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Cleansing & Charging Crystals

Many of us use crystals in their craft. Maybe you just like the way they look, how they make you feel or what they represent. But did you ever pick up your favourite crystal and left it at home because it just didn‘t feel right? Well, maybe it‘s just time to cleanse it. The things we carry around each day pick up the same energies we feel or experience in some way, so they need time to rest. This feature can also be used to give said crystal more strength or your desired property.


Charging & Enchanting

In the end suggestions and ideas from those posts are not something you have to do. Do what feels right but keep in mind that some crystals can break or fade under some circumstances. Always do your own research and check out the links below.

How not to charge and cleanse your crystals


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smokyapatite  asked:

Hi and thanks for all the fascinating uploads. I was a rock hound in my youth, dad is a chemical engineer and I loved going to his sites and finding crystal samples. I always wondered, is there any difference (internally) between a nice euhedral quartz crystal and quartz in the form of sand on the beach? We've just been to the beach, and I tried to google the answer to no avail :)

Thanks for your comment! I’m glad that you’re enjoying my little tumblr, here.

There is no difference in either the chemical formula or the crystal structure of pretty, euhedral quartz like Herkimer diamonds–

or a nice granite–


or the quartz sand that you find on the beach, which is just quartz grains that have eroded out of their host rock, and can be from literally any source of quartz–

The only big difference (besides trace elements, but I’m not even going to start going down that rabbit hole right now) in a nice euhedral quartz crystal, and the weird little crystals you might find in a photomicrograph is how much space that grain had to grow. If a gran has a lot of space, and very little competition for that space (which means that there have been fewer grains that have nucleated) it can grow to be quite big, with nice crystal faces. But if the grain starts growing into something else, or hits another crystal, or the wall of a vug, then it starts to lose its nice shape as it takes up whatever space is left.

I hope that was satisfactory!