crystalline body

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I'm going to guess transformation but like instead of inflation it's more "Geometic Eldritch Nice Ass"

Yeah, and “importing one’s mind into an ornate crystalline body which you can shatter and reform at will as a neat party trick”

Exiting its island home, sunlight lit the crystalline guardians body, icy smoke emanating from golem from its freezing aura. Low hums sounded from her body, being the Regis equivalence of talking to ones self. What were they saying was anyones guess, anyone but the other regis, but they were off in their own domains, leaving their poor poor sister all on her lonesome.

…At least that’s how she saw it, she WAS the favorite child, after all.

Or perhaps she wasn’t so alone, sensing the the presence of another, it wasn’t the same aura as the wingulls gave of though. Actually, it reminded her of her own legendary aura. She halted abruptly in place, motionlessly waiting for the source to show its self.

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