black men.

take up for your queens,

were trying to be overthrown.

theyre laughing and theyre teasing,

their true colors finally shown.

we stand our ground, and stand up for our own.

used to the ridicule,proud of how much weve grown.

support your women,

our dreams and our thoughts.

cause were raising your children

and giving everything weve got.

i know i got deep,

but its been on my mind.

misunderstood, and unnappreciated we stay on our grind.


 im not saying that your bad. im not saying that you’re all wrong

im just saying that while we’re trying,

respect black women for staying strong.

dear females

stop letting insecure little bitches fuck up your day. Any female wasting her time to talk about you is already losing. Thats valuable time that could be spent working on themselves but instead theyre talking about you. So give your bad ass a pat on the back, flip your fucking hair and ignore these thotties.



thoughts on trying again..

i always just feel like no  matter how many times you get your heart broken you should still be yourself.

you shouldnt let a bad experience change the way you view life/love ect. 

its not easy- it’ll be scary as shit the next time you feel strongly about someone or the next time you consider a relationship but whats worse?

never allowing yourself to be loved the way you should have been in the first place or taking a chance with your heart?

At least if you take the chance and it doesnt work you will have learned more about yourself and see how far youve come from where you were..

queens. - poetry by iamcrys

they say were pretty for our race,

what kind of shit is that ?

its a backhanded compliment

a salty pat on the back.

they criticize our skin,

criticize our hair.

the way we speak and live

the styles we choose to wear.

learn to love yourself. become numb to all the hate.

fuck what they think

your life is yours to make.

its none of their business what you care to wear,

 what race you decide to date.

i guess i just want you to live how you please.

ignore all of the stares, and go for your dreams.

they envy you baby, more than it seems.

because my black girls, we were all born queens

Lessons. - poetry by iiamcrys

I think I’m more mad at myself
For thinking you could be the one.
My feelings were genuine
And in the and you left me feeling like you have none.

So many signs I chose not to see
I ignored the truth in attempt
to maintain all I wished for us to be.

I deserve so much more,
You didn’t give me what I gave you.
And I’m crying now cause deep inside somehow I truly knew.

Knew you weren’t who I thought and that our relationship had run its course.
The disconnect was killing me
But the thought of really ending things felt worse.

It was the hardest phone call to make,
But our situation gave me no choice.
I needed to get things off my chest and almost backed out after hearing your voice.

Such an emotional conversation but I had to let you know.
That our relationship was hindering and that separation would help our growth.

I still don’t think bad about you after it all but perhaps I’m just optimistic.
It was a beautiful learning experience while it lasted but I can’t say that I miss it.

- crys

Young Girl. - iamcrys .

your more than what they see you for,

its a shame you let them get to you.

They don’t know how strong you are, how hard you work, what you’ve been through.

At times your at odds with yourself,

I guess im the only one that knows.

I see you at you lows and at your highs

where you radiance shows.

your bright and your capable ,

give yourself some credit.

your beautiful without the extra shit,

 without the likes, without the edits.

adored - poetry by iamcrys

it sucks your not who you said,

perhaps you’ll never be him.

as for the men chivalrous and honest,

it sucks youll never be them.

i held you on a pedestal,

i just knew one day you’d change.

but if the clouds don’t want to be gray

you may never see rain.

ive given up on my thoughts of you.

my faith in you is gone, its floored.

i wonder if deep inside somewhere he’s there..

the man that i adored.

The real you - IAMCRYS

The real you. - poetry by iamcrys.

Bubble bath & candle fumes.
Sharp reflections all around the room.
I am alone , here with my thoughts.
Thinking of the way things are , and the way the ought to be.
I close my eyes and try to erase the thoughts of you and me.

I fell so fast that I was blinded by your charm.
Consumed in your lies , intoxicated by the feel of your arms.

It was nice to feel love and let myself love another.
It never crossed my mind that we weren’t right for the other.

Our conversation just flowed,
It’s like I already knew you.
I guess that’s why I’m backing up now.
I’m afraid of what you might do.

You may wake up one day and want something different.
Realize we went in with the wrong intent.

I don’t hate you, I’m thankful.
For all the times that we shared.
Our talks, our love , the moments you showed you cared.

I’ll always love you for those.
And for the lessons you’ve taught me.
I hope you learned something too
The real you, I couldn’t see.

Falling in love. - IIAMCRYS

Falling in love.

If I would’ve tried to write about this at the beginning of last year I would’ve failed one hundred percent. & by failed I mean I would’ve been unable to illustrate it with only my words.

I think falling in love is different for different people and different each time you do it. I’m not really one of those people who believe you only get one love a lifetime.

When you fall in love with someone you fall in love with their personality, their souls and for the things that make them them. Whose to say that you can’t appreciate more than one person that way. I think it’s possible to fall in love multiple times but then maybe that’s just me.
Falling in love can’t be the same for everyone but then that’s kind of the beauty of it.
You never ever know how a relationship will turn out so each love story has it’s not originality, it’s own essence and purpose.

I feel as though right now I’m falling in love so maybe I’ll feel differently about it. Maybe this new love will be so spectacular that I’ll see that I was never truly in love before now but I guess only time will tell. I wouldn’t be mad if time proved me wrong ..