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美少女戦士セーラームーン セーラースターズ

This is Black Obsidian.

When volcanic lava comes in contact with water, it cools extremely quickly. The result is a shiny, glossy black stone that almost looks like black glass. This is Black Obsidian!

This is SUCH a powerful crystal. Black Obsidian is a protection stone in all senses of the word. This amazing crystal is said to form a type of shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attacks and helps draw out negative energy from the environment, keeping it away from you. (Because of this magnetic nature towards negative energy, you should cleanse your Obsidian regularly!)

Obsidian has a way of pulling out stress and tension… And it has a very strong pull! Because of this, sometimes when you first start working with this crystal you’ll be flooded with these negative emotions as they are brought to the surface to be dealt with before continuing. This stone might not be the first choice for a beginner for this reason.

It’s a stone of truth… Which means that it’s great for stimulating personal growth. It brings the user clarity, and is said to be a wonderful crystal for discovering who you really are.

Obsidian is great for cleansing spaces of negativity as well! That makes it a great choice for a home office or bedroom or sacred space… Anywhere that you want to remain free from negative energies.

When it comes to Chakra healing.. This powerful crystal responds very strongly to the Root Chakra. It’s extremely grounding and helps us dispel and absorb energies through our Root.

For you magic folk, Obsidian is said to be great for scrying and gazing. It’s also a great stone to have if you plan on making contact with the spirit world… because of its strong, protective nature.

Steven Universe episode titles discrediting fan theories: A Saga
  • THEORY: Steven confronts Yellow Diamond, White Diamond is revealed, the truth about Pink Diamond comes out
  • ACTUAL: The Gems play baseball
  • THEORY: Amethyst betrays the Crystal Gems, Amethyst becomes corrupted
  • ACTUAL: Steven and Amethyst try to earn Pearl Points and over compliment each other
  • THEORY: We will finally understand Peridot's fear of harvesting' that she revealed in 'Catch and Release', more
  • information about Homeworld shortages will be explained, the Kindergarten process will be shown, experiments to heal corrupted gems will occur, the Crystal Gems will be attacked by Homeworld
  • ACTUAL: Greg's real name is DeMayo

Please fire me. I am sure my next workplace would love to know you wrote me up for giving a man, who was going into anaphylactic shock, some benadryl.  Yep, it says “dealing drugs” in the write up.

Hey, I’m just a little confused… How come Steven befriended the random Gem monster that attacked his home from episode one, but indefinitely bubbled an original Crystal Gem that attacked him in a moment of confusion? Especially since they played the corrupted Gems as unaware of their own actions? What makes Bismuth, a freedom fighter, and close friend to the CGs, so much worse than a total stranger??? Centi did fight for Homeworld after all, so don’t come to me with the “she wanted to kill and that’s bad uwu” bs either. Tell me why. Because when I say it’s because Bismuth wasn’t thin and white coded I’m “”“reading too much into it”“”. So what’s up?