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Sableye hides in caves and eats rocks. It sounds obscure, sure, but it does Sableye a lot of good. In our previous entry on Sableye, for example, we discussed how using the gems in its eyes gives Sableye improved vision, useful for dark caves. But we’ve gotten a bunch of requests recently that want to know the how: How do the rocks Sableye eats become part of its body?

When we eat something, parts of the food naturally becomes part of our bodies: that’s why we eat. The proteins, vitamins, sugars, and more from food are broken down, absorbed, and then added to our bodies. However, as you can imagine, rocks aren’t easily digestible. They can’t be chewed up and broken down, and therefore it’s components can’t be absorbed into our bodies.

However, eating rocks is more common than you might think: but it’s never for nutrition. Birds, crocodiles, sea lions, ostriches, frogs, and axolotls are all known to swallow rocks. There’s also evidence that several dinosaurs did this. Once a rock is swallowed, it becomes known as a gastrolith. Ostriches, sometimes, will swallow rocks up to 10 centimeters in diameter. These animals swallow these rocks to help them in digestion. All of these animals either don’t have teeth, have limited teeth, or have teeth that aren’t good for chewing. These animals can’t chew their food, so they swallow rocks so the food can be ground up and “chewed” by the rocks in their stomach. Just like chewing does for us, the rocks grind up the food to help these animals get the most vitamins, proteins, and nutrition out of the food that it eats.

But, like I mentioned, these rocks aren’t for nutrition. These animals can’t digest the rocks they eat, and no part of the rock is digested, absorbed, or added to their bodies. Worms, on the other hand, do get nutrition out of the dirt they eat. They can do this because the vitamins and nutrients in dirt are already fairly broken down, so the worm doesn’t need to do much chewing or digesting before absorbing them. That’s the problem with digesting rocks: most animals have no way of breaking them down into small enough components to be useful in the body.

But we’re not done yet! One sea creature, the rock-boring urchin, does chew up rocks: It digs tunnels in reefs to make its houses, by literally chewing through the stone, eating their way to the creation of the tunnel. And these urchins eat a lot of rocks: the equivalent of a human eating 500 pounds of rock per day.

As you can imagine, these creatures have very hard teeth. They have to, if they’re literally chewing through stone without damaging their teeth. These teeth are made out of mineral crystals bound together with calcium. Crystals tend to be very strong due to their organized chemical structure: that’s why diamond is one of the hardest substances in the world. So, if you want to chew through rock you need hard, crystalline teeth. Starting to sound like Sableye, eh?

These urchins might be the closest thing to Sableye in our world. They chew through rocks, parts of their bodies are made out of crystal, they live in caves (that they dug with their own teeth). It is important to note that these urchins also eat algae, and that’s where most of their nutrients come from; not from the rocks. Animals need a lot of material to upkeep their body. Rocks may contain certain minerals, but proteins and amino acids and organic substances animals need to survive simply aren’t found in rocks. Even Sableye can’t survive on rocks alone: it eats rocks for the crystalline parts of its body, but it must get other nutrients from other sources.

Sableye has very hard, crystalline teeth. These teeth allow it to chew through rocks, grinding them up into tiny components that can actually be digested and absorbed into Sableye’s body.

Long Theory: The “Evolution” of Gems

Alright, folks. I know I haven’t been as active as I’ve promised. Truth is, especially since Steven Universe has become so monstrously popular, it’s hard to hold up a blog devoted to pushing theories that I haven’t seen anywhere else, since I tend to see most decent theories everywhere at this point. Perhaps it’s time for a rethinking of that premise, but I still don’t think my work would be anything other than redundant if all I ever did was parrot and repost already-popular theories. That, and tumblr’s frequent technical errors and hurtles on my end, can be very disheartening.

That said, today I have something a little out of the ordinary for you all. Rather than a “theory” in the strictest sense– taking an educated guess at the intentions of the showrunners– this is going to be a bit of a diversion into self-indulgent territory, to inspire me to at least contribute something after all these months.

I’ve always been very fond of science fiction, especially the creative field of speculative biology– the hypothesizing of organisms as they might exist in ecosystems alternate to our own. As such, I’ve decided to write a speculative look at the Gem Homeworld, and a sort of hypothetical natural history of how a group of entities like Gems could arise in our own universe.

If that’s not what you’re here for, then keep on scrolling. If that sounds interesting to you, though, please enjoy.

