crystalled lime


I decided to draw the Gems as human school kids. While i painfully wait for the haitus to end

Introducing the 3rd Grade Class of Ms. Rose Quarts (teacher)

With Peridot (skipped 2 grades), Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Ruby and Jasper (held back a grade)

I’ll draw the 5th graders and the teachers later

So when the episode Story For Steven came out, I saw a lot of people made comments about how you can see the past Pearl’s form in the older episode, Steven The Sword Fighter- when she regenerates. 

Which is so cool! It’s awesome how someone could realize a detail like that! So when I was re-watching Steven Universe with one of my friends, I went to pause the episode really fast and point this out. But I got something else…

This looks a hella lot like a pearl I know…

And if you look back at the colors flashed in the background on the regenerating pictures, you’ll see that the color schemes match both outfits too~ Pretty cool, right?

Wanted to share @sea_ox_designs’ photo and caption with you: “Golden Apatite Stud Earrings..⠀
Although they are called "Golden”, these special crystals have a lovely lime green hue as well… 🍋🍈🍏⠀
This stone works to help us overcome boundaries/limitations - both circumstantial and self-imposed. It helps us MANIFEST our will and dreams into reality. Resonating strongly with the Solar Plexus Chakra.. it brings a sense of self-worth, power, spiritual growth, and clarity. ☀️⚡️🔥🌻🌼" //////

anonymous asked:

I'm terrible about keeping hydrated and this leads to frequent headaches. Do you have any advice on how to drink more?

You can get this stuff called real lemon or real lime that’s just dehydrated crystallized lemon or lime juice. 1 packet =1 lemon or lime. You can throw a bunch in your purse/pocket and take it anywhere and it lasts forever, and you just empty a packet into a water bottle and then fill with water and BAM. Doesn’t taste like plain boring water any more. 

I love it. It’s the best. I am never without it. 

Also, just get in the habit of having a cup of something to sip on within arm’s reach all day. Tea, water, juice…whatever. Something that tastes good to you. If you know it’ll taste good (like lemon water) you find yourself sipping on it just because it tastes nice, and if you keep doing that all day suddenly you’ve gotten plenty of fluids. 

I always make sure that when I’m watching something on TV, or fucking off on the internet, or working on a craft project that I have something sippable sitting nearby. 

I also find the process of making myself a cup of tea soothing and centering, and so I like doing it. (Plus, I love the taste) All tea hydrates you. I usually switch to green or herbal in the evening to avoid too much caffeine before bed, but I drink something like 6-8 cups of tea alone per day, in some mix of black/green/white/herbal. That’s not counting the water I drink, or the juice I drink with breakfast, or the soup I like to eat for lunch. 

Cute art from the, uh… new tortilla snack chips that have just been released in collaboration with Sailor Moon Crystal.

If you buy the chips & scan the QR code that comes with them, you can download some exclusive SMC phone wallpapers!

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