crystallized sugar

WELL HERE IT IS!! My piece for a contest hosted by Latin-American CN. I’m really happy with the result :D
(Anytime soon i’ll get a link for you guys to vote if you want to, it would really help me)

“I want peridot to show that you can be hyperactive, obsessive, anxious, struggle with social situations, and have weird rituals and ideas, but in the end, still be loved and have the capability to love if you are honest and open.”

I feel like, if I were still 10, I’d be so enthralled with Peridot. I still love her now, but I was so much like her as a child. I would have felt even more of a connection to her than I do now. I’m just glad someone like her in something like SU exists now, so that people who ARE 10 and all that can see someone like themselves making friends and being loved by them. 

Also, Rebecca talks about growing up Jewish for a little bit there, which was interesting to read.


Steven Universe the moms fanart! I love them so much, just had to paint them! Whose your fav mom? Mines the G squad haha. (Update, Peridot is done!) Peridot<-clickhere

If you’ld like to see the gif process of how i painted these, go over to my instagram, Artromeow same way spelled here.(its there somewhere trust me)

-painted in photoshop cs6

Thanks for looking and reading! this would be my first post on tumblr, support me if you’ld like to see more.