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some fake pokes for yall

Whirlwinder- ground/flying, vortex pokemon

“a desert-dweller that developed a unique way of keeping its body from being burned by the hot sands. Its venom affects balance and coordination, throwing off the victims equilibrium and sending them spinning away dizzily”

S’mourn- ghost/fire, campfire pokemon

“these mostly harmless ghost pokemon wander the woods at night, attracted to light sources. A common ghost story tactic is to simply talk about how terrifying they are until some are inevitably drawn to the fire side and let loose their distinctive, haunting moan.”

Prysmid- psychic/rock, refractive pokemon

“the crystalline bodies of these pokemon can bend and warp light for a variety of uses, creating solid constructs or highly concentrated energy beams. they are often considered symbols of secrets and mystery in both ancient and modern times 

the-wandering-rock-collector replied to your post: “…I wonder why Jirachi is part steel-type… then…

“I’d think that maybe Jirachi is part steel type due to the fact it apparently ‘develops a tough crystalline shell envelops the body to protect it from enemies’ when it sleeps, as according to its Pokedex entry. That and maybe it’s connected to the fact Jirachi has a lot of star symbolism connected to it?”

“…That’s actually a good point, Wander.” Steven suddenly widened his eyes, as if a lightbulb went off in his head. “Jirachi is a steel psychic pokemon. So is Metagross and Solgaleo. Do you think maybe they’re partially steel for almost the same reason as Solgaleo is…?” 

  1. Drastic changes aren’t always a bad thing. Cut your hair, admire new things, try a new style. Don’t let the looks on others faces stop you from being who you want to be.

  2. Being in a large spacious room can make you feel empty. Step outside and let the sun hit you like the flower that you are because after all, you are something worth shining on. I promise.

  3. Its okay to ask your teacher for an extension on a paper you couldn’t get done because you were too busy thinking about death. Never, for one second, think that school or work comes before your mental health. Take a rest. One paper won’t determine your final grade.

  4. You have a crystalline body that shines in the dark and sparkles like a dozen crystals formed under sunlight. Don’t forget how delicate your skin and bones are, it’s okay to be fragile.

  5. The town you call home shouldn’t be a boys name who touched your skin and left you burning. Don’t make homes out of people because most times they just end up kicking you out and then you’re left out on the side of the road crying in the rain.

  6. Sometimes, there are better solutions than cutting your gums on broken bottles that are emptier than you are. Sometimes getting out of bed is the solution and sometimes - you yourself are the solution. You have the control to fix and change what you can, and the strength and power to accept what you can’t.

  7. Isn’t grass under bare feet a much better feeling than stepping on the shards of glass that your abusive father left for you to walk on? You don’t always have to follow the path of your “role models.” Create your own pathway and follow it.

  8. Plants die. People die. Things die. That’s life. Achieve your goals before your times up. You won’t regret it one bit, trust me.

  9. You’ll probably meet some cute boys at a party and they will tell you that you’re beautiful but don’t listen to them. They’re probably high and can’t tell the difference between an ethereal woman and one who looks like she’d be good at fucking. Stand your ground, you can do better.

  10. Taking too much medicine is never healthy for you. Your body keeps you alive, stop harming it. You’ll just be left with bruised knuckles and a vomit-stained mattress.

  11. Your first time doesn’t have to be perfect. No matter how hard you try, nothing will ever be good enough to you. Enjoy the flawed and imperfect moments and stop setting expectations that’ll only disappoint you in the end.

  12. I know it’s hard but sometimes you just have to leave people behind who don’t love you anymore. Would you continue walking and feeding a dead dog? Maybe you’re not the same without them but you have to become independent someday. Stop feeding your pain, let them go.

  13. You have ran laps around your troubled mind and you have loathed yourself for years on end. What makes you think you can’t save your damn self?

  14. It doesn’t matter how much Shea butter or bio oil you smear onto your arms, you’ll always remember the self destructive habits. Stop hiding your skin, stop stressing what others will think. Scars will fade but it’s okay if your memory doesn’t. Accept them, and never be ashamed. One day you’ll look at them without wanting to tear more lines into your skin, and you won’t be holding a blade. You’ll make it. Maybe scarred - but alive.

  15. Take baths, get lost in books, drink tea. Feed your soul with art. Do what you love and let it consume you. Dust off your bones and find your purpose for living.

  16. Sit down on a bench every once in a while and observe nature because natural beauty is never something you want to miss out on. Kind of like you. Angelic things should never go unseen.

  17. Notice when you’re happy because on bad days it’ll feel like your heart is being ripped out beneath your cracked ribcage and thrown into a bonfire. Remembering the good days will remind you that broken bones and hearts can heal. So can you.

—  Things I wish I’d known earlier