crystalqueerotter I’m so excited for you to be out of this city again. It’s really quite awful here. baha. I know that you’re super selective about who you take the time to kick it with, so it makes me really happy that you chose me to reach out to with your last two months here. ^_^ It’s been short, but I love all the time we’ve spent together recently! No one catches onto the subtleties of everything I say like you do, I’ll miss having someone around who shares the qualities that we do.

I love you so much Soucha,



Hi Tumblr followers. I guess I feel like giving you some insight into who I am. These are mostly pictures of my different hair colors… because that happens frequently. Mostly I prefer just to have a little green in my hair. ANYWAY.

My name is Soren Luminous. Call me Soren, Ren or Blue Jay. ::shrugs:: 

I’m a Sagittarius Sun (Dec.11), Cancer Moon, Libra Ascendant, Water Monkey.

I believe everything is everything else. Everything has a soul, the same soul, just different manifestations of it. 

I deeply care for crystals and what they teach.

I love everyone, even if I don’t happen to like everyone there is still an underlying unconditional love that I have been cultivating in myself.

I am a two spirit, crystal child, star-seed. 

I am beginning to understand who I am, what that means, what I want to do in this manifestation.

I aspire to be someone that people recognize as that person who accepts everyone and every aspect of everything. It’s difficult, but when I can uphold that, it’s wonderful. For me and those I care for.

I’m a masculine-sexual, panromantic, genderqueer individual.

I don’t share much about myself usually. I am highly critical of myself, but I’ve realized it and I’m striving to change that into evaluation rather than judgment. 

If you want to know anything else, please feel free to message me or ask me things. Let me know if it’s a conversation you don’t want me to post publicly. I really care to meet people and know them, as long as you care in return. :)