LCDs, chip on board, flex, foil or glass designs, custom LCD character and graphics modules, RTP or PCT technology and low volume custom bonded glass displays.

We can also offer full range of the latest OLED displays, including twin and full colour (RGB) modules.

Working with customers, from conceptual designs to prototypes through to production we help customers source the largest, brightest and most suitable displays available for their project. Design and injection moulding services are also available if appropriate.

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Crystal-Tech Electronics Limited, formed in 2003, work closely with manufacturing partners in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia supporting customers with all display technologies and plastic injection tooling.

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made my first #Obolix. These are known as the ultimate atmospheric cleaners (to remove the toxins from the clouds and restore their natural full water vapor), even more effective and easier/cheaper to make than a chembuster. This is just a little guy. Next one will be a larger one and I’ll put it on top of a staff like the wizard @heavybasshippie did. All you need is a large single terminated quartz crystal, and 5 metals. #AtmosphericCleaner #CrystalTech


So please forgive the extremely unfinished state of these.

The first one I did to show the extreme difference between Adrianna and Maria. The eldest Stark child vs the youngest. Adri’s on the right, Maria’s on the left. Just in their dress shows a huge difference. Maria’s very straight laced and conservative while Adri’s sitting there like ‘Fuck it!’ Adri is a lot more relaxed, she doesn’t give a shit. I mean she’s barefoot in the royal library of Asgard!!

The second drawing is of my beloved Adri with her weapon. It’s a double bladed scimitar that breaks into two so she can also dual wield. I don’t have her hair on yet. I’m also super stuck on her armor. I have no clue what to put her in. I was going to go with vambraces and spauldors and maybe a leather vest or something? A breast plate maybe? Idk, help me out.

The third and final is Maria. This is so unfinished it’s not even funny. But I’m seriously stuck. What the fuck do I do? I don’t know what kind of clothing she’d be in or what kind of armor to put on. Shit, I don’t even know if her hair should be up or down!!

Help me out guys, please?

spooky-weird-dog asked:

Rank your characters - Intelligence!

(These aren’t going to be interesting to anyone else because no one knows my alts. Sorry!)

1) Alai. Under all the neurosis and sleep deprivation, Alai is smart. He can work magic - sometimes literally - with Draenei crystaltech, and he’s managing to do some interesting, complicated things with shamanism despite the terror and occasional hallucinations. He has the kind of analytical brain that can take something apart to learn how it works and put it back together better.

2) Ellis doesn’t have Alai’s academic mind, but he’s clever and fast and extremely observant. His lack of common sense sometimes gets him in trouble; he’s good at finding creative solutions to unusual problems, but he doesn’t always stop to think if he should.

3) Brick. Welp. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Brick has more emotional intelligence than the other two put together, but… he’s no rocket scientist.

this batch concludes with two power-packed #holyhandgrenades and junior #galaxycoil on the bottom of a small #towerbuster. I think these HHGs are great for dream time (open that 3rd eye!), as a decorative piece in the living room, or for balancing the weather as part of an #orgonevortex in the backyard. I have started my own website that’s under construction currently, but I want to get some of these pieces in your homes! So much #EMF bullshit out there! Smart meters, cell towers, chemtrails, and wireless devices are unfortunately part of Earth life everywhere in 2015. Please feel free to DM me with pieces you’d like to order, and I will custom-make pieces for you and your family, at very reasonable prices. I started making orgonite to combat the evil that aims to give us cancer and lower our vibrations- not to make a big profit. I just would like the operation to fund itself, as all my pieces so far have come out of my own funds. With love. 🙏💚 #orgonite #DonCroft #WilhelmReich #etheric #purifiers #alchemy #CrystalTech

fluffy white clouds and a clear blue sky. Natural, pure #orgone energy in the atmosphere. Other names for orgone are #chi, #prana, #zeropoint, #darkmatter, #lifeforce, #ether, etc. The study of #nonvisiblephenomena has been suppressed! #Tesla and #WilhelmReich saw most of their studies on the matter burned and hidden from mainstream science. In tribute to them, we are bringing this back to the forefront and we will bring the natural systems back in action. #RainbowWarriorProphecy #Orgonite #CrystalTech #ChristConsciousness #CosmicConsciousness #SolarConsciousness #MLKLove #MLK

…it’s interesting to watch the #chemclouds blowing in from the ocean. When they go over the #chembuster they transmute into real clouds. The metals are stripped, and the water vapor returns to the clouds, resulting in #vacuusClouds and/or these more natural looking puffy clouds. The #geoengineers and evil minds behind these #weathermodification programs fear that everyone learns about #OrgoneEnergy, #obolix and how #alchemy and #CrystalTech works. Luckily our #logos planet and mother Gaia loves her children dearly and left us plenty of crystals. The universe brought us geniuses like #Tesla and #WilhelmReich to help us learn about the invisible realm of #ether. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. #OneLove #orgonite 🙏🏼🌎💗✨📡🔮✌🏼️


So here they are, the people that I’ve been creating for my illustration class. Three of them you guys know, two you don’t. Dearest Ed and Maria haven’t been born yet in my blog’s time line.

Anyway, these are all of Tony and Loki’s kids in age order (yes Robbie is older than Chris). Ed is actually the baby that Loki’s pregnant with now. WOO.

These are just the bases of the characters for me to be able to see them. I’m going to post a second set with Adri and Maria in different poses.

Tell me what you guys think!!!

Opening night for #crystaltechfund + my intense mural unveiling in D.C. - I always try to hit it as hard as possible, but this one I may have pushed too far. I’m in the midst of the worst virusflufever ever. My body is crashing so hard. However it was definitely the best smoothest commission, many thanks to all involved. #crystaltech #dctech #techcocktail #gensler #vornado #sigal #disruptioncorporation etc……