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Had so much fun playing crystals + jewelry with the beautiful @starseed_designs today… In faaaaaaact, we might have something very special and secret in the works for you all… More to come - but suffice to say, I’m pretty excited - and I think y'all with LOVE it!!! 💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞💕

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Special snowflake by Michael Whittaker

Scientists can press ‘pause’ on cells in action by rapidly freezing them. The cells must be frozen incredibly quickly –within the blink of an eye. If the freezing process is too slow, the water inside (which makes up most of the cell) forms ice crystals.

This microscopic image shows the very early stages of one such ‘snowflake’ growing.  If left to grow each of the six, symmetrical points would continue to branch out, developing into an intricate snowflake visible to the naked eye.

In experiments like this one Whittaker and his lab freeze sea urchin cells by plunging them into liquid ethane. When frozen fast enough (and scientists avoid creating ‘snowflakes’), researchers can observe cells orchestrating the growth of skeletons. This helps us to understand biomineralization: the process of how bodies grow bones, teeth and other hard biological tissues.

 Crystal Herbalism - Tara Alter 

The key to crafting a home alter is to set an intention. It allows your alter to have a center of energy.

Tara: determination, self-love, mindfulness, inner strength, awareness 

  • Quartz: clarity, snow energy, a center of focus, and brings protection
  • Green Fluorite: gentle earth energy, stimulates creativity, opens portals to consciousness
  • Rose Quartz: self love, connection of mind and body, empowers you, embodies lotus energy

Mindfulness Grid: moss agate, quartz, aquamarine, tibetan quartz and peridot. This gird creates a sense of inner awareness and allow you to manifest enlightenment. 

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