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~10 Kinds Of Magical Books~

1. Book Of Shadows- A witch’s book of spells, rituals, personal feelings, etc. It is a general book for any metaphysical or religious information that you wish to put into it, among other things.

2.Bestiary- A sometimes hand-written encyclopedia or manual of mythological and magical creatures and beings, used for reference when you want to work with a non-human energy, or for general research. 

3.Grimoire- Usually filled with tables and charts, lists relating to astrological, numerical, and color correspondences; properties of crystals, herbs, trees, etc. Contains moon phase meanings and medicinal properties of plants- This one has an old-timey textbook feel to it, usually.

4.Book Of Mirrors- a special journal, where you ‘reflect’ on things going on in your day to day life, providing deep insights which are invaluable when you’re doing work regarding personal growth. Very helpful with developing personal spiritual philosophies.

5.Book Of Moons- A book entirely relating to the moon and it’s cycles, names of the moons of each month, their attributes and energies, dates of lunar eclipses as well as full moon dates of upcoming moons. Filled with vast knowledge of lunar attributes and special dates of red moons, blue moons, etc.

6.Dream Journal- Here you record the dreams you have in as much detail as you can remember, and some people draw images from their dream adventures in this book as well, since dreams use the language of symbolism and imagery. You interpret the meanings of your dreams in here too, if you wish. Dreams can help us get a glimpse into our subconscious and the more dreams you write the easier it becomes for you to remember them.

7. Book of Visions- A vision book is used with the law of attraction, it is a ‘vision board’ in book form. Put different images of things you want in life, be they experiences, physical items, money, health, etc, in the pages of the book. Open the book up to pictures of what you want to visualize having. Think of this as an on-the-go vision board, except with much more space as there are so many pages!

8.Book Of Positive Aspects- At the top of each page you write the name of a topic that you are unhappy with, like ‘the workplace’  for example. Below the topic title you begin listing all the positive aspects of the subject, and by the end of your list your emotions will be in a much better place regarding the topic. You can do a list a day or many in one sitting, it is a valuable tool for cultivating positive energy or for switching viewpoints on things that normally would upset you.

9.Gratitude Journal- A book where you write about EVERYTHING you are thankful and appreciative for in your life right now. You feel overwhelmed with love and positivity when writing in this book, which aids you in raising your vibration and frequency.

10. Book Of Intuitions- a psychic journal, it’s a book where all divination and psychic exercises are recorded, ranging from full tarot spreads, to tea leaf readings, even psychic impressions you pick up off people. It’s handy for tracking progress as well as for record keeping.


The Celtic Witch

Magickal practice that is based from the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and (occasionally) language / symbols. May also describe those who only worship Celtic gods and Deities.

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Fandom Fridays: Contemporary Cartoons and Emotional Education.

Many children’s cartoons over the decades have dealt with emotional and social issues. However, the way cartoons now talk about those issues is more integral to the main story, than summarized as a moral at the end of the episode. Cartoons are allowing their young audience to figure out the episode’s message instead of spoon feeding morals to them.  

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Considering shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe, young characters are put into complicated situations. In particular, children in the shows often deal with parental figures frustrating them and being irresponsible. Contemporary cartoons acknowledge that children are more aware of issues going on in the world, and with their parents than adults think they are. 

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Cartoons today also encourage children to not look at failure as a shameful thing. Instead, these types of shows help kids understand success comes from allowing yourself to fail. These shows rationalize frustrations and fears youth have when learning to use problem solving skills.   

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Quality cartoons also include identity issues in an honest way. These shows demonstrate the difficulties of adolescents developing their identities and relating to the world around them. Moreover, contemporary cartoons promote individuality and not comparing oneself to others. These shows don’t tell children it’s more important to blend in than finding a group of friends that genuinely accept you.     

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These cartoons also teach children how to deal with anxiety. In comical and serious ways these shows explore how to let go of overthinking and internalizing feelings. More importantly, they teach children not to be scared to share their anxiety with others. Contemporary cartoons can educate children on emotions, social concerns and humanity.

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These cartoons also use more visual elements to express a character’s mood, than relying on dialogue all the time. They show children it’s important to balance reflecting alone and sharing your thoughts with others. Contemporary cartoons normalize difficult emotions, so children know they are not alone and can identify feelings better. 

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What cartoons are currently your favourite, or what other cartoons discuss human issues? Also go check out all the blogs I used gifs from! :)