Wait, I'm what?!

It had been several weeks since Loki’s magical ‘marriage’ to Tony. For Loki, it had been a complete and utter disaster. He had to force himself to smile through it while his heart died. No matter how many times he’d told Tony he loved him, he never got the same in return and it killed him each time. He knew he was being ridiculous  he could feel Tony’s love, but it wasn’t the same. He needed to hear it. He needed Tony to say it. Then he could believe him. Until then…

On top of his emotional mess, Loki was feeling physically worn down. It matched his rotten mood. Though he did need to make sure that he wasn’t getting sick, he made sure to run a magical scan of his body. What he found made him sick to his stomach.



So here’s the next part of my Digital Illustration project, a story board.
 Please excuse the fact that they are very loose gesture sketches. I just couldn’t bring myself to make them so detailed.

I wanted something very short with Adri narrating. It just seemed appropriate. I got a bit inspired by the IM3 trailers with this. Just really short, quick flashes of a few different scenes. But it’s not finished yet. I have at least 2 more panels that I need to put in. Problem is, I don’t know what to put in there. Between 2 and 14 more panels. XD That’s a lot!

Basically I want to do in the last few panels is show a few really quick flashes of different fight scenes. I just can’t draw fight scenes, so I don’t know how they would really look, especially with me drawing them so loosely. Then of course the very last two panels would be the title (Avengers Generations) and then an ominous ‘Coming Soon’. Dun dun dun.

I’ll give you the break down of each panel because I know my handwriting is really bad.

1. *No sounds* -Marvel Logo-

2. *No sounds* -Paramount logo-

3. A: “They say that blood…” -Zoom in on Stark Tower-

4. A: “…runs thicker than water.” -Panoramic of Asgard. Zoom in-

5. A: “I’m inclined to believe that.” -Blood splattering on a floor-

6. A: “They say that bonds…” -Two hands gripping each other-

7. A: “…bonds between brothers…” T: *background* Say cheese, boys!“ -Left to right, Ed, Robbie, and Chris, Robbie with his arms around both of them. Big smiles. Zoom in-

8. A: ”…sisters…“ -Left to right, Adrianna and Maria, arms crossed and turning away from each other, scowling-

9: ”…and parents, are the strongest of all.“ -Left to right, Loki and Iron Man fighting back to back-

10: A: "They never said what kind of bonds those had to be.” -cut to black-

What do you guys think? Feedback is REALLY important to me. I need all of the critiques I can get!!!