Hey guys, so here are the winners of our Tumblr Awards!!! We decided to take off the best disney bc we didn’t find any blog with 50% and instead of best gif we put best posts. Thank you to all that entered and sorry for those who didn’t win, just bc you’re not here doesn’t mean that your blog is bad okay?? You’re all awesome!!!! And all the winners get the same prizes.



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aenaloren  asked:



The first character I first fell in love with: rachel
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: monica tbh
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: i don’t think there’s one
The character I love that everyone else hates: i don’t think there’s one
The character I used to love but don’t any longer:  i don’t think there’s one lmao
The character I would totally smooch: joey and ross
The character I’d want to be like: rachel
The character I’d slap: janice ew
A pairing that I love: ross and rachel my babies aw
A pairing that I despise: everybody and janice ew

name a fandom you know i know

hey, so i recently reached my goal so i decided to post my first follow forever. i’d just like to thank all these awesome people for keeping my dash alive. p.s. i might’ve forgot some people so if i have sorry i still love you all though. 

ABC: aellybrookealeixturneralfiesuggalliegantallisonsmartinalreadysungsamitypeaceserumandlastgoodbyesanniecrestaaanniescraestaashtonerrwinaugustuswaterhsaugustuswatesaugustuswatiersbearticepriorbeatricedivergencebeatriceprirbeatriscepriorbowisaacbraveherondalebraverdeencalebpriorrscalebriorcandiceaccolacatchingayschurchcarstiarscinnasownmockingjaycircleofrazielclacelightwoodclacifrayclahissafrayclahryfrayclarissassfrayclaryfairchilldclarysrunescleryfrayclocworkprincecrystalrede

DEFG: dauntless-tobias4eatondeadvictorsdeansclarencedeardrewsdievergencedievrgentediffergentdivergerntdlvergentsdracomalfouyeatonlightwoodseatontobiased-sheeranedithsprioreeverdeanelgortysennobariaerudllteerurditeeverddaleeverdeeneseverdnessf-airchildsfadingmelodiesfallenanglsfinnickodiarfinnharriessfinnicksodairsfloatingawaysforeverlarkingfourfinickfourrrfourtunatelyfourzpriorfraysrunegreasyseaguswaterhs

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LMNOP:  leovalhdezletyouflyslightwoodvevoliightwoodlilyjanescollinslilysjanellghtwoodlosingaugustuslydiamartainsmaxeironsmisslilycollinssmockingjayymockingkissneversbeenhurtnewyorrksnnicomirallegrosobriengirlohfraysoneslovespaneempanemfellpaulwelseypaulwespeetardeenpetehayespetroveaplutarcporndobsleyprioir

QRSTU: rispriorritaoreasamclaflanescotsmcallseeliecourteseyfriiedsshailenewoodelyshailenewoodleysshaillenewoodleyshaymittchellslwdownsslytherihstaypriortakeawaysthepaintakeyoutcbiasthedauntlessleadertoabiseatontobiaseatantobiavtohiaseatontrackersjackerstripriorstrispriroruriahsunderwear

VWXYZ: warrnerwaylnadwereallbravewillherondailwilliamsjemwoodleyzxmockingjaypinxodairsxodauntlessxuriahzacerfonzacfron

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Hey guys, it’s been forever since I’ve done a follow forever and I recently reached a huge goal for me so I think it’s time for my second follow forever, yay! I’ll only add here flawless blogs that I completely adore.

italic → you’re my baby (we talk sometimes and i consider us friends).


abornathy | ahawthornes | ahrgents | allegiarnt | allisonarqents | allisonargends | allisonsisaac | allisonrgents | alphaepack | anniescraesta | augustuswaterhs | azkabam | bearticeprior | braveherondale | buckbeek | clacelightwood | calebrior | claraoswaldl | clarissassfray | claryfairchilld | claryfreh | controlthespark | crestadeen | crystalrreed | crystalrede deadtobiasdyhlanhoebrien | dylanobriex 


elevenismyhero | elgortys | endlesstone | enobariah | enobarria | erewdite | everlarkers | fedweasley | finncki | finnicki | finnckscube | finnckstrident | fourfinick | gryffndour | gryffxndor | guswaterhs | haflbood | hazelsinfinity | herhmione | heronchesters | heydylanobrien | hijackedmockingjay | hollandes | insugrent | isaacleyhi | isabellelightvood | jamcerstairs | jemscarstaires | jemsdrug | jonathonwayland | julianblakthorn 


kingofwinter | lady-holland | lawrenceas | ldyiamartin | lenaclearwater | llghtwood | lilyjanescollins | lissadrgomir | lydiastilnskis | leosvaldlez | mahradyer | maliatale | mandrakescry | maxeirons | mccahlls | mellarkboxers | misslilycollinss | mockingatlas | ndobreva | nicohdiangel | niqhtlocked | obrienies | ohfrays | ohgillan | osbrien | ozerah


padfhoot | panemfell | perhcy | peetamellakr | peetamellarkish | primrorse | queengilbertrxginamills | ronaldlweasley | ronandmione | sassyeverlark | scotsmcall | scottiles | sdepoitiers | shootmetommy | snxpe | siaaclahey | slyth-rin | stiles-lydia | stiliskni | tobyregboe |tomefelton | trackersjackers | waylnad | willowsummers | wolfstrk 

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