An excerpt from the zoological text The Hunter’s Encyclopedia of Animals (First Edition).

CHAPTER II: An overview of the Moga lagiacrus

The Moga lagiacrus (Heres jormungandrii) is a large, predatory, euryhaline reptile and the sole species in the family Armutonitridae. It is informally known by a plethora of names, the most common being lord of the sea, lagia, and sea wyvern. The lagiacrus is the largest of all marine, brackish, and riparian reptiles, reaching a weight of 19 tons and 24 meters in length. These ectotherms are extremely sensitive to cold and are found exclusively in tropical climates, dispersed throughout the South Elde seas and coastlines. On land, the lagiacrus is capable of short bursts of speed at a “belly walk” of 15 mph, coupled with quick, agile torsions of its elongated body; in water, the lagiacrus has been observed swimming at 32 mph, although when cruising it will reduce its speed to a lethargic 6 mph.

Originally, lagiacrus were estimated to live 50 years, based on measurements of lamellar growth rings in bones and teeth. It was later suggested that these measurements may be an inaccurate way of gauging age. Lamellar rings reflect changes in growth rates, which correlate directly with the timeframe of wet/dry season transitions. The inaccurate reliance on seasonal changes and the fact that the innermost rings degenerate with time suggest an underestimation of age. A revised longevity is upward of 70 years.

The lagiacrus is a solitary hunter that frequents both demersal and pelagic habitats, patrolling the reefs and intertidal zones of coastlines. Lagiacrus are known to swim inland as well, and lurk within brackish mangrove swamps or freshwater jungles further upriver. Breeding takes place during the end of the dry season, in which the polygynous males mate with as many females as they can. They are apex predators, regularly killing and consuming any individual that wanders into their territory.

The seas of South Elde have been high-trafficked waters for thousands of years. Merchant ships passing blithely through the territories of lagiacrus were often sunken. Early Guild cartographers would depict horned leviathans mantled in lightning, with the oldest known examples of these maps dating back almost 3000 years. Indigenous peoples of the Moga Archipelago developed techniques for hunting and tracking lagiacrus thanks to centuries of cohabiting the same islands. One such technique involves chumming around the piers, conditioning local sharq populations to regularly visit the area. Sharqs are highly electroreceptive fish capable of perceiving the electric fields given off by lagiacrus. Upon detecting the lagiacrus, the sharqs flee, and thus act as an early warning system for the people of Moga. The lagiacrus is seen as a harbinger of earthquakes, maelstroms, and famine, with at least an eighth of all known shipwrecks attributed to it. Harbor and port towns such as Tanzia specialize in delicacies prepared from grilled and braised tails.

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With a simple smile Serah made her way into the empty home. Quickly moving towards the back she looked through the rooms as she passed, her heart racing. She had been gone for so long; missing from this world, but her heart was still here. She could feel it.
Quickening her pace she pushed her body forward the warmth in her spirit getting hotter, ’I’m close.’ she thought to herself. Finally, after what felt like hours she saw him. The blonde haired boy as he stood alone, as always.

“Cloud.” The name was all she could muster about. She smiled sweetly in his direction and let a laugh escape her lips, “I’m finally back.”

Mako hues looked out the window, thinking about a certain pink haired woman. Closing his eyes, he sighed. “I…I guess she’s not going to be home tonight, either. I should get to bed, then.. I have more deliveries tomorrow…” Cloud’s face was estranged, but luckily no one was around. Or so he thought.

‘Cloud.’ He heard his name called, but it wasn’t a voice he was used to anymore. It was…foreign…sweet sounding. 'I’m finally back.’

’…I must be tired. I should really get to be–’ His thought process was interrupted by the woman that stood in front of him. He took his sunglasses off to see the person in question clearer.

“…You’re home,”

Cloud’s face lit up with a genuine smile that most didn’t get to see.


Crystal Waves and Golden Sand

It had been a while. Yeah, a long while. Usually Snow would be there. Snow likes to be everywhere. Or Lightning would be there. She really ought to go out for entertainment purposes more. Not just work and grocery shopping. 

Yeah, it had been a while since the two hung out. Just the two of them. Hope couldn’t be more anxious as he waited for Serah by the pier.

Looped around his left wrist was a gift bag with several items inside. He glanced inside the bag for the umpteenth time to check it’s contents. Satisfied that nothing had gone amiss during his trip to the beach, he glanced away and scanned the golden field once more. Many visitors. Some dressed in beach attire, some in swimsuits. After much thought, Hope decided to stick with a simple white casual dress shirt, arms rolled up to the elbow, and a pair of dark green cargo shorts.

From a small staircase not too far away, he spotted the unique pink hair reserved for the Farron sisters. Hope smiled and waved at the girl